The Delusional Climate Countdown



(A Holistic Appraisal of Real Climate Change)




I have chosen to write this essay in the form of a question and answer dialogue so as to present clear answers to the falsifications presently dividing our world.


Q. Is the climate changing?


A. Yes


Q. In what way?


A. In many ways. Everything that exists is undergoing a continuous process of change.


Q. Can you explain..


A. This world, its biosphere and the universe within which the drama of life unfolds are fully interrelated and inseparable; all parts contributing to changes of the whole. Therefore to claim that any one factor, for example CO2. Is the causative agent of climate change, cannot be right.


Q. But there is some causative agent at work raising temperatures and provoking climate change, is there not?


A. In spite of global climate institutions like the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) placing a heavily biased emphasis on the burning of hydrocarbons as the chief causative agent behind Global Warming/Climate Change, this is a gross reductionist misinterpretation of the reality. These ‘scientists’ are incapable of providing empirical evidence concerning the nature of this change, or indeed, whether global mean temperatures are actually rising, falling or remaining approximately the same.


Q. So we can’t expect science, as formally taught in academic institutions, to have any answers?


A. Exactly. Nor should we give any credence to irresponsible politicians whose robotic response to any criticism of the CO2 story is “Follow the science.”


Only a basic grasp of quantum physics, with its recurring multi dimensional patterns of cause and effect, could begin to identify the causative agents behind discernible processes of change in the climate. Let alone qualify the existence of supposed ‘man made’ changes.


Q. But surely we can safely say that observable, more extreme climate events are taking place at this time?


A. There do appear to be more extreme events. There can be a number of reasons for these, none of which are down to one specific causal agent. For example, continual thinning of the ozone layer, specific solar activity, a weaker magnetosphere and/or the continual shifting of the magnetic poles. Any one of these, or all three, can play on the changes you mention.


Q. How is it possible that almost 100% of global political policy makers have uncritically accepted the veracity of computer modelling exercises (used by IPCC climatologists) as ‘absolute evidence’ of carbon dioxide being the key factor behind global warming?


A. To answer this requires an awareness of the psychological persuasiveness that operates behind an irrational belief in ‘science having the answer’. There is a great clamour for ‘a fixed remedy’ to any perceived problem, and when this doesn’t emerge, any invention is adopted that achieves consensus amongst like minded individuals and fits the parameters of the politically acceptable position of the day.


In other words, keeping the totalitarian globalist power structure on course at all costs.


Q. Doesn’t this mean that a fabricated story, provided enough opinion formers can be persuaded to adopt it, could become the basis for all actions adopted to ‘stop global warming’?


A. Such a possibility is highly plausible. There is verifiable evidence of such fabrication coming from Bilderberger and Club of Rome meetings going back to 1972 and beyond. Plans centred around ways of keeping power in the hands of elite bankers and industrialists via creating climate scare stories to frighten the public into submitting to the seeming authority of corrupted computer modelling.


Q.Is it wrong to put weather and climate together? Or are they essentially the same?


A. No, they are not the same. Climate is bigger than weather. Climate is directly associated with our solar system. It has cosmic origins. Only secondary is the influence of our planetary activities.


Weather patterns on earth are influenced by geological activities coupled with the crude interventions of man. On the geological front: volcanic eruptions; El Nino ocean current changes and polar shifts, for example.


In the man induced sphere: extensive atmospheric geoengineering (chemtrails); ionospheric heating (HAARP); direct energy weapons; wars; electromagnetic radiation (EMF); concretisation and desertification of the natural environment; chemical farming monocultures and the significant loss of biodiversity this causes.


Q. So are ‘weather change’ and ‘climate change’ being deliberately confused with one another?


A. It is all too clear that the proper distinction is not being made – and this opens the door for mass exploitation of public opinion. Such obfuscation can be traced back more than three decades. Just recall the evolving names being given to this phenomenon: ‘the greenhouse effect’, then ‘global warming’ and now ‘climate change’.


Q. The general public has been forced to believe that acute weather changes have as their causative agent man made climate change/global warming activities. This increasingly looks like intentional obfuscation of the reality.


A. Yes it does. However, we cannot completely compartmentalise climate from weather. All the fundamental energetic forces of the universe, including all planets, stars, meteors and comets are at no point divided from one another. We are talking about ONE ever changing, ever evolving entity, composed of billions of energetic expressions of our Creator’s will (design). This is the big picture.


Q. Can you say more about this big picture?


A. We need to recognise the distinction between ‘macrocosm’ and ‘microcosm’. It is on the microcosmic level that we can discern/experience – up close – differences of emphasis, behaviour patterns and subtle changes to seeming norms. On the macrocosmic level events are too big to witness up close; instead we experience them through our senses, intuitions and long term observations.


So, for example, we can surmise that volcanic activity is caused by movements of the planets tectonic plates. But the movement of the tectonic plates might be caused by magnetic shifts of energy in the cosmos. And the shifts of energy in the cosmos may be caused by imploding black holes or the birthing of new stars.


Existence is a holistic quantum event. Thus one can never say that Weather and Climate are wholly separate from each other. But we can say that they are ‘predominantly’ expressions of local earthly activities (microcosmic), or ‘predominantly expressions of cosmic activities (macrocosmic).


Q. Do those who force ‘Net Zero’ global controls on humanity have any sense of this? Or are they operating in the dark?


Q. If they do have any sense of this it is because those who choose dark and devious strategies in order to get their way, are, on a certain intellectual level, aware of the cosmic order of things and how to manipulate them.


At the active end of forced controls on mankind the perpetrators are psychopathic and psychotic individuals whose creed is essentially tunnel vision, narcissistic and anti-life. These are the people who have chosen to enforce a despotic, repressive and fake ‘stop climate change’ regime on the people of planet earth.


Q. So we cannot look to mainstream ‘science’ as in any way a trustworthy guide to what’s going on if its spokes people take their orders from such unhinged sources…


A. No, definitely not. Only scientists who follow a quantum oriented intuitive and empirical discipline can properly interpret the complexities of not just climate change, but all the key interactions that influence the behaviour of living organisms within the evolutionary movement of the cosmos.


Q. Hmm… that’s a massive new paradigm for humanity to digest..


A. It is. But unless it can be digested – in stages for most of us – we cannot and will not be able to rescue our planet from the blinkered, suicidal agenda it is being forced to adhere to.


Q. Have caring people got some role to play in helping to bring an end to this coldly calculated exploitation?


A. Most certainly. Let’s take a heart led