Penn Dept of Ag raids Amish organic farmer


—yeah, his food might be too healthy



And then where would we be? Big trouble; people have to stay sick for the system to work


Jon Rappoport 


I don’t know what the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture is going to find, when they analyze the samples of food taken from the farm. I don’t know what stories they may invent. But sight unseen I would eat and drink that food.


Zero Hedge:


Local media, The Lancaster Patriot, reports that the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture served an all-natural Amish farm in southeastern Pennsylvania with a search warrant on Thursday afternoon.


The farmer, Amos Miller, has been in the crosshairs with the US Department of Agriculture because of his repeated failures to comply with federal farming regulations.


The USDA has tried to bring Miller’s farm into compliance with federal regulations, but Amos has yet to cooperate with the Feds and faces fines and jail time.


According to LancasterOnline, Miller and the Feds have been locked “in a standoff over his compliance with federal food safety rules and failure to pay assessed fines.”


With his sovereign citizen defense, Miller has tried to thwart the Fed’s overreach to get him to comply with food safety rules. He sells all sorts of food to more than 4,000 buyers, such as organic eggs, raw milk, grass-fed beef and cheese, and fresh produce. He doesn’t use electricity, chemical fertilizers, vaccines, or petroleum products in farming.


Commenting on the raid, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said, “Looks like Amos Miller’s farm is being raided. With all of the problems in society today, this is what the government wants to focus on?”


Massie continued, “A man growing food for informed customers, without participating in the industrial meat/milk complex? It’s shameful that it’s come to this.”


Amos Miller has 4000 informed customers. That seems to mean these people know exactly what they’re buying. And if Miller is telling the truth about his food, then we could call what he has with those customers A CONTRACT.


Everybody on both sides is aware of what they’re doing, and they’re agreeing to take responsibility for it.


Whereas the government is demanding Miller obtain all the necessary government LICENSES and certifications to continue as a farmer and a seller.


I’ve been down this road before. Many times. Official licenses versus contracts between private parties without government interference.


The government HATES these sorts of contracts. No one should be responsible for his own health and well-being and choices. No. Instead, the parental authorities must rule the roost.


Under the rubric of PROTECTING, the government can do anything it wants to. For example, it can launch, finance, support, and insist on a killer vaccine.


On top of all this, if Miller is selling raw milk and no one is getting sick, that would be devastating for the commercial processed milk industry.


And meanwhile, Big Pharma is selling countless toxic drugs with the full approval of the government, people are dying at the rate of at least 106,000 per year, and no one is intervening to prosecute and send Pharma personnel to prison for the rest of their lives.


GOVERNMENT: Food should be processed and dead.


AMOS MILLER: No, it should have life in it. Food should produce good health.



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