Musicalizing Existence – the Scalar Musician

a 5th Density Approach to the Study and Practice of Music

IV. Putting it all together: the Sacred Anatomy of Creation


So now, we can assemble the parts into a coherent understanding of the sacred anatomy of creation.

This is where we can relate all this to music, and our musical process.

Because, as explained above, the center line is crossed in different locations, related to the lower 2 dantiens, depending whether we use the enneagram or the vortex math, i’d like to suggest that both of these processes are going on at the same time, just as rhythm and harmony happen simultaneously in music.

The enneagram crosses the center line in the upper part of the circle, (our body), so we could say that the enneagram is more at the level of the heart center, the center dantien.

And the vortex math diagram crosses the center line lower in the circle of our body, so we could say that vortex math applies more to the lower dantien, or ‘hara’.

Then, as the 9 is the only number ON the center line, we can say that it is related to the midbrain complex, the upper dantien, the Crystal Palace of ancient Chinese healing and meditational arts. All three of these dantiens make up our central intelligence, the tai ji pole.

The upper dantien, the Crystal Palace, is the third eye (pineal), the crown (pituitary), and the “reptile brain” which, in my view, as i have explained in previous articles, takes on a completely different role when the pituitary and pineal are activated, than when they are dormant. When they are dormant, the “reptile brain” is related to fear and survival, but when integrated into the Crystal Palace, activated third eye/crown, the ‘reptile’ brain takes on a penetrating awareness in all directions. (black lataif)

As the current of subtle energies flows through the 3 6 9 circuit, this stimulates, through a kind of etheric magnetics, the “figure 8” current flowing through the 124875 sequence in the vortex math, AND the 142857 sequence of the enneagram. These two number sequences are much more related to the physical manifestation, whereas the 3 6 9 is more invisible, etheric in nature.

Think of it: octaves contain 8 tones. Where does the 9 fit in? God is embedded in every octave….. but outside of it.

the Alternating Current of Manifestation

Remember, at the center of the head is the ‘still magnetic Light of Knowing’. So it is the resting in this still place of the mirror, the zero point of the Third Force, the 9, that generates the flow of magnetism through the subtle bodies through the 3 and 6 at the hands, that translates the stillness, the silence, the power of the Creational Divine, into tangible ‘real world’ creations. These appearances, as all, are electrical oscillations in the Alternating Current of manifestation. And it is a spontaneous occurrence. In true creation, there is no ‘doer’, therefore nothing to be ‘done’.

‘in doing nothing, nothing is left undone’ – Tao Te Ching


Oscillations 3+6+Fulcrum 9=Whole” -Dipti Sharma Awasthi

Now for music, as the enneagram is centered more around the heart, we can relate this “law of octaves” pattern to the creation of melody and harmony, and the emotional colors associated with the heart.

As Gurdjieff also stressed many times, we are not born with a soul, it is not guaranteed. It needs conscious attention, practice, and perseverance to grow your soul. So, one has to come to the realization that one has to consciously take this on. It is then that the 3 6 9 triangle of your particular organism/body begins to activate.

the 3, 6, 9 Triangle

Let’s revisit Gurdjieff’s quote from the image above re the Enneagram:

“Each completed whole, each cosmos, each organism, each plant is an enneagram.”

Since each completed whole, each cosmos, each organism, each plant, each planet, is a toroidal field, or arises in a toroidal field, we can think of the Enneagram, and the Vortex Math diagram, as a kind of blueprint, or a symbolic representation of the toroidal field.

He goes on to say: “But not each of these enneagrams has an inner triangle. The inner triangle stands for the presence of higher elements, according to the scale of ‘hydrogens’, in a given organism.”

So perhaps this is the reason that not everyone is creative. We have to choose creativity consciously. We have to grow our creative self, just like we have to grow a soul. This takes conscious and consistent applied work on oneself, which begins to nourish the 3 6 9 triangle within us.

SO without the 3 6 9 active, the 124875 (Vortex Math) and the 142857 (Enneagram) are just mechanical. Gurdjieff spoke often about how most people live mechanically, like machines.

