Mistakes Made Great



by Lorenzo and Cambell



We’ve all listened to others at the cost of our own sanity and sovereignty. Gods, Gurus and Governments all have one ‘stinky’ thing in common, and that stink is telling you how to think. How to be, not be, choose, move, live in both this life and in many ways what’s coming from the/their beyond.

Yikes and yuck. From a very young age I hated being told what to do and especially how to spend my time. From then until this very moment I struggle getting a hold of the real me inside the cacophony of fears, lies, promises, hopes and nightmare dreams all passed along to me as ‘non-negotiable’. Hmmm…I have seen the only thing, perhaps, non-negotiable is death and its coming for all of us.

From there and that I have decided to assure myself I will always listen to my heart and highest self. Even when lost, sad, tired and lonely my only answer is generally to answer to myself. Do I make mistakes, pffff…..more than I can possible count, but from there I’ve seen I can choose again or else I lose the most important part of myself….my ability to dream and imagine more and better than I see now.

We hope you enjoy this chat, Cambell and I had on the ‘dangers’ of falling under the spells of another…person, system, religion, group, rules, laws, anything really that does not have your best interests at heart…Your Heart!





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