Musicalizing Existence – the Scalar Musician

a 5th Density Approach to the Study and Practice of Music


Part I : the Sacred Anatomy of Creation

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“The possible has been tried, and failed. Now it’s time to try the impossible.“ – Sun Ra

I. Introduction

The year 2020 brought a significant change over planet Earth. We may not see the depth and breadth of this change yet, but it is a change so profound that it may take us some time to understand the ramifications of it.

This change can be boiled down to the currently ongoing transition, or ascension, of Earth from 3rd Density, through 4th Density, to 5th Density.

The model of the densities comes from a book called the Law of One, which is a channeled text from an extra terrestrial presence called RA. It has become the benchmark for understanding more about the extra terrestrial world, and how our planet Earth fits into the galactic neighborhood. Apparently it is how ET races understand their place in the universe.

Very soon we are going to realize, en masse, that really, NOTHING is going to be the same here on earth as it has been, and that is due to our acceptance and maturation as a star race, into the community of galactic races. But in the process we will become stars. Actual stars. And i don’t mean ‘rock stars’, or ‘movie stars’. That is just the cheap imitation version of what we are to truly become.

The densities are like frequency bands of experience and consciousness, really a spectrum, almost like the rainbow has distinct color bands, and yet the boundaries between them are not rigid.

We can think of 5th Density as a much higher range of frequency, that is, higher resolution version of reality than 3rd Density, which is where we have been living for millennia. 5D is the world of the enlightened beings.

This is a major transition, which has been building for millennia, and it will require humanity to step up and wake up.

Octaves of Existence

According to the Law of One, these densities are like the tones in an octave, and every density has nested octaves within it. from the Law of One:

The term density is a, what you would call, mathematical one. The closest analogy is that of music, whereby after seven notes on your western type of scale, if you will, the eighth note begins a new octave. Within your great octave of existence which we share with you, there are seven octaves or densities. Within each density there are seven sub-densities. Within each sub-density, seven sub-sub-densities, and so on infinitely.

So already we can see how existence itself is music.


There is way too much to be said about all of this to include in this book, i recommend investigating further into this topic of the densities, as we are soon going to see that it is the foundation of the sweeping changes going on on the planet now, as it has to do with a quantum leap in consciousness for those with the spine and intelligence to submit themselves. Of course, there will be some (like, perhaps, some of my ‘professional musician’ friends and colleagues) who may just pass this off as craziness. If this describes you, feel free to scroll on by. I am just sharing my perspective here, but i understand that it is clearly not for everyone.

I see this direction as the future of music. So i write this as an attempt to understand and learn more about the role of music and the arts in this brand new and unprecedented paradigm. Much of this is a ‘download’ in process, and it is all subject to change as i learn more. Hopefully it will inspire you to go deeper into the art of music, and make your own discoveries.

ET musicians
art by Daniel Martin Diaz

I find myself often wondering how benevolent higher density extra terrestrial societies work with music, as, from what i’ve been able to learn, they are MUCH more aware of, and sensitive to frequencies than we are. Do they use instruments? What are those instruments like? As their ships are so advanced, i wonder about their instruments, if they are ‘intelligent’ and alive. Or is the music all just telepathic? I also wonder if we have something here with the music that they need to learn…? (I sometimes wonder if that is my ‘mission’ here this time around…) It will certainly be a fascinating exchange when we finally meet face to face.

Please note: I am referring to HIGH DENSITY BENEVOLENT Galactics here, not the predatory types like the ones who have been exploiting us for many years through secret government programs. There is a BIG difference. This is an important distinction to make at the outset. The ones i am referring to are races like the Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Andromedans, and others, beings of highly advanced consciousness and civilizations.


Some sources even say that the Pleiadeans ‘invented’ music, and the current musical instruments we use, in the pre-historic (the days before the current fabricated ‘reality’ we endure) days of Earth when societies here were way more advanced than they are now.

Apparently, they use frequencies for navigation of their ships, as each location in the entire universe has a frequency address, both in space, and in time. To me, the future of music is in that direction. The past is over.

Sun Ra

One of the best examples of a musician we have had among us who openly admitted he was from another planet, was Sun Ra.

Sun Ra said: “The planet is asleep, and it is the fault of musicians who are untrue to themselves.” What an outlandish thing to say! Is it true?? Why would he say such a thing? Was he seeing something that we are not? Or was he just crazy? What? the musicians?? not the politicians??

