Remember What You Are!

by Eternal  


What is the Matrix, Who created it and How do we get out?


Once I let go of emotions, morality, likes, dislikes, what I thought it is or isn’t….


Once I let go of everything… I was home. I was in a state of pure clarity. And I was home. Outside this “Matrix”. I understood everything. There is no good nor evil, there is no space and time, no love no hate no fear, No emotions of any kind. Just clarity, understanding, and pure awareness. I now know how this construct was created and why. We are pure awareness, infinite unlimited, creators of realities.



We are innocence. Everything is possible to us. In all possibilities, this had to be possible. We created this construct, this Matrix. There are no Gods, no Pleiadians, no Jesus, no Demiurge, no Dark entities of any kind, no good no evil…..etc The Matrix We started this construct, and we kept on adding on. We manifest it all. The construct was perfection in the beginning. It wasn’t like this. We got lost in its creation., Everyone added to the construct. At some point, a conflict in creation. AKA, a distortion was created. Duality. In order to have love, hate needed to exist. For peace to exist, war needed to exist……. Etc At one point Morality was created and everything went downhill from there. To have morality is to stand in judgement of others. And use yourself as a point of reference. Based on your likes and dislikes.


The more morality you have, the darker you go. And now we started to create distortions at a faster rate. You see people “theorising” about the elite, the cabal….etc And later they say “We were right”. They even create a phrase they meme. “Conspiracy theories are just spoiler alerts” They don’t understand that they are the ones to create/manifest that. How we became trapped here. Have you ever done something so interesting or watched something so interesting and captivating that you felt like you were there? And forgot about the “real world”? I think you have. We all have. What if you were NOT able to come out of that? And forgot about the real world?


So lost in your own creation that you became part of it. That’s what pretty much happened to us. And now we are trapped here. We created our own trap. And now we can’t get out. As I said, we are too creative and too powerful for our own good. Because we are unlimited. There is nothing we cannot do. And now we got ourselves into a real mess. Here is how we get out. First, be mindful of your thoughts. Before you will be able to eliminate them altogether. We must STOP acknowledging its existence.

Referring to the Matrix. We must stop creating scenarios inside our heads. Let go of thoughts. We must stop acknowledging everything here, working, eating, money, matter, gravity….etc, and All limitations. Limitations that we put upon ourselves. We must stop creating scenarios inside our heads. Let go of thoughts. If we collectively stop acknowledging this existence/Matrix. It will disappear. And we are HOME. It is that simple. We must focus only on that and nothing else.


The Matrix does NOT exist, I DO NOT acknowledge its existence. It does not exist.


Eternal 100



Let’s join together then, here in this forum, in practical ways that can be shared, starting with comments, growing into conversations, flowering into contributions of ideas, dreams, projects, works of all kind, Art, and other expressions of a people who intend to make their freedom theirs, to live a wonderful life, together.

There are already many helping and working with us, some seen, some unseen and as yet mysterious.  It is our life’s work: to see a Beautiful World Become A Reality.

Our Intent is aligned with Life itself, growing, loving and free.


Join in the creation and send to:  We are waiting for you!


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