Princes of Light
& the Origins of Masonry


by Michael Tsarion


Freemasonry is labyrinthine. It is full of puzzles, conundrums, misspellings, corruptions, cryptic clues, and simple salutes, childish codes, contrivances, circular paths, roads that sometimes lead nowhere, walls appearing to be ten feet thick yet giving way easily to the lightest touch in the right spot, riddles to be solved, numerous passwords, an allegorical, highly symbolical, double-entendre storyline worthy of the best latter-day spy writers, protected by secret signs and symbols and a myriad of enigmas to be confronted…In the labyrinth that is Freemasonry there is a center where rests its holy grail. Many have tried to find it only to reach dead ends – Leon Davin (The Ritual: The Greatest Story Never Told)


The fastintanting story of the super-secretive Gaonim, the self-titled “Princes of Light,” has been told in my books and in articles on this site and on the Irish Origins of Civilization site. This is partly because the Masonic Gaonim have played a key, if sinister role in the history of many lands and nations. This includes the United States of America. When people refer to the “bankers” little do they realize that they refer to this oddball group whose history goes back to before the fall of Judea.

Although I’ve explained their role previously, I want to add a few more details to their saga, especially for  beginners getting into the intriguing subject of world conspiracy and its bizarre origins. Most researchers and prominent writers are mistaken about the exact role of Jews in relation to occulted world control and refuse to get the picture straight. This is a terrible omission and which serves only to empower the Black Lodge.



What do we know about the history of Judaism? What do we know about their many priestly orders, such as the Levites, Shilohites,
Zadokites, Aaronites or seventy elders who received the so-called Oral Tradition at Mount  Sinai?


The Gaonim arose in the years following the fall of Judea, in AD 70. They were and are descended from super-wealthy members of the so-called Sadducee party, with maybe a few Pharisees thrown in. High level ones that is. They were on excellent terms with the Roman elite and profited enormously from their occupation of the region. They were allowed to ply their various lucrative trades and enjoyed excellent personal and economic relations with the Roman elite. It was probably members of their coterie who, after the fall of Judea and Second Temple, made new homes in Italy and influenced several Caesars and governors to convert to Judaism. (See Irish Origins Appendix 1 for more on this). It’s a part of history rarely discussed by scholars.

In fact, the destruction of Judea and the scattering of its inhabitants, rich and poor, to the four corners of the empire, was not an arbitrary action on the part of the Romans. Far from it. Events were brought to a head after repeated warnings by Jew-favouring governors. The richest Jews on Judea had been under attack from members of their own community – lower members that is. We know them as the Zealots and Sicarii. There were other crazed groups, but these are the two most famous. They repeatedly attacked the rich merchants, stealing their money and goods, setting fire to their properties and   assassinating many of them in public places. They were self-serving anarchic criminals, heavily into drugs and drug-trafficking and other insidious practices. They despised any Jew who colluded with the Roman “invaders.” Consequently, they were considered a plague and many remonstrations to the Roman authorities were made by middle-class and highly placed Jews about their intolerably violent acts. This is a touchy subject, and many Jewish and Gentile writers simply avoid dealing with it.

Finally, under Emperors Vespasian and Titus, the Roman army was sent in and Judea was smashed. The Temple of Solomon was ransacked, the Holy of Holies violated and its sacred objects – including the Menorah and Ark of the Covenant – confiscated and carried off to Rome as booty. History tells us that the culprits were the intolerant Romans, but this is not the case. Their violent and conclusive police-action was demanded by the richest inhabitants of the region. There was no other viable solution. The pestilence of the revolutionaries had to be purged once and for all.



A section from the famous Arch of Titus showing Roman soldiers carrying off the sacred Jewish Menorah to Rome, after ransacking the Temple of Solomon in AD70.


The well-heeled Sadducees were long forewarned, and had plenty of time to prepare for the coming bliztkreig. They packed their belongings, secured their finances, liquidated their holdings and, with Roman assistance, got out of Dodge.  Some made their way to Italy while others moved eastward. History books fail to tell us this, stating falsely that the Sadducees as an entity simply ceased to exist. However, their adventures had only just begun.

As I explain in previous articles on this and other sites, some of the wealthiest Sadducees made their way to the Middle East, particularly to Baghdad, Pumbedita and Sura. This may have been because of their lucrative business associations with Moslem merchants. In any case, they were welcomed and left alone to ply their trade. They were permitted to set up shop. Own homes, establish temples and secret lodges, and indulge in money-lending. They enjoyed centuries of untroubled success.

Their temples were designed to exemplify Jewish and Moslem traditions. Later, these edifices often sported the emblem of a capital G, standing for Gaonim. Yes, a powerful secret society  was slowly forming, one with strange hybrid ideas and rites.


