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Solutocracy – A Way to Govern



Again, I am offering, with additional thoughts, the content of a video I created. I have been speaking of a solutocracy for a long while and many People have asked Me what a solutocracy is. In this article, I hope to clarify.


First, I want address why I call it “demo(n)cracy.” The “demon” part comes from the fact that if enough People want to take what Others own, They can “vote” to do so, and the Ones who are being robbed have no say. It’s two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Rather demonic if You ask Me!


Onwards to what solutocracy is…


Let Us presume We have a society with no rulers. EveryOne is Self-sovereign and may do any Ethical thing They choose. The only “rules” are the three Laws of Ethics (see link below), which cover the things no One would say would be okay to be done to Them.


There is no need for money, as free energy is flowing, robots are doing the necessary things no One wants to do, the Betterment Ethic (see link below) is held widely… And All may live as richly as Each might choose. People are creating things and offering services because They love to create and do what They are doing… Giving the product of Their energy to the Ones who appreciate it, who pay Them in social currency.



They are earning praise, appreciation, lauds, love, thanks, reputation, respect, adoration, attention, bragging rights and other of the social currencies for doing what They love to do. The Ones who do nothing earn no positive currency, but may earn scorn, disrespect, disgust, and other negative currency.


Most have chosen to be connected with a decentralized, open-source web, communicating with Others and sharing awareness of Their products and services. All are able to travel where They wish, when They wish, as both personal and public transport are freely available to All.


Now let Us suppose a problem arises. It does not matter the nature of the problem. Big or small, it is a problem. The One who sees it first goes to the dedicated problem-solving site and reports it. It first shows up on a local level.


It is considered, in this society, that One’s civic duty is to check this site with some frequency – usually daily – to see if any problems have been reported, checking all levels to see if They can offer advice or help. After the problem is reported, Others, encountering the report, see if They can think of a solution, offering it if They can.


They can ask questions and get answers on the post, if They need more information.



If They don’t think it really is a problem, They can thumb it down. If They do think it is a problem, They can thumb it up. If They don’t care, They can move on. If They can help solve the problem, They go to where the problem is.


If the net thumbs-up reaches a certain number, and yet no One has offered a solution, the problem is elevated to a higher level. A regional level. More People can look at the problem, ask questions, make suggestions, and respond if They think They can help. If this level cannot achieve a solution, and the net thumbs-up reach a greater number, the problem moves up to a higher level, reaching more People to work on the problem. And thus it goes to the point that the whole planet is aware and helping to solve for the problem.



If a problem is so big, and the whole planet cannot solve for it… I guess We’d be SOL – but then, if a problem is that big, it would be absurd to think some controlmind (government) would do better.


The problems that such a system can address are limitless.


On the site, there is an emergency section for things that need immediate attention, and People have apps on Their devices (that use healthy frequencies, not the disruptive ones used today) that alert People, who have signed up because They love to help (which many of Us do), when an emergency is reported, allowing Them to respond immediately and directly to help.


Responding to just get in the way earns much negative currency, and might bring Ethical consequences. It is expected that One be close to certain One can help before wading in to solve the issue. And leaders of the moment will emerge within Those who respond.


All problems can be handled in the most efficient and Ethical fashion. No constraints of needing money exist, and only logistics and Ethics need to be considered. Problems can range from someOne choosing unEthical behavior to natural disasters to accidents to breakdown of supply chains…



Rather than passing “laws” (legalates) and enforcing them, as We presently have in place, We are free to do as We choose – as long as We are not creating a problem. There is no pow

er over Others, promoting psychopaths as statist, monarchy, or other top-down controlmind systems do, as also any money system does.

And to be sure… If a problem affects Us, We will be motivated to solve for it – whether it is creating an emotional or physical effect.


In this way We can govern a truly free society. Governance, not government.


“When enough of Us know We can create better, We will!” – *Amaterasu Solar*


As My regular readers know, I ask for no money as payment for My work for Humanity. I ask for payment in shares.

Please, if You feel My work has value, share with ten or more People.

This will be the only way the information is spread.



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