I recommend looking up Sun Ra’s quotes, at the very least, he had something very unusual going on. Here’s another :

“The music is not part of this planet in a sense that the spirit of it is about happiness. Most musicians play earth things about what they know, but I found out that they are mostly unhappy and frustrated, and that creeps over into their music.”

“We work on the other side of time.”

“It’s against my law to be born”Sun Ra

A recent NYT article on Sun Ra: “Earth Couldn’t Contain Sun Ra’s Ideas. His Arkestra Is Still Exploring Them.”

And a very recent article in the New Yorker about Sun Ra:

How Sun-Ra Taught Us to Believe in the Impossible

When the aliens came for Sun Ra, they explained that he had been selected for his “perfect discipline.” Not every human was fit for space travel, but he, with his expert control over his mind and body, could survive the journey. According to Ra, this encounter happened in the nineteen-thirties, when he was enrolled in a teachers’-training course at a college in Huntsville, Alabama. The aliens, who had little antennas growing above their eyes and on their ears, recognized in Ra a kindred spirit. They beamed him to Saturn and told him that a more meaningful path than teaching awaited him. They shared knowledge with him that freed him from the limits of the human imagination. They instructed him to wait until life on Earth seemed most hopeless; then he could finally speak, imparting to the world the “equations” for transcending human reality.

Well, things have been looking pretty hopeless lately, maybe NOW is the time to take Sun Ra more seriously.

By the way, i submit two more candidates of musicians who may very well be brief visitors from another star system. Of course, no way to prove it, but their music testifies. Of course, I am sure there are many more.

Wayne Shorter
Jimi Hendrix

This was an interview from Jimi Hendrix (San Diego Free Press, 1969):“The solar system is going through a change soon and it’s going to affect the Earth in about 30 years, you know….I am talking about the Earth itself.”
In the last days of his life, Jimi told me about a strong belief he held, and took a writing pad, to illustrate more clearly what he meant.

Before going into the subject, he talked for a while about a song he had written called “If Six Was Nine”. He told me that there is also a cosmic meaning to that song, hidden in the two numbers six and nine. Jimi said that these numbers together are a very powerful force, and he drew them within each other. It looked like a spiral when he added more rays, the individual rays as well as the whole form spinning to the right. He said the sign with nine rays in it is the symbol of a very high spiritual power which is coming towards earth.

He was convinced that, in the near future, Galaticans from outer space, from another galaxy of great positive power, would come to our planet to help mankind in its struggle against evil. While explaining this, he drew two points representing this higher power coming closer and closer towards our galaxy, the Milky Way, finally reaching earth.
Jimi then made another sketch with four spiral rays pointing leftwards, telling me that this symbol is a negative one, because its rays point to the left.

He told me that the arrival of the positive power would bring about a great change on our planet. Love, peace and brotherhood among the peoples on earth would start to blossom again, just as they had in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. He said that the signs of the beginning of these events would be when significant unexpected changes started to happen in the world. But he also pointed out that we, the people, would also have to become active and anticipate bringing about these positive changes for ourselves and our world. He explained that people on earth have been asleep for too long and an awakening is beginning to happen to the people as this higher power approaches our world.

The musician’s dilemma

Let’s just assume for a moment that Sun Ra knew what he was talking about. Maybe he was crazy, but maybe he was seeing something. Seers are often just dismissed as crazy.

Could this be true? Of course, it’s the kind of statement that can’t be proven. One can only speculate what he meant, but perhaps it was that musicians just don’t realize the power of what they have, literally in their hands. Yes, we all love music, and it brings much joy and comfort to people, but could there be a whole new level of music that we have barely tapped into? Could it be that through frequencies we can indeed perform what we could only call miracles? Could music actually be intimately connected to transforming our reality at even the atomic and subatomic level? What if the truth is, that every single note you play changes the entire universe? Imagine the responsibility of that!

What does it mean to be true to yourself? Can we as musicians, say that we have always been true to ourselves? Seems to me, to be true to yourself means to not lie to yourself. At least with yourself, please be honest. Perhaps we could start being honest with ourselves by admitting that maybe we haven’t always been honest with ourselves. I certainly haven’t always been, and have had to deal with the consequences. And, i have realized that being true to oneself is way more challenging than one would think.

Could it be that our music has been putting people and, as Sun Ra said, the planet, to sleep, rather than waking them up? Maybe that’s not what he meant, but it seems worth checking, just to make sure. Can we evaluate ourselves authentically? Or, we can just pass him off as a nutcase.

So, the musician’s dilemma is, how to stay true to yourself, and find your unique voice, while at the same time making a living. Of course there are many musicians who are happy to be interpreters, which is fine. There are many ways to enter into a relationship with music. But i am writing this for those innovators who want to develop their own voice and style, which really requires full dedication. The practice of music can be a very revealing self reflection method, in which we work on ourselves simultaneously with our work to improve the music.

In this clip of Jordan Peterson, ‘the Curse of Creativity’, he goes into this problem a bit, but it seems that basically what he is getting at is that this ‘curse’ is connected to the idea of having to ‘make a living’ at one’s art. I’d say this ‘curse’ has more to do with money, and in particular, the debt slavery and consumption oriented money system that we have been subjected to our whole lives, rather than creativity itself. But notice also, that he says that not everyone is creative. We will explore this idea later, when we look into the power of 3 – 6 – 9 in the creative process.



Global Reboot

As the worldwide shutdown of 2020 progresses, we find that the music “industry” has all but collapsed. Certainly the live music side of it has taken a major hit. Is that a bad thing? or is it a good thing? Seems to me it’s both.

I’d say that one of the benefits of our global “timeout” is that musicians are being forced to re-evaluate themselves and we are asking: “where do we go from here?” We are still looking back to the “good old days”, like, for example, the 60’s, when it was a radical explosion of consciousness, and the music that accompanied it. This would lead the inquiring mind to conclude that the music of today is really not as interesting or alive as it was back then, otherwise there wouldn’t be this wave of nostalgia about it. But of course, humans always think that the music they listened to when they were young is the best. right?

But the past is gone, we are never going back there. Everything is going through a massive shift, and before we know it, we will be inhabiting the future. So we are going to have to adapt, or be thrown out with the trash.

So my intent is to help find the new way, the way for those of us musicians who really want to stay true to ourselves, because, very possibly, WE could be among the ones to truly assist and facilitate the awakening of the planet that is underway right now. And those who continue to insist on staying asleep, are going to quickly fade into irrelevance. It’s already happening.

There has never been a better or worse time for music.

And the ‘radical explosion of consciousness’ of the 60s pales in comparison to the mass awakening that is happening now. Let’s not miss this massive opportunity, by getting so wrapped up in how great the past seems to be. We have SO much more to work with now, than we did then. So there’s no logical reason that the music shouldn’t be way more advanced as well.

We see hints of that in some of the young musicians who are just coming out now, in their late teens and early twenties. Too young to be in any kind of nostalgia about the past, and coming in with their playing abilities already way advanced. This may be because the entire ‘memory-wipe’ process of the reincarnation soul-recycling ‘death process’ is not working so well any more. It was designed to always put souls back to square one at birth, so they don’t really get to advance in consciousness very much even over a succession of lives. That ‘machinery’ could very well have been dismantled by now, apparently, and this can be evidenced in some phenomenal young talents, especially ones who haven’t gotten sucked in through their ‘smart’ phones into the narcissistic hall of mirrors of the fake wannabe celebrity ‘culture’ of 3D, or into the DJ world of push button pseudo music, where now posers replace composers, and thousands flock to see someone playing records, ‘live’. So much music has become a cheap caricature of itself, and we find that the truly essential elements of music (you know, basic things like rhythm, melody, and harmony) have gone missing.

Suffice it to say that EVERYTHING we are accustomed to will be going through a massive upgrade, and this includes creativity, and the arts. As music is one of my main gifts to receive and to share, i have been guided to offer a new way of looking at and participating in the musical arts that aligns more with 5th Density life. I’m learning as i go.

Cultivating Musical Intelligence

This information has been coming to me throughout many years of contemplation of the topic, many different paths of study and practice, both in the musical world, and also in the world of spirit. I have noticed for quite some time that there seems to be a large gap in this area, where we have not fully understood, or just plain forgotten, just how powerfully transformational the study and practice of music can be, especially for musicians, but also for listeners and music lovers. I’d call it musical intelligence, and i feel it is an essential part of the human experience. It’s connected to everything. Even non-musicians benefit greatly from studying music. Something happens when you actively participate, that you miss as a passive listener, or even worse, when you just use music as wallpaper in the background.

In Plato’s time, the quadrivium was an essential part of everyone’s education. It included, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. Where did it go?

3D musick

The level of music education in society has reached a new low (if it even exists at all), which is evidenced in the ‘music’ we are subjected to day after day, in the popular sphere. In so many ways it has slowly degenerated into a materialistic banality, with very little evidence of any kind of artistic intelligence or beauty. Of course, as always, there are exceptions, but to me, it is an obvious and disturbing trend, which parallels the ever-decreasing pay of the average musician. You get what you pay for.

We might call it ‘musick’.


′′ In the old days, Johann Sebastian Bach had to walk ten hours to the neighboring city to listen to the performance of Buxtehude. Today, a resident of any country is enough to press the button or put a record to be able to listen to everything he wants. And it’s exactly in this unheard lightness, in this absence of any effort and lies in the viciousness of the so-called progress. For in music, more than in any other field of art, understanding is given only to those who make an effective effort. One passive perception is not enough, hearing known combinations of sounds and unconsciously getting used to them is not the same as perceiving and understanding them, because you can listen and not hear, watch and not see.” – Igor Stravinsky

It seems to me that this problem is related to the dualistic way of approaching music, using it as a ‘means to an end’, turning it into a product, to be used for whatever purpose, like music for yoga, music for background, music for movies, dance music, etc. The marketing mindset creeps in, as musicians are always concerned about keeping their bills paid, understandably enough. Ok, as far as it goes, but this is definitely the 3D way of working with music.

3D music is still caught in SO many secondary causes, that it can easily be part of the distortion, rather than of the Innate Harmony of the 5D etheric grid of Primal Light.

Music as the soundtrack for the lifestyle of consumption has lost the plot. Can we please stop referring to music lovers as ‘music consumers’? Music cannot be ‘consumed’. Even after you listen to it, it is still there. Forever!

4D music

The 4D way gets more into artistic levels, but at these levels all kinds of strange energies can infiltrate the musical process, and it can be put to work for very dark forces. Just quick look at the half-time shows of recent major sporting events verifies this idea, as these have become more and more perverse and in your face ritual enactments of very dark energies, designed as ‘predictive programming’, to condition the public to accept the ‘dark side’ and its agenda.

So much of the popular music industry is really an expression of the false light, which we could call Luciferian. Idol worship. The false light is very attractive, but beware. Discriminating intelligence is required. Just because it is shiny, glamorous, and glitzy doesn’t mean that it is real. Glamour is the realm of unresolved Neptune, i.e. illusion. Glamour is false light.

But even ‘spiritual’ or ‘sacred’ music can be an entrainment. Just look at all the harm to the human soul that the organized religions have perpetrated. And their ‘sacred music’ definitely helped. Much of it is assuredly great art. But maybe it was just that the music itself is sacred, and no religion is needed, or at least it is secondary.

Music lovers and many musicians seem to be stubbornly unwilling to recognize that perhaps some or most of their favorite music has actually been serving as a way to ‘engineer’ their thinking and way of living, and to actually inhibit their awakening.

To all of you coaches/mentors that are still endorsing mainstream music, artists etc … you have no idea what that industry is and the level of planning that took place to now utilize it to build the false ascension matrix. A lot of these “artists” are electronically controlled, possessed and plugged into the motherboard. Some of the “twin flames” that are deep in the industry may have very well be sent in to source organic code from indigos/starseeds to then transplant it into the bandwidth they are serving, into counterparts that “suit” the industry. So now they can use everything they’ve learned from indigos to put in their music, movies etc. On one hand, it seems like humanity is evolving and even mainstream is going “spiritual”, but the case here is similar to the rest of lu cfr i an light … layers of truth between layers of high level inversions … Understand something, the true indigos are not likely to be in the entertainment industry, playing along with it.

If any of you have been involved with someone from the industry, and if you can recognize that their main drive is money and fame … no matter what they say, you can tell what they are creating. It really is all about showing off, getting the “bag” , being “blessed by God and blessing everyone” from a space of spiritual consumption etc. It’s all about comfort, self gain, recognition and money. That is a deep dark pit that now is filled with false light. And a lot of these artists are high-level black magicians (most often entity possessed) that know exactly how to use music as a spell. And so the next stage is the brainwashing of the collective about the divine love through the mainstream . A lot of this code is actually siphoned … And some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you had direct experience with this, understand that you have to now collect your quota because that is harvesting at the highest level.”
Avatara Ananda

5D music

Music at the 5D level will undergo a huge shift, as it will then be repurposed to serve the Divine, and in fact to actually be a liberating force in people’s lives. There is obviously some music even now that serves this purpose, and one can find evidence of it in the way certain composers and musicians live their lives.

But much of the musical world these days is a free-for-all, in which there’s no telling what kind of hodge-podge of psychic and emotional detritus is being spewed onto the listener. Really, not much different than politics. Something every listener will eventually have to sort out in their own process of liberation. So, I say, be as careful about what music you listen to, as you are about what food you eat. The frequency of each musician is inevitably embedded, and broadcast in their music. Some believe you can separate the artist from the art, but in a world of wholeness, this idea will not hold up.

So this information i will be sharing is the synthesis of many years of investigation and practice, combined with some more recent intuitive “downloads” that tie it all together. These downloads have been a part of my spiritual awakening process, as the actualization integrates into a coherent expression. My intention is to share new ways of looking at music, ones that are for the most part obvious, but perhaps so obvious that they go unnoticed. So, my offering will be generally not anything you could find anywhere else that i know of.

My hope is that this information may help spark a more ‘dimensional’ relationship with the miracle that is music.

“The beauty of a piece of music is not in its technique but in the Soul of its creator; nor is it in the sound vibrations of the piece but in the silence of the Light from which the sound springs.” – Walter Russell

How about that! The Beauty of music comes from silence. Worth investigating further, i’d say.

The Scalar Musician

“Scalar energy is created when two electromagnetic waves from two opposite paths eventually converge. When these energy vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other out, leaving a static or stationary form of energy (zero-point energy) and zero frequency.

Scalar energy does not propagate like normal electromagnetic waves but instead occupies space and increases in spatial mass. The space that the scalar energy occupies is alive with checked and balanced energies. Scalar electromagnetic pairs create this balanced energy. Often referred to as longitudinal waves or Tesla waves, these non-linear, non-Hertzian waves have the ability to carry information. This longitudinal, scalar energy space has extraordinary properties that promote healing.

Amazingly, scalar waves can travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance.”

Can our music have these scalar qualities? Can it travel faster than the speed of light, and not decay over time and distance? Can it have ‘extraordinary properties that promote healing’? To me, this feels like the obvious ‘next step’ for music, the language of frequencies.

As we can see from the animation, there are two electromagnetic waves from opposite sides (the blue and green waves) that cancel each other out, resulting in the red wave, which does not move side to side, but rather has amplitude only, but infinite extension.

We could say that the two electromagnetic waves are a mirror image of each other. So the best way to cancel out any frequency, is to be a mirror. This will create a mirror image of the wave, and that will cancel the wave, and then the scalar wave will arise. And this ‘non-Hertzian’ wave will carry information. The information will be instantly broadcast, regardless of distance.

So in order to be a ‘scalar human’, we have to be the mirror, the witness, simply reflecting what is, thereby canceling out the entire apparition of ‘external reality’. This will immediately give rise to an energy that is all-pervading, and instantaneous. This is a domain of power that is something entirely unfamiliar to us, really almost miraculous. And as scalar musicians, we are able to extend that power into the world through music.

When we contemplate the possibilities in regards to music, we can immediately see we are in brand new unexplored territory. This is the new frontier. Think of the power of music created from this space of understanding. This music will be a universal transmitter of healing and wholeness.



Scalar waves are superluminal, meaning that they travel faster than the Speed of Light. They are fabulous for distance energy transmissions because they are so fast that they can pass through the earth from one side to the other in a nanosecond with no loss of strength. Directing Scalar Wave Energy with focused intention (where the intention goes, the energy flows) can, for example, cause the molecular structure of water to become coherently reordered and can positively increase immune function in mammals. A Scalar Wave, Reverse Phase Angle, at a sub-atomic level, will actually dissipate and dissolve viruses, parasites, infection, fungi, etc. transmuting them back into base elements like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc.

Scalar Waves exist in the Quantum Realm outside of time and space, so we can intend for Scalar Wave Energy to assist us in the remembering and the return to our Original Divine Blueprint of Perfection.

Scalar Waves are composed of pure Zero Point Energy, the energy of pure potential or what I like to refer to as pure Divine Lovelight, pure Source Energy, that is constantly being emanated from deep within the Void of Creation, from within the Sacred Chamber of the Christed, Crystalline, Ascended, Golden, Cosmic HeART of the Source of ALL That Is.


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