My Self-healing Protocol Report

by Harald Kautz


Anecdotal Covid-19 Self-Healing Report – Evaluation of available therapies for acute infection; treatment of long covid, shedding symptoms; and repair of epigenetic as well as genetic damage by self-medication with innovative methods.

Author:  Harald Kautz

CEO Aquarius Technologies

Member Timeloopsolution AG



Since 2019,  during the Covid-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry has focused mainly on infection prevention through vaccination. Consequently, with the exception of the controversial random hits ivermectin and hydroxichloroquine, no effective drugs developed specifically for Covid have been available for a long time. Useful research on the mechanisms leading to long covid and a scientific understanding of vaccine damage and shedding symptoms came predominantly from outsiders. Therefore, during a severe infection with covid-19, the author decided to test available solutions and approaches from these outsiders on himself, with goal to document these experiences. Furthermore, since these experiences were personal and anecdotal, it seemed reasonable to first test the methods successful with the author in a non-systematized study for replicability. From this environment, first drafts of preparations emerged, which could be commercialized as food supplements due to their natural and side-effect-free character. Medical approval is to follow for some of the products after successful clinical trials.



Since its inception in 2014, the timeloopsolution consortium has focused on medical problems that have not been explored, or not adequately explored, by mainstream medicine. The first research and development section concerned Morgellon’s disease. This section enabled the Institut für Infopathie UG in Radolfzell, a member of the consortium, to treat Morgellon’s patients according to a standardized procedure. In addition, prophylactic remedies could be put on the market by the company, also a member of the consortium. Following the same scheme, a remedy for dealing with the side effects of self-assembly of neuronal nanobots was developed, thus covering a second aspect of the side effects of transhumanist technologies – a symptom complex associated with the degenerative old-age diseases.

Since 2015, the consortium has kept an eye on the spread of weaponized cold viruses, and was able to come up with a product for prophylaxis of secondary infections, which had turned out to be the main reason for high lethality in the Spanish flu. This happened in time for the release experiment in Ukraine (MH17).

In the early days of the current pandemic, it seemed that the “market” for covid therapies was too strongly dominated by the pharmaceutical industry to participate in the scientific discourse in a fruitful way. However, since the shedding effect became known, depriving people of their right to self-determination regarding vaccination, the consortium has been actively networking with researchers around the world to provide solutions.

As such, it was a bit of serendipity that the entire team became infected with Covid at the first topic-related meeting in late August 2021, which was a great opportunity to experience the nature of the disease on their own bodies and to gain, albeit subjective, evidential experience of the effects of various preparations.

Besides the core competence of the consortium in radionics and environmental medicine, the scientific methodology of the research period was to understand functioning forms of therapy. According to the principle “he who heals is right”, a model of the functionality of the different aspects of the covid complex could be gained through intensive exchange with other independent researchers and research groups, and a treatment concept could be developed based on this. Especially in the case of the long covid complications occurring in the team, the developed preparations could thus be tested directly anecdotally for their efficacy. This does not primarily concern the absolute efficacy, which could only be proven in the context of a larger, statistically evaluated study, but rather the verification of the biochemical and bioenergetic aspects involved in the disease process, which can be experienced subjectively and are thus evident.

1. method

Even though this essay incorporates a lot of knowledge from the researches of different groups, the core is the subjective experience of the author’s disease, as well as the effect of the tested and developed preparations and methods. This study is therefore anecdotal in its systematic approach and makes no promises of cures. It serves to bring certain subjectively experienced phenomena into the public discourse.

Subjective experience can carry with it an amazing level of evidence when complex subjective perceptions show up identically in many people. Simply put, if four people get itching powder in their collars, and all four describe that it itches, we have indeed made an irrefutable, evidential observation: itching powder itches, no one would doubt this fact, because the observation is intersubjective. It would only be objectifiable if we measured the nerve activity in the skin electrically, but that would be completely superfluous here. Itching is evident. Even someone who no longer has feeling in his back because of paraplegia would believe fellow human beings who still have feeling that itching powder itches if they intersubjectively confirmed the effect.

Unfortunately, the reality is currently different. Many people have a clear subjective experience of their own bioenergetics, feel the energy flowing through their meridians, feel whether and with which direction of rotation their chakras are active, feel blockages in the emotional body. They are able to have a kind of non-optical perception with the pineal gland, the third eye, with which they can perceive energetic aspects of their environment but also images from conceptual realms. When these people are among themselves, they can talk about whether their perceptions are intersubjective, just as other people talk about the weather.

Trying to discuss these perceptions with people for whom this kind of perception is not possible, on the other hand, is difficult. In doing so, it would be wise in a scientific sense to trust intersubjectivity even if one is not part of it. It is only important that there is no exchange before the perception. Only then the perceptions are comparable with each other, and identically perceived complex structures can be taken as statistical evidence for their correctness.

1. results


The author had his first encounter with the Covid complex about three months before the actual infection. After a private visit to a nurse, covid symptoms presented within 12 hours: cold night sweats accompanied by the typical spike protein odor, mild fever, and chills. The respiratory system showed no symptoms. The nurse herself was not vaccinated, but worked regularly at the hospital with vaccinated physicians. Another 12 hours later, after contact with the neighbor, she also developed symptoms, in particular, post-menopausal menstruation resumed, accompanied by pain in the abdomen.

