Nailing It by Tom MofWooFoo



Nailing It


There have been many who attempted to conquer the entire world. Some are still well known today-Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Tamerlain, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, etc. Today, this same lust for power seems to exist amongst those who have unfathomable amounts of money. The more money one has, the more options, hence freedom one has. Freedom should be equal for everyone, but this is just one of the drawbacks of capitalism.


Now these billionaires/ trillionaires with their money can control governments, have access to the huge cache of arms that the US has and is continuously funded exorbitantly and unconscionably, by everyone of the elected representatives, which reveals their allegiances, which is not the people that they represent. These ultra rich can buy off anyone, and anyone who refuses their bribes or blackmail, is simply removed by a hired killer. They have access to the largest spy agencies and have data on everyone using electronic devices.  They can control large institutions as Bill Gates has shown. Money is power. And in the wrong hands it is tyranny and totalitarianism.


This is not new. Over and over the governments have been involved in huge scandals. They have proven themselves totally untrustworthy and corrupt. Yet we were supposed to believe them and trust them with injecting something in our bodies. Those who were foolish enough to trust governments and institutions thought it was their duty to be vaccinated. Those who rightfully did not trust, refused this form of tyranny. Vaccine mandates from untrustworthy governments and institutions is tyranny.


Instead of taking pleasure in helping to create a paradise for everyone on the planet they prefer to play Dominator and control everyone and everything. They prefer the power to destroy over the power to create. They are eugenicists and it seems clear that they wish to eliminate a large portion of the population. Wars and pandemics further their cause. They are ruthless and merciless. They are criminal. They remain in the shadows, hiding behind their puppets.


Their atrocities and injustices continue with impunity. Their crimes are not reported in the media that they own and control and disappear down the “memory hole”.


This is the situation humanity faces and rarely acknowledges. Being confused, separated, and divided, humanity has no role in the battle between the unipolarists and the pluripolarists. We truly are like the sheep in Orwell’s book, “Animal Farm”.


If only we could take or devalue all of their money. Or create a system that doesn’t use money. Their power is reliant on money. 



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