Selling Weapons to Murderers


in an Upside Down Demonic World



By Julian Rose


While the world’s most despotic criminals move freely around in their ivory towers, petty criminals and the righteous are firmly incarcerated behind bars. This is the way ‘The law’ functions in a world where injustice has taken the role of justice.


Deals made between those who occupy the highest seats of power, are increasingly made without any recourse to public interest, democratic procedures, international protocols or the law of the land in which they are enacted.


While down at the street level, public relations exercises make it look like some ‘national interest’ is being defended. Some inviolable truth being upheld that must not be challenged.


So it is that Britain, the USA and their closest allies ‘condemn’ – in a carefully coded public relations exercise – Israel’s ruthless murder of tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, but continue to supply these murderers with the latest weapons of modern warfare.


Then, when Netanyahu ordered the destruction of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, killing 11 people, including at least two senior commanders in the al-Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a warning was quickly received from the Iran leadership that it would revenge these deaths.


At this point, Western leaders who had condemned the Israeli army’s wanton killings in Gaza, jumped to their feet and brazenly announced an ‘iron clad’ guarantee that ‘they would not hesitate to defend Israel against her enemies’.


And so they did – when Iran held true – and in a carefully calculated response that used relatively slow moving projectiles and (we understand) a prewarning issued well in advance of its intent – launched a fleet of drones and rockets to disrupt Israel’s main military airfield.


The UK government, disrespecting – as has become the norm – international law and military engagement protocols, ordered its fighter planes into action over Israeli territory to down incoming Iranian warheads, at the expense of unconsulted British tax payers. The US involved itself in the same way.


Such (ongoing) predatory bravura is being displayed in the cause of defending the indefensible.


Iran is a country that has resisted buckling under pressure to become yet another permanent US military outpost. So it remains Middle Eastern public enemy No 1 by Western war monger definition.


After all, how could an Arab country still be allowed to operate according to its own cultural practices and traditions and not kneel before the might of big brother to conform to Western mores and energy demands?


So if a long awaited excuse arises to blow Iran out of the water, that will mean the completion of a clean sweep of US (and allies) hegemonic ambitions in the Middle East and an excellent chance to get their blood soaked hands on plenty more valuable minerals assets. At least that was the Neocon view before Iran started to build up a nuclear capability.


But don’t think too much about how Russia, China and other allies of Iran might react to such an outcome.


“ No” says Lord Cameron, Foreign Secretary of the British government “We must continue to sell arms to Israel. We must hold firm”.


This, in spite of a global outcry against such an action by large numbers of sentient human beings still retaining real values, including the rapidly waning ability to think.


“Oh Gosh” says UK Finance Minister, Jeremy Hunt “arms sales to Israel bring in billions, we can’t just cut them out, can we. The national economy can’t afford to go any further into debt.”


“But what about the coming general election?” says the Conservative hierarchy. “What if the electorate sides with the Palestinians and rejects our line?”


The Finance Minister doesn’t have to think long “In that case we’ll go with the electorate and ban the arms’ sales. That might improve our chances in the Autumn. We’ll make up the financial loss by raising taxes on food and fuel.


We must keep to our Great Reset and Green New Deal commitment to starve out the farmers, hit industry workers and rid the world of fossil fuels, right?”


The moral of this story is not hard to fathom: There is only one god – the god of power and control. The god of ‘full spectrum dominance’.


Moreover the deception game moves this way and that so as to make it seem like there’s some attempt being made to ‘uphold justice’ and strum the chords of democracy.


So, the architects of control say to themselves, ‘don’t let any humanitarian instincts into the picture. No, this means the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. After all, our centralised satanic control system is the new normal, it’s in our interest that most don’t want to be disturbed by changes to the status quo.’


Some readers may be wondering: what’s around the corner if these devils we know are replaced by devils we don’t know?


Well, actually, the current devils are stirring the same evil pot as their predecessors, so the next ones will no doubt continue the job: get any remaining resisters fully brain fugged, AI’d, microwaved and dispossessed of their assets. Get Nation States out of the way. Create a supranational centralised New World Order that makes any expression of love a criminal offence. Clear out the arts, spirituality and around 90% of the human population.


Have you seen the same writing on the wall?


Maybe you have, as its increasingly hard not to. But the tendency remains to scrub it off the bricks – like Banksy’s startling truths – rather than face reality.


Defending the indefensible drags one down into the same snake pit as that occupied by genocidal murderers. It’s a suicide mission, and there is no light at the end of that particular tunnel.


We know what we ‘the purposeful people’ have to do. It’s repeated it in all my writings.


We should have strongly progressed our commitment to the defence of Life by now.


We should be planning, every day, the actions we need to take to wrest back control of our destinies and join together with other non-zomby purposeful people to this same end.


The bottom-up revolution that will oust the demons-in-human form that are so assiduously vampiring our freedoms, unique powers of thought and even our very souls, is as close at hand as we collectively make it.


Supreme Source gave us all the power we need to Act. By not using this power we let it wither on the vine. This is a crime. A crime that makes one complicit in inviting internal and external colonisation by demons.


We are fighting for the future of what we proclaim to be ‘love of life’. There can be no compromise in our determination to come through as victors in what has become a very literal clash between the forces of life and those of death.


But remember, ‘the darkest hour is just before dawn’.


We each have a key role to play in inspiring tomorrow’s dawn to break over the horizon as a blazing herald of our energetic determination to rid this beautiful planet of power obsessed political parasites.


Those whose blood stained hands hold the profits of war to be more valuable than defence of the immeasurable gift of life. That gift which is the irreplaceable cardinal right of all peoples. Of all humanity.


Nota bene: the political dialogue portrayed in this article are the author’s words, not quotations of those cited.


Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information



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