The subjective perception of the author, as well as of several clairvoyant persons present at shedding events, showed the sprouting of a disease demon at the moment of shedding, the sprout passing to the shedding victim. For definition, just as each species has a bioenergetic subtle energy body assigned to it based on its DNA, each infection based on DNA or RNA also has an entity assigned to it. This view is firmly anchored in Vedic medicine, for example, and is considered common knowledge in large parts of Asia. It had its counterpart in Western medicine until the introduction of the infection theory in miasmatics. According to the doctrine of miasmatics, diseases were transmitted by “odors”.

In the subjective perception of the author, confirmed by intersubjective perceptions of other clairvoyent people, there initially occurs a localization of the disease in the already infected via the pheromone receptors. The immune system then decides whether this disease would be beneficial as a exceptional biological programm. In the already infected person, the “demon” perceives the opened thyroid gland, forms a sprout and shoots it into the open thyroid gland. At this moment, the demon takes control of the immune system and begins to stimulate any existing pathogens in the body to multiply, using the controll of the thyroid over the signature of the voice. However, in the case of the sheddings, there was no pathogen present in the body, so the symptoms were temporary.

In Western medicine, this view corresponds to a synthesis of miasmatics and infection theory, which recognizes both aspects and describes their complex interaction.

Although the cold-like symptoms of illness disappeared quickly, the author was left with a clearly noticeable damage to the reproductive system, an almost complete loss of libido, and an almost complete cessation of semen production. The condition was stably unhealthy for about 2 months.

Acute infection

In early November, an acute covid infection occurred. The individual responsible for the infection was tested positive for the delta variant. The author did not get tested. Symptoms were obvious, including loss of taste and hemorrhage in the legs (thrombosis). Subjectively, he experienced complete lethargy, loss of appetite, inability to want anything or even imagine being able to want anything again at some point. The respiratory system was affected, with initially dry, later viscous cough and sore throat. Mild fever in the evening, free of fever during the day. Cold night sweats. Subjectively, the soul was very far away, recognizing one’s own hand as one’s own body part could take minutes.

The author took three days to study this static condition. After three days, he began testing the available medications or protocols specifically designed for Covid.

First, a combination of niacin, melatonin, vitamin D and curcumin: no improvement or change in the condition.

Next, Artemic from was tried. Artemic managed to overcome the lack of appetite, but only related to the remedy itself. Although taking it felt extremely healthy and helpful, the recommended dose seemed much too low. Nothing changed in the condition of the disease, although subjectively the author cannot exclude that the remedy was life-saving at this point, i.e. prevented further aggravation of the symptoms.

The third remedy that came into use was Vedicinals9 from The remedy had an immediate effect, the condition improved hourly, the appetite returned and after three days the respiratory tract disorder went into the typical healing phases, white mucus, green mucus, yellow mucus, transparent mucus.

Weight loss up to this point amounted to 6 of 65 kilos at 184cm height.

Complete healing of the infection from there on took about two weeks. However, after a relatively symptom-free week, the relapse phase then set in, interpreted by many Covid researchers as spike protein allergy. The cold night sweats returned, the lungs became waterlogged, and the lung volume reduced to less than 50%.

Vedicinals9 is designed as a 14-day course, at which point the author decided to add a second course, and the lung problems decreased significantly after about 10 days. There were still a few relapses, but nothing that would have been comparably life-threatening.

The only symptom that clearly remained from the phase of acute infection was an extensive dissociation from the body. This was also confirmed as real by clairvoyent people present. They could experience the author’s energy body acting independently of the body. In one case, he remained seated while the physical body got up and left the room, which was intersubjectively perceived by several people present.

Long Covid

The permanent damage caused by the total complex was an existing spike protein allergy and loss of libido and sperm production after the infection had healed and the relapse phase had been completed. Spike protein allergy was manifested by an immediate inflammatory reaction of the oropharynx and sinuses in the vicinity of vaccinated individuals.

Shortly after the relapse, an opportunity arose to use a spiritual protocol designed for the purpose of healing Long Covid symptoms. The protocol involved realigning the chakras. During the healing session, the therapist perceived that the 2nd chakra – responsible for sexuality and creativity – was rotating to the right instead of to the left, permanently losing energy, and the 3rd chakra – responsible for life energy on the material plane – was rotated 90 degrees, pointing sideways out of the body. This perception was purely subjective. The correction that took place, however, caused a complete restoration of libido and sperm production in the author.

