Streaming Universality





“Being is streaming the universe.”


The Source


Everything is energy.  All that is made manifest into this reality first exists as an energetic expression.  Before we are born into this world, we are an energetic waveform relating with the universe as a soul.  An eternal and infinite energy with no beginning or end.  This is our universality.  It empowers the frequency and vitality of our being.  During its transition into physical existence, our soul inherits celestial energy for our intended, human experience.  The universe is in a constant state of transformation.  Its energetic movements on our day of birth source the unique roots of our being.  Who we are being and how we are living in social reality defines our humanity.


Soul Schism


Birth is an extraordinary, yet traumatic experience.  Our devolution from energy into matter is a nine-month period in the paradigm of linear time.  Much of our personal being, creativity, consciousness, expression, experience and understanding is lost in translation.  As children, we naturally express universal energy.  However, our omni dimensionality is diminished during our maturation.  Our social programming controls and influences our development and perception with a multitude of institutional indoctrination.  Eventually, we yield our universality, initiating a schism with our soul, while condemning ourselves to ordinary existence.



Growing Up


From infancy to maturity, we are in a constant flow of physical, mental and emotional transformation, even beneath the gravity of institutionalization.  We inherit the behavioral, genetic, ideological, intellectual and instinctual tendencies of our bloodline predecessors.  Our experience is a blank canvas upon which we may create ourselves in a way that either empowers or enslaves us.  Social conformity is inevitable, whether it is the influence of our amusement, education, philosophy, politics, relatives or religion.  Maturity conditions us to devolve from creation to emulation, shifting our experience from awareness to obedience.


Paradise Lost


As we “mature” within the institutional indoctrination of society, we lose relativity with our personal power long before we may become its expression.  Dependency upon our external environment severs our relatedness with universality.  Within the toxicity of social reality, our bodies decay, our minds encode and our hearts contract, resulting in the distortion, decline and destruction of our intuition.  All the energy the universe emanates from its relativity with our soul ceases to empower us.  The flow of our personal power is dammed by our ego, as the paradise of our universality is lost.



“Universality is the expression of empowerment.”


The Art of Deprogramming


All of us are programmed.  It is simply the individual extent of our conditioning.  Our institutionalization, be it educational, hereditary, political, religious or otherwise, animates our identity and projects it into the simulation of our social environment.  Our programming is imposed and implanted into our minds, then relayed to our senses.  Once we observe the influence of our programming, we can remove it like a virus.  Deprogramming may take as long as our indoctrination.  However, when we differentiate the external influences from our inner being, transforming our conditioning into consciousness is exponential.


The Breath of Being


Energetic and environmental contamination has diminished the quality of the air we breathe.  There is more carbon dioxide in the oxygen we inhale, as there is in our exhale.  This is the root cause of the toxicity in our bodies, thoughts and feelings.  As we weather the daily storms of social reality, it distorts and diminishes our relativity with our intuition and soul.  Our choice is to either draw the instinctual gasp of oblivion, or the conscious breath of the universe.  The first extracts life from us, while the latter expands our experience.  Conscious breath empowers our energetic flow with universality.




The Stream of Silence


Silence is the language of the universe.  Exercising this presence of being is a powerful way to free ourselves from the cacophony of social reality.  When we practice silence, we calm the body, quiet the mind, empower the heart, align with intuition and synergize our soul with the universe.  Being silent inspires us to experience the omni dimensionality of all that exists beyond our senses, thoughts and feelings.  In many social environments, speaking is how we distract ourselves from the fulfillment of being present.  Silence is a transcendental experience which empowers our relativity with our soul.


The Expression of Creativity


Once we begin to deprogram, consciously breathe and observe silence, we have a foundation of being upon which to create.  In my experience, every human being has the potential to express creativity, no matter what medium(s) best express our energetic resonance.  Our universality streams creation through our intuition, empowers our heart, enlightens our mind and inspires our body to express our unique vision.  Creativity is the embodiment of the universe within the paradigm of social reality.  The essential element of its expression is transforming our being, experience and environment.





The Rhythm of Resonance


When we are aligned with universality to create our experience, the equilibrium of our being resonates with the energetic frequency of our soul.  This is our flow with the universe.  We feel, sense and experience this synergy as it empowers us with its eternal expression.  It is omnipresent in our daily lives, even though we are most often oblivious to its energy.  Our purpose is to be a universal expression in our daily experience.  When we are influenced by the artificial currents of social reality, we are disempowered into enslavement.  When we are in flow with our soul, we are empowered with universality.


Streaming Universality


Our innate nature is to be related.  However, relatedness cannot be found in social reality.  First, it must be discovered, experienced and empowered within.  Our relativity with universality is the source of fulfilling all our relations.  The frequency of its energetic flow is present in our every experience.  When we balance the equilibrium between our body, mind and heart to align with our intuition and soul, we are empowered by the universe to experience authentic relativity.  This synthesis synergizes our being with universality.  It is this omni-dimensional energy which empowers our flow and expression with the infinite stream of the universe.

  “Our destiny in the New Era is being universality.”