As near as i can make out, this term ‘hydrogens’ applies to higher density, higher frequency energies. But also hydrogen is one of the most basic ‘building blocks’ of our reality, and is very much related to water. And, let’s remember that water can be turned into fuel, by separating the hydrogen from the oxygen using electricity. Everything is very symbolic.

But anyway, these “hydrogens’ arise in a whole spectrum, from very dense, to less dense.

Next Level Creativity: from Reaction to Creation

The point here is that this 3 6 9 triangle is not always active in an organism or being. We can see this for example in the lives of people who are automatons, living on ‘automatic’, really, mechanically. Instead of self directed and divinely inspired action, i/e/ truly creative action, most of their actions are actually ‘reactions’, that is, mechanically triggered by ‘outside’ phenomena, and not Divinely guided.

Interesting sidenote: Reaction and Creation have the same letters, just the C changes place.

This image shows the difference between someone whose attention is wandering and bound in distractions, and someone whose attention is mastered and surrendered at the Heart Source. It takes sincere and consistent self work to clear the energy field and master the attention, which is when the toroidal field becomes truly available.

Where is 3/6/9 in the body?

So, I was so fascinated by this that i asked myself: OK, if every organism is an enneagram, or a toroidal field, then my body must be one too, right? So then, if my body is one, where do the 3 6 and 9 manifest in the body itself?

The answer came immediately, totally obvious, but i have not seen anyone notice this.

The 9 is at the midbrain and above, the direct revelation of the Divine Intelligence.

And the 3 and 6 are located in the hands.

The alternating current through the hands (3,6) is how the Divine (9) manifests through us here on earth into tangible things that we create.

Just as the tritone in the Law of Octaves is the “lever”, or “spring”, that brings about the “shock” or changes necessary for organic growth, so too, our hands, guided by the Divine Guidance of our “tai ji pole”, or central channel, can create whatever is in our inner vision.

And perhaps too, we could find another 3/6/9 as well with the 9 at the hara, the lower dantien, and the 3 and 6 at the feet.

so, once again:

The 3 and 6 are the pulsation of Magnetism and the 1-2-4-8-7-5 is the flow of Electricity

So perhaps we could say the 3 6 9 triangle represents conscious creativity, and we could also say one cannot be truly creative, i.e. creational, until one can be perfectly still, and in total silence within. (9)

the Palindromic Current

So if we watch the animation again we can notice what happens in the 3 6 9 triangle with the doubling process of the Rodin Vortex Math.

3×2 = 6
6×2 = 12, 1+2 = 3

So notice here, that 3 and 6, when doubled, simply turn into each other, back and forth, alternating.

then with the 9:

9×2 = 18, 1+8 = 9

Here, we see that 9, when doubled, constantly turns into itself. It is free from the entire dynamic of the rest of the numbers. So 9 represents the Self-Existing Transcendental Divine.

So with the 3 6 9 triangle in the animation we see the 3 and 6 changing polarities, and the 9 changing polarities. The 3 and 6 are synchronized, showing plus and minus at the same time, while the 9 shows the opposite polarity.

Marko Rodin has said that this alternating current flows through the triangle in palindrome fashion. That is, 693,396. Over and over again. When this is felt as fast as an electrical current, it has a very similar flow to AC, alternating current.

“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” – Buckminster Fuller

the Heart Dantien : the Vortex of Harmony and the Sufi Lataif

The enneagram is also closely related to the ‘Lataif” which is an ancient Sufi system that has 5 colors, and corresponding qualities of being associated with them.

Each of these Lataif is a huge subject in itself. But suffice it to say, that it is through the heart’s emanations that these colors transmit, representing entire realms of experience, with distinct and different qualities. These are what will give our musical creative expression depth and diversity, but these qualities when fully integrated, will always express the diverse qualities of the Divine.

Emotional states like fear, anger, hatred, and the like are distorted versions of the Essential qualities of the Divine, such as Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Beauty, Power. It is through activating the Lataif, that these Divine Qualities can begin to manifest through the enneagram at the heart. So our music can express many diverse qualities, and colors, without broadcasting distorted low frequency reactive emotions into the energy field of the listeners.