Why would a Jewish man build a temple on a Moslem design? Is someone trying to tell us something?


Later, after the fall of the Roman Empire, descendants of these displaced Sadducees – the Gaonate or Gaonim, the self-style Exilarch’s or Princes of Light – began returning to lands further west. Some went no further than Turkey, while others made it back to Grece, Italy and Judea. They connected with prosperous family members there.  They eventually set up enclaves in France, Spain and Holland.

While resident in the Middle-East the Gaonim turned away from orthodox Judaism and returned to pagan ways. They are therefore to be regarded as Jews since they cunningly decided to maintain a Jewish front. While ensconced in the Middle East they strengthen their alliances with two illustrious groups – the Parthian House of Edessa and Cult of Venus (Order of Sion) or as I call them – the Serpent Sisterhood.

Then, as fate decreed, upon their move westward, they came into contact with the leaders of the Knights Templar who were embarked upon their great Crusade. It was a fateful but monstrous alliance. When Hugh de Payens returned to France, we are told that he was accompanied by nine strange companions who appeared to be “monks” or “Pilgrims.” Apparently, these members of The Gaonim were being escorted right into the centres of power by senior Gentile nobles. Of course, the Templars had long been served by Jews, but this unidentified group of nine were obviously of a different stock. Did they help finance the exploits of the Templars, in exchange for assistance and entry into the west? It was at this time, or shortly after, that they changed their name from Gaonim to Freemason.  Hopefully, you now know why there is so much Jewisah symbolism to be found in the iconography of Masonry,



One of the symbols commemorating the “Jewish” connection to Masonry is the coffin. This motif puzzles most people, and all sorts of interpretations abound. Actually, it alludes to Yohanan ben Zakkai, the Jewish sage smuggled out of Judea at the height of the Roman crackdown in AD 70. The renowned rabbi was furtively taken out of the city in a coffin. Clearly, when the symbol is correctly decoded, we see that it refers to the fall of a city and an age, and subsequent resurrection. It refers specifically to the Sadducees who will rise again in foreign lands.


Their alliance with the Templars was never broken, and remains to this day. This is why we find “Templar Degrees” in Masonry.

Many other branches were established throughout Europe and the west. As explained in Article II, these branches include Scottish Rite, Strict Observance and Grand Orient. Many were established after the fourteenth century after the Templars were suppressed by the Papacy. The Gaonim, along with the Order of Sion, commissioned many masonic groups – including the Martinists, Illuminists and Jesuits.

By aligning themselves with the Templars, the Gaonim officially became part of the Fourth Sect. They may even have been the co-founders of the fourth sect before meeting the Templars, which means they were Nazarenes. It’s an intriguing thought, but there is no way to be sure. Like the Nazarenes, (with whom the Templars and Hospitallers were closely connected) the Gaonim found themselves in collusion with the Merovingian Dynasty. As such, as I show, they were also married in with the Parthian or Edessan nobility, themselves descended from the even more ancient Egyptian Setian-Atonists.




Who approached who? Was it the Gaonim or the Templars who made the offer that could not be refused? In any case, I believe that the Gaonim accompanied the Templars back to France disguised as monks, hermits or pilgrims. Upon their arrival in the west, they adopted the appellation Freemason, often translated “Brothers of Light. ” Suggestively, Templar overlord Godfrey de Bouillon was entitled “Monarch of Light.” Hughe de Payens’ name comes from “pagan.” (See Article II for more on the Templars…) Given that the Templars were closely affiliated with the heretical Nazarenes or Fourth Sect, did it facilitate their liaison with the Gaonim? Perhaps the Gaonim were themselves Nazarenes, or were related to them. And what was the relationship between the Saducees and ancient Order of Melchizedek or Zadok? Were the Nazarenes, Gaonim and Zadokites ultimately related or one and the same?

After the suppression of the Templars, the Gaonim worked in concert with the army of deputies or “clerics” who continued to run the Templar empire. We know these clerics as the Knights Hospitallers or, as they are now known, the Knights of Malta. Although ensconced now in Rome, this cabal – which technically predates the Templar order – is related to the Fourth Sect, not the Fifth. For those who prefer the Walt Disney version of history, the Fourth Sect constitutes the “Protestant” branch of Christianity, while the Fifth Sect constitutes the “Catholic” or Vatican-based or Papal branch. (See Article 4 and Article 5 for more on this…)

