No Time for Escapism



“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Tesla.


“The world of imagination is Infinite and Eternal, whereas the world of generation and vegetation is finite and temporal. All things are comprehended in their Eternal forms in the divine body of the Saviour, the true voice of Eternity, The Human Imagination. William Blake.


Over the years, thousands of people have visited my house for various ceremonial events, and although many profess to be spiritually orientated, I have found very few that have experienced meaningful encounters with the unseen worlds.


Many are so consumed with intellectual materialism that they have lost touch with intuitive imagination and the subtler faculties of perception and as a result, the spiritual realities are lost to them.


William Blake knew well that the acute development of intellectual knowledge was achieved at the price of losing touch with the spiritual worlds. This narrowing of vision prevents us from seeing and uniting(energetically) with the One Life. Instead we stand against and over nature. Our cold intellect forever experimenting on living things, cutting and dissecting them into smaller and smaller pieces with no respect for the being within the form.


This is why mankind is sick. We have been engineered to focus only on physicality. Our spiritual worlds have been hijacked by fear based control religions, and delusional guru led cults that tell us what to believe and how to live.


It is time to break the chains of physicality and think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


The body electric – everything electric


Everything that exists in our physical world is made up of a positive and negative charge, frequency and vibration. Our reality and our bodies are electric. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin are merely interfaces, ways for our bodies to convert the ‘outside world’ into an electromagnetic wave form that creates our thoughts and feelings. Electric charge is the glue of reality. It holds everything together. And the frequency of the electric life charge is about to change.


Momentous times


We are at the end of a Grand Year and everything is in chaotic flux. Changes will take place on every level of our being…physical and energetic. We are in a time of transformation and transfiguration as incoming cosmic frequencies mutate our dna. The spiritual opportunities that are manifesting within each one of us will expand our awareness and our understanding of Self.


This is an exciting time to be alive.




In a duality there is always an opposite charge, and so it is with mankind.


For eons, there has been an evil force that has enslaved and experimented on the human family. And this force that has turned many of us into heartless monsters….is very much alive. And, through its puppets has launched an energetic attack on our psyche.


Picking up the speed of attack


The attack on the integrity of our physical and spiritual reality has picked up speed in the last 50 years. There has been a technological revolution with all the world’s governments in lock step.

Electromagnetic fields are beamed down upon us from cell towers, gravity wave emergency network towers, wind farms, and satellites. Our electrical selves are choked by an infernal smog designed to block the cosmic signals of revelation and liberation. The rise of the smart devices, we have been engineered to think we all need, are destroying our circadian rhythms, interfering with our natural electromagnetic modality. We are being bombarded with harmful radiation.


Are you getting the picture? Our energetic integrity is under attack.


The cell phone


Cell phone technology has taken over the rule of human life.  And, the powers that be want all of us enslaved by it. They are trying to make sure that we cannot survive in their new dystopic reality of smart everything without their control device, their universal credit system and their world digital currency.


All things convenient


Most people are totally reliant on their cell phone. It houses their music, their photographs and videos. Their bank accounts, their contacts, their business, their entertainment. I mean…it’s a world unto itself and      if we are not careful, the device will define who we are.


Glued to a little screen


I see it all around me. People are glued, stuck to their small pulsating screens like barnacles on a rock. Their whole world has become embedded in manufactured electromagnetic signals. Many are so absorbed by the machine and its realities, that they walk out in front of traffic and get run over. And how many accidents…lives lost or bodies maimed because of some one texting on their cell phone. There is nothing wrong with cell phones per-se as long as we don’t become so addicted that ‘the machine’ takes over our lives.


How many times a day do you check your cell phone? Do you carry it on your body? In your pocket next to your gonads or near your heart. Do you sleep with it next to you? If so, what electromagnetic damage is it doing to your organs, to your dna and to your consciousness?


Do you see where this is going?


“The continuous checking and/or utilization of smartphone applications for prolonged periods is associated with stress, withdrawal, anxiety, sleep disturbance, decreased physical activity, poorer academic performance, and deterioration in wellbeing.  Several studies have shown an association between time spent using smartphones and the severity of musculoskeletal complaints Moreover, studies have reported the harmful impact of smartphones on neck and upper extremity function: the neck becomes more stressed due to the overuse of smartphones, leading to neck muscle weakness. It was reported that the prevalence of neck pain ranges between 17.3% and 67.8% among smartphone users, and the lifetime prevalence is 55.8%.”  National Library of Medicine



Oh! Mirror…Mirror…



Digital zombies


Billions of people  spend hours in the mind numbing virtual world of the internet and social media platforms… scrolling, commenting in virtual chat rooms, and escaping from reality with mindless entertainment. The convenience of electronic communication is actually a spiritual curse. We have become digital zombies and its about time we woke up to it.


The serpent spell


Karl Schwab said that the digital world would become more satisfying and alive than this one. And it is happening just the way it was planned.


I think a new matrix is being created to replace the old one that expired on December 21st 2012…and the younger generations are being sewn into the fabric of a new order.


Change in frequency



What they don’t want you to know – it’s not me, not you or co2.


There’s a lot of hot air being spouted right now about climate change and a move to green energies which are just as pollutive as fossil fuels. Insanity is in control of this world…playing god and trying to control the weather. Man in his arrogance thinks he is the centre of the world but he is not. The sun is the big boss of this dimension.


The sun’s heliosphere is changing frequency and as ruler of our solar system everything changes with it including our planet and every living being on it. In a magnetically changing world we have to get up to spiritual speed, expand our intuitive capabilities to understand the incoming cosmic frequencies…how it affects our consciousness and resonate with it. This force has many names, the Shift of Ages, the Rapture, and the Evolution of the Life Waves. The video on electromagnetic amplification with this post is a must watch. It allows us to learn about the cyclic planetary and astrological events that affect our consciousness and all life on earth.


Perfect timing for an electromagnetic block


It is interesting to note the timing of the digital era, cell phone addiction and the elite’s electromagnetic onslaught on human consciousness. Immersing all life in a dissonant, incoherent electromagnetic soup. It coincides precisely with the Shift of Ages, the Rapture and the Evolution of the Life Wave. The elite’s agenda is to trap us in the world wide web. Block us off from the NOW! Block us off from the spiritual evolutionary energy flowing through our solar system.


Is that an accident or by design?


I think you know the answer.


So dear friends, check yourself out. Ask yourself: Am I addicted to digital reality? Do I binge watch shows?  Am I addicted to virtual reality games, like 20 percent of the US population? Do I don my headset at every opportunity and escape into a fantasy world? Do I escape the traumas of life with a bottle, pills or drugs?


Because if we are to grasp the amazing spiritual opportunity at hand, we have no time for escapism. The run is on…..


The new frequencies enveloping our planet are liberating. Our dna is changing and as the cosmic wave flows through us it is my understanding that the electromagnetic shackles on our pineal gland our crown chakra will fall away. We will vibrate faster than the matrix of visible light. We will be free of the re-incarnation cycle.


Love on its infinite journey will be ours.


There is no time for escapism. We must be mindful and fully present in the Now.


The cosmic bus is pulling in. I’ll see you there.


Until next time,


Much love.


About the Author



Written by ethompson

Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia, and Book Three: Walking In Three Worlds. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @ amazon.com/author/heartstar






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