The Continuation of Divine Revelation

by Marien Amaylia

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In a film there’s a very specific focus from within a much bigger and longer storyline … the movie being exactly what the writer wants us to see, hear, feel; perhaps contemplate out of some bigger picture of the story. Said writer knows, however, the backstory of her or his major characters; knows that they are who they are today, and are living what they are living today molded by their ‘past’.

Before I offer my POV, the point from which I view, about the continuation of Divine Revelation, I want to offer some of my personal backstory.

I was born in 1951 into a quiet, insignificant family. We lived very rural, in a small town delightfully and appropriately (and Soul intended!) called ‘Mission’!

My first memory as a child is from younger than one year, having been tucked into the buggy in which Mom would lay us to sleep during the day. I distinctly recall being on my stomach, under the light blanket … but there the 3D stuff ended. I was completely not of this world, but immersed in the adoring, cherishing Love of the Mother; in her arms; in the tangibly real Sanctuary of Her Heart. The frequency of my experience was one of pure Peace. I recognized later that the Peace was so all-encompassing and nourishing because such a thing as fear did not exist. Anything that any of us ever could or would fear simply did not exist in that holy place.

Fast forward 6 or 8 years to the polarity of this sanctuary experience. In our current 3D lives within a realm of duality, polarities and the egoic structure’s wielding of them are pivotal in how we have co-created life on this sacred planet for eons. One day I displeased my Mom somehow (which was rather easily done), and she told me with anger that if I didn’t like it I could leave, and she’d pack my bags for me.  Wow … shattering point! I remember sobbing on my bed, my heart broken. The Mother and Child polarities demand much attention, to be sure.

Backstory … highlights … dots to connect that we may see ever more clearly the picture in the making, the setting of the scene, if you will, for more focused moments of Revelation. The next dot …

My late 20’s – photographic modelling and television acting, with the expanding possibility of being ‘successful’ on such a path. And yet, simultaneously, there was also a pulling on me from something, or somewhere else. I would go to the city parks and cry at the poignant beauty of a sunset, missing, longing for … something. I had neither religious nor spiritual upbringing (another Soul Intention I’m sure), so had no marker for guidance. I was being pulled in the proverbial two directions. One morning when I awoke, however, Spirit left its calling-card. As I opened my eyes there was, filling my vision and gazing back at me, the Universal Eye. The result of this experience was my first very pivotal conscious moment … the surrender. Not knowing to whom or what, I said, “I give up. Show me”. I have been shown, and for the past forty years have slowly morphed and expanded in my point of view of life, and specifically that of mine.

Not long after this surrender and Spirit’s responses, t’was a day or two before Christmas, on an unusually snow-covered and empty beach in English Bay, Vancouver, early 80’s. As I stood quietly looking out over the water I spoke softly to the space I was in … “The Christ Consciousness is so strong in me” …and instantly that space altered. Far beyond the reaches and confines of 3D, I was in a Place where I knew; unimaginably beyond doubt I knew that …

But wait; let me digress a bit before moving deeper into the medicine~bag of Knowing.

My husband who left this plane 26 years ago was an artist who painted Nature with cherishing realism. He used to challenge us when we’d say I see this or I see that. What do you mean, he’d ask, “what do you mean, you see”? When he went to art school one of the very first things they were taught was to use their eyes to see. They were told to close these eyes, and a moment later something was placed on the table in front of them. The directive was given that they would have 5 or 6 seconds to “see” the object in front of them, it would be immediately removed, and they would have to draw it in as much detail as possible. In this particular exercise, it was a ketchup bottle.

And the relevant point here – yes, there is one! – is that we have an increasingly ingrained habit of using words without truly engaging in their meaning, not relating to the energies intended within the sound, the word itself. Do you remember Robert Heinlein’s awesome word from “Stranger in a Strange Land”? The word is “grok”, and if you grok something you literally ‘get it’, you connect with the energies or frequencies, even the experience within the words spoken.

Segue back here to the very frequencies of the Space I found myself in upon quietly decreeing that “The Christ Consciousness is so strong in me”.


Again, in screenwriting, a plot point is a moment that, with distinct intention, shifts the storyline’s trajectory into giving more information to work with, more dots to connect; or points us in the direction of the fulfillment, the attainment (or not) of the character’s quest. In this particular story of Divine Revelation, I intend to offer a plot point of fulfillment or attainment. If that’s a yes, read on; delve a little deeper into the medicine~bag … take hold of the crystal of Knowing …

I personally can say, with full integrity of use of the words, that I know, I grok two things. One is the Sanctuary of Mother’s Heart. The other, obviously, is Reverence. The Space of Reverence that owned me in that moment was not, however, an awareness or consciousness of me revering God, or the Deity, or the Divine. was what or who was being revered. And the sublime Love, that this Reverence is, was being directed upwards to me, from ‘below’.