Because of their intimate connection to the Templar network, Edessans, Merovingians and Fourth Sect, the Gaonim-Masons were soon able to collude with the so-called Black Nobility of Europe. In fact, they financed Black Nobility individuals and families, who finally moved from Germany and Holland to England. They bank-rolled William III of Orange enabling him to become King of England in 1690. With their support he battled with and overcame the Catholic monarch James II and brought down the rule of the Fifth Sect in Britain. William’s descendants remain in control today. Highly placed members of the House of Orange control the Alpha Lodges of Freemasonry in the United Kingdom. Eventually, the Gaonim-Masons would get one of their acolytes into the position of Prime Minister of England. This was none other than Benjamin Disraeli. Under his reign, the entire structure of Europe was transformed for the worse. What we know as the “British Empire” was really the empire of the Black Nobility. It still operates globally today, under various guises, such as the Skull and Bones Society in America, Council on Foreign Relations, Round Table Groups, Carlyle Group, Pilgrim Society, Mont Pelerin Society, Mark Masons, Privy Council, Order of St. John, and others mentioned on this site.

Through their powerful Grand Orient lodges, the Gaonim and Fourth Sect – after their defeat of the Fifth Sect – succeeded in establishing Communism in Russia. Once that demonic experiment was brought to a halt, an even more sinister form of cultural socialism was conceived, one which dominates the world today. It has been in the works for centuries.


Many have correctly noted how much Jewish symbolism turns up in masonic iconography, along with Egyptian and Persian symbolism. But what is the explanation given for this, and are we take it as correct?


As I show on this and other sites, and in my books, the Gaonim – working in concert with the Knights of Malta or Templar clerics – established the notorious Sabbateans and Frankists to infiltrate Judaism and Islam.  (See Article III ). However, as stated repeatedly, this group and its nefarious agents have no love for everyday religious Jews, Moslems or Christians. They simply use them as camouflage, so they can get on with their devilry without being identified. After the Gaonim arrived in Turkey, for example, they invited thousands of persecuted Sephardic Jews in Spain to come live in Salonica and other towns and cities in the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Why did they do so? Simply to surround themselves with ordinary Jews and thereby render themselves relatively invisible.

It was Turkish secret societies that produced many conspiratorial figures of world history, such as Alexander Parvus, Basil Zaharoff and Rudolf von Sebottendorff. The latter who went on to form the infamous Thule Society in Germany, the secretive cabal which financed the early Nazi Party. After von Sebottendorff served his purpose, he was thrown to the wolves. He was arrested, deported, and finally died in poverty in Turkey. It’s often the way agents of the Black Lodge are repaid for services rendered (remember Jeffery Epstein).

Agents were commissioned by the Gaonim-Masons to script the saga of the so-called Khazars. Once again, it was a clever device to lead attention away from the presence and influence in world affairs of the Gaonim. It’s a story accepted by antisemitic types in every corner of the globe. (Here for more…)

So, as we have seen in this summary of the history of the super-secretive Gaonim, the destruction of Judea did not end the spread of corruption. In fact, it enabled it. Setting up new bastions of power in friendly Islamic countries, rich Jews formed their branches of the Black Lodge, their Alpha Lodges of Freemasonry. Wherever they ventured throughout the world, their secrets were safe. They could recruit new members, infiltrate any society, or club they needed to, and sabotage rivals with relative ease. They were able to set up the monstrous edifice of Communism and bring about their updated brand of World Socialism while everyone believed they were free when the Berlin Wall came down.

The Princes of Light still finance the nobility of the world and serve their cause. They fund and organize the worl’s many chivaltic and equestrian orders and livery companies, law firms, media monopolies, private banks and insurance leviathans. They bank-roll the many presidents, prime ministers, and governors of the world’s nations and many private individuals who turn up as CEOs of this or that global organization. They fund numerus charities and foundations and through their complicit agents on the world stage – including many popular celebrities – they spread their antihuman policies. They have learned much from the few enemies they’ve had down through time. They excel at mass control and mind control. It has taken hundreds of years for us to detect their sinister presence in world affairs. Realizing that we are now a little more savvy as to their influence, they see to it that a lot of disinformation is broadcast. They also see to it that those on their trail are shadow banned, deplatformed and publicly ridiculed.


As explained on this site, most of the infamous secret societies and cabals of the world were the result of the industry of the “Clerics,” who loyally served the Templar hierarchy after the latter were suppressed in the fourteenth century. The Gaonim’s descendants work alongside them and may outrank them. It’s not certain. It may be that the clerics, in the form of the Knights of Malta, outrank them. In any case, both are inferior to the House of Edessa, the Setian-Atonist Order of Melchizedek (Akhenaton) and Cult of Venus (or Order of Sion). None ranks higher than the latter.


In the opinion of this author, although humanity cannot be saved from destruction, and though there will be no “mass awakening,” truth can and must still be humbly served. When civilization finally collapses, at least a few wise souls will know why.


Michael Tsarion (2023)



Light, Magic, Masonry by Michael Tsarion



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