The problem of dissociation remained unchanged for about 2 months. In conversation with the developer of vedicinals9, Joachim Gerlach of the Vitalis Foundation, Mr. Gerlach referred to a study in which it had been proven that the spike protein blocks the BRCA1 and 53BP1 genes. This, according to the founder of the foundation, would block the genome’s ability to repair itself, which sooner or later would most likely lead to cancer. This predisposition is known to occur in breast cancer, with an 85% probability of disease in the genetically caused absence of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genomes. Since the effect of the protein was epigenetic in nature, i.e. it affected the methylation/demethylation of the gene sequences, it was a obvious option to eliminate this problem by affirmation. The affirmation, i.e. the decision made and pronounced in the heart “demethylate BRCA1” provided an immediate reconnection of the soul, and the feeling of being dissociated disappeared. “53BP1 methylate” and “53BP1 demethylate” energetically (subjectively) closed and opened the thyroid gland, where opening always simultaneously brought the feeling of dissociation, and closing brought a subjective feeling of health and strong defense. Self-healing through affirmation to realign epigenetics has been tried by several patients to date, and seems to achieve the desired results in almost all cases.

Well-being was thus restored. Unresolved to date is the spike protein allergy that makes it difficult to be with vaccinated individuals, and the possibility that random damage to DNA was caused by methylation of BRCA1, or that targeted modifications were made to the genome by mRNA transferred during shedding. After reviewing the patents, this is ultimately a goal of the vaccine campaign.

Discussion and product development

Covid clearly bears the signature of a bioweapon. A bat virus, equipped with an inserted furin cleavage site (3 cleavage sites in Omicron) to make the virus dangerous to humans, with a sequence that resembles AIDS, with sequences that produce three different snake venoms when they lodge in the intestinal environment, as well as sequences of a salt water cone snail and its venom, which in the wild befuddles fish so much that they voluntarily swim to the snail to have the harpoon of a cnidocyte shot into their body to get more of the venom. Natural mutation looks different.

Even for a representative of environmental medicine, in which diseases are special biological programs to help the body detoxify, Covid and its aspects decoupled for vaccination appear as a disease that should rather be avoided.

On the biochemical level, the preparation Vedicinals9 appears to be quite sufficient to handle acute infections as well as many aspects of Long Covid. Conceptually, it is mature, and the clinical studies are clearly positive. It has the greatest broad-spectrum efficacy among those specifically designed for covid, and contains the most active ingredients in terms of price/performance ratio.

To counter the damage caused by covid or the vaccines beyond that, without knowing exactly what undeclared ingredients might be in it besides mRNA, the AG has developed an infopathic based on the 4 vaccines approved in the West from the nosodes. Infopathy is the synthesis of homeopathy with radionics, psychokinesiology and environmental medicine. The infopathy of the product follows first of all the homeopathic principle “to heal the same with the same”, and serves to eliminate the harmful substances (vaccination residues/ substances involved in shedding) from the body. In addition, the product includes the affirmations related to the BRCA1 and 53BP1 genes, as well as some psychosocial affirmations related to the psychological aspects associated with the thyroid gland as an organ, such as loss of territory and time pressure. This possibility is brought by radionics, in which linguistic affirmations are transformed into numerical codes, and these in turn are transformed into vibrational signatures that can be read by the DNA. They work analogously to affirmations, only without having to be spoken. According to the Australian researcher Nikita Alexandrov, there was a clear accumulation of serious illnesses in occupational groups that work under constant time pressure. Thus, he was able to draw the connection to the thyroid gland as the organ assigned to this subject. Territorial loss is the second psychosocial aspect that weakens the thyroid gland. The product is marketed under the brand name reFertil, with specifications for vaccinated and shedding victims (Balance S and Balance V).

To minimize the risk of infection, it seemed reasonable to target the pheromone receptors. These can be blocked with the help of essential oils. If they are blocked, the body cannot perceive spike proteins, which should nip the entire infection mechanism in the bud. The concept at this point comes from pure theory. A clinical study of efficacy is pending. Without being able to make a corresponding promise on the prophylactic effect, we have developed two perfumes that are based in essence on the appropriate essential oils that block precisely the relevant pheromone receptors. The product will be marketed under the brand name Cosmic Balance.

In order to understand our approach of how to counter the risk of genetic damage or deliberate alteration, we need to look at a more precise understanding of what DNA is. In the Global Skaling Theory, the mathematical consideration of the sizes and frequencies of stable structures in the universe in the logarithmic realm of scales, the human DNA presents itself as the absolute center of the universe. It is the mediator between the frequencies of the background field and the matter organized by it. Therefore, as DNA-based human beings, we create the world in which we live through perception. The repair mechanism of the DNA follows the form of the background field. Recent technical developments from the field of global scaling have made it possible to connect matter more closely to this background field, in particular this works well with quartz nanoparticles which are resonant with this background field in terms of their size. This entanglement transfers to water. Based on this knowledge and the existing technical possibilities, the AG has developed a water activator. The activated water is connected to the standing background wave, and carries this connection as drinking water into the body. In addition, the water has 1.7% colloidal phase, and can be easily absorbed by the body. Colloidal water is responsible for the material flows in the body, nutrition and detoxification. The product is sold under the brand name LOTUS.

The source of supply of vedicinals9 is

The source of supply of the other three products or their specifications is

Bioenergetics and its aspects, meridians and chakras, are not a concept recognized by science. Science also does not acknowledge the effect of affirmations on epigenetics. Therefore, sirisana’s remedies have no scientifically proven or provable effect and are to be considered as food supplements. Possible clinical studies are still pending. A healing promise is explicitly not given.








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