This Place in which Reverence lives is a space in which the bigger picture, the grander vision, and the more immense, eternal, and Holy Truth of who I Am is not only available … it simply is.  And … I Am.

Bottom line – I Am the Divine, and the Christ Consciousness is what took me home to that vibrational, experiential Knowing. So, let’s look more closely and, for the integrity of this story, establish some common ground here regarding “the Christ Consciousness”.

There’s a very interesting, clear, and potentially enlightening book called “Being a Christ” by Ann P Meyer and Peter V Meyer in which they describe for us their perception and experience of the Christ or Christ Consciousness. They say that within the realms of Creation that affect our lives here in 3D, the Christ Presence is the place in which “the human knows the Self to be God, and God knows the self to be human”.

I believe this invites repeating:

The Christ Consciousness is the particular frequency or frequencies within the whole spectrum of Creation Itself, that we can access, where we the human knows ourSelf to be God … and God knows that Itself is also human.

Would you like to come home to your Balancing of those two major polarities … perceived polarities of humanity and Divinity? In Truth, the polarities are just that ~ erroneously perceived. Despite the Patriarchal hijacking of the teachings and pivotal Truths of Yeshua, or Jesus, the Son of a Heavenly Father and Son of a Human Mother, they are One.

Okay … so now we come back to the “convergence of multiple timelines” described in “The Splitting of the Worlds” ( as well as the identifications of the cusp upon which we and our beloved planet are poised right now in “Choice Point”. (

The choice? Do you want to remain in any of the frequencies of the lie of being ‘only human’, or do you want to live again in that Space where human and Divine are consciously One and the same? Yeshua Himself, a God-realized Human who came to inaugurate the last age spoke to this very directly in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene:

“Peter said to him: ‘Since you have become the interpreter of the elements and the events of the world, tell us: what is the sin of the world?’ The Teacher answered: ‘There is no sin. It is you who make sin exist, when you act according to the habits of your corrupted nature; this is where sin lies. This is why the Good has come into your midst. It acts together with the elements of your nature so as to reunite it with its roots’.”

The continuation of Divine Revelation is about precisely that … are we open, individually and as a threatened species, to have our own Divinity revealed again … owned again, lived again … anew? What I was gifted by the Christ Consciousness, by Divinity Itself touching my humanness, was that it created for me the very foundation of my Path, an ever-unfolding base for my coming home to the experiential remembering of who I Am and why I’m here. It allows me to stand in Integrity as I write and offer these words to you. To speak of 5G vs 5D as in “Choice Point”, or in the “Splitting of the Worlds” to suggest the exquisite reality of having the mystical opportunity to not only change timelines right now but in so doing actually co-create the next world, the new reality.

A friend of mine has a more contemporary tarot deck within which the #1 major Arcana card is The Magician. To me, the words associated with him speak to the Christ Consciousness: “He is the link between heaven and earth that brings forth the manifestation of matter”. Two thousand years ago Yeshua offered us the bridge that crosses the abyss of amnesia to the facticity of our being both human and Divine … the bridge across which lies our path, our timeline to 5D, the Ascension timeline … if we choose it to be so.

Whenever we’re faced with a big decision we seek the help of markers: experiences we’ve had, things we’ve been taught, and things we believe and believe we know. However, within most of our experiences throughout recent and not so recent lives, so much of what we’ve been told and taught to believe in are illusions based on manipulation, corruption, and lies. Some of it malicious, some of it innocent. As someone said to me many years ago: “It’s not so much that we don’t know, but it’s that we know so much that just ain’t so”.

As increasing chaos demands major decisions, we may frantically quest about for something we know that will guide us … a marker of equal power, yet of higher resonance.

Hence this writing of my POV of the “Continuation of Divine Revelation”. I know, experientially and in the profound Grace of Reverence, that I Am a humanization of the Creator Being, and that perhaps more easily now, I can be both sides of this One coin. Perhaps the very act of holding within myself this knowing allows the Divine which would reveal itself to not only emerge but also merge; to become, perhaps, Creation’s evolutionary impulse being me!

Yes, an experience lets us believe, and even know … and sometimes we’re invited first to be willing to know, to give our consent to knowing … to simply ask to know, or remember … and the door, or the bridge, to the experience and its crystal of Knowing will be offered, made available, given.

Let us no more say ‘go big or go home’ – I say go big AND go Home … without going anywhere! The Christ Consciousness that you are awaits inside the medicine~bag ever present within you. Will you claim it as your own?




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