Commonly, people say they love playing music because through it they can express all kinds of emotions. But honestly, do you want to LOWER people’s frequency, or do you want to raise it? Perhaps they think that if they express the Divine through their music, it will just have one bland ‘flavor’, with this mistaken idea that ‘all is one’ means that everything is homogenized into a kind of removed and numb state. A kind of New Age utopian view, which is a distortion of the truth.

This is obviously the idea of those who have never been ‘there’. When your whole body/mind surrenders into the Eternal Life Current, you will see, and ‘innerstand’, that for the first time you have access to the complete spectrum of essential qualities, which have a wide diversity of colors and tones of feeling, but at the same time, always remain connected to the Source Code of the Highest. Just as diverse as emotions, but always essential and whole. And those qualities are always in harmony with each other. Even seeming opposites can be clearly seen as complementary.

We can activate the lataif to express Divine qualities, such as peace, joy, strength, rather than distorted psychological complexes around toxic emotions, like anger, ignorance, aggression. The music will have much more beneficial energy and effect. I am assuming this would be most musicians’ preference, to have a beneficial effect on their listeners.

As an experiment, you can check any music against this chart of states of consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins, author of “Power vs. Force”. Where does the music resonate on this chart?

Raising Your Frequency

What makes a state ‘high frequency’? It means you have ‘thought it through’. You have contemplated both sides of the story a lot, which involves attention crossing the center line, ‘knitting together’ the opposites until unity dawns in you. One has to weigh both sides, sort wheat from chaff, constantly see both sides of the story, to arrive at a balanced and transcendent synthesis. In other words, it is going to require consistent and intelligent work on oneself.

Fusion, inner unity, is obtained by means of “friction,” by the struggle between “yes” and “no” in man. If a man lives without inner struggle, if everything happens to him without opposition, if he goes wherever he is drawn or wherever the wind blows, he will remain such as he is. But if a struggle begins in him, and particularly if there is a definite line in this struggle, then, gradually, permanent traits begin to form themselves, he begins to “crystallize.” – Gurdjieff

The caveat here is, the musician has to be embodying these essential qualities for them to be transmitted through the music. That means the musician will have to change, to grow, to wake up to the Divine within him/herself. There just is no other way. You will transmit yourself in the music. If you are limited by ignorance, and a lack of wisdom qualities, that is exactly what you will transmit.

Hence the need to master the instrument you overlooked, in your eagerness to get into the physical instrument outside of you, the piano, guitar, violin, etc.. And that instrument?? YOU. Your vehicle, your body-mind.

The upside? This process will unlock your original genius, and you will discover your own sound, tone, and style. For someone with their own sound and style, there is no competition. Competition becomes a non-issue.

the lower dantien: the Vortex of Rhythm

Then, since in the Vortex math diagram, the center line is crossed lower, my take is that this doubling process is connected to the hara, which is to generate and regenerate life energy. The hara is like a battery which gives energy to the organism and stores energy as well. And, the hara, or lower dantien, is the vortex that connects us to the earth’s magnetic field (gravity).

So i am going to suggest that the Vortex Math diagram, at the hara, is more related to rhythm, energy, momentum. And the rhythm of music is what grounds it, gives it life, or pulse.

As in music, rhythm is all based on doubling and halving i.e.
Whole note = 1
Half note = 2
Quarter note = 4
Eighth note = 8
16th note = 16
32d note = 32
64th note = 64

per measure. Of course we have odd numbered tuplets, but they always have to fit into the doubling grid in some way.

Crossing the Center Line

One thing to notice about the waveform of higher frequencies is they cross the centerline, the ZERO, much more often than lower frequencies. So ‘crossing the center line’, in all of its forms (and there are many) becomes a key factor. I will be outlining some of the ways this happens when we get to the exploration of various practices to engage as we open the new way.

We can think of frequency, actually, as ‘processing power’. Consider for example the way we measure the processing power of a particular computer chip in GigaHertz. A 3.1 gHz computer chip puts the computer through 3.1 billion changes of state per second.

So that is actually a frequency. If we think of a sine wave form, we can see how it crosses the zero axis, or ‘center line’ so many times per second. And we can also see that the higher the frequency, the more times the wave form crosses the center line in the given unit of time (like per second). One Hertz is one complete cycle of the wave, from center line, above, to below, and then back to center.

So a frequency an octave higher will cycle through the center line twice as many times in the same space of time. Through this example we also can see how octaves ‘nest’ in each other.

But continuing the computer chip analogy, we see that the higher the frequency, the more processing power we have, the more detail we have available, even though the lower frequencies are still nested with the higher ones. This is how the harmonic series works. The harmonic series of any tone determines its timbre.

harmonic series:

Therefore, even a lower frequency will have more detail, precision and color, when the higher frequency is nested within it. So as scalar beings, we will have much higher harmonics nested within the lower ones. We begin to feel ourselves extending upward harmonically, with higher octaves informing the lower octaves of our physical reality.

One application in music and rhythm of this principle is that even if we are playing a slow rhythm, or pulse, we can give it a much finer resolution just by keeping our frequency attuned to the higher one. So in our creative imagination will can be feeling the 32nd note level while playing quarter notes, for example. Even though we are not playing 32nd notes audibly, our ‘internal resolution’ can be working at that level, which will give a much deeper level of detail, precision, flow, and feel, because our awareness is at the much finer resolution.

I call this continuum.

Continuum: ‘circling the square’

So if we imagine whatever level of density we hear the pulse as a polygon within a circle, then for example a quarter note density would result in a square. A 16th note resolution would result in a 16 sided polygon within the circle, We double that, we get a 32 sided polygon. Double it again, we get a 64 sided polygon. And if we follow this out to its logical conclusion, the resolution will get finer and finer, and the polygon will have more and more sides, until, hypothetically, (though never, exactly) we end up at a circle.

So ‘converting’ the circle of infinite resolution, to a rhythmic pulse or pattern, is actually a form of squaring the circle. And vice versa: using infinite resolution within finite rhythms is ‘circling the square’ (or whatever polygon applies).

Breathe the Music

This infinitely fine resolution can be carried by the breath, our awareness, and in turn, our chi, which always follows our attention. This becomes like alternating current (AC), cycling back and forth so fast that it becomes a smooth flow of energy, which generates light.

We can imbue the music with this transmission of energy, if we are embodying it, and consciously breathing it. Even very slow music can have this fine resolution which amounts to a high frequency transmission.

This makes it so that even very slow music can actually carry a high frequency, which there again, is the responsibility of the musician.

Rhythm is Harmony

So, as we activate our 3 6 9 triangle through the midbrain 9 connection to the hands 3, 6, this alternating current begins to circulate through our vehicle, as we play music, stimulating the two sequences simultaneously. One of regenerating rhythmic energy through repetition and doubling, (vortex math), at the hara, and the other through harmonic progression and infinite variety of the mathematics of the enneagram/law of octaves, at the heart.

We can see here more proof that rhythm is harmony, as we switch from the vortex math diagram to the enneagram and back just by exchanging 1 and 8, which to me symbolizes switching to a higher octave. And yes, in fact, when you speed up polyrhythms by doubling (which is actually moving them up several octaves), they become tonal intervals.
For a demonstration of this please watch: (my Fractal Rhythm video 1)
start at 6:50



In the hara is Revolution. In the heart is Revelation.

So we can create music that is at once, a revolution and a revelation !

From the center line comes the Inspiration, as we get into our vortex, our own spiral energy field.

When we are In Spiral, we are inspired.

The Crystal (Christ-al) Palace at the midbrain, the seat of pure Knowing, is where the creative patterning is received, as through a radio antenna, and then it is merged into the cycling toroidal revolutions in a way that the sacred geometric patterns inherent in the pineal/pituitary are given life, harmonic direction, and momentum as the three dantiens interact in the musical creative process. And, of course this creative force works through every aspect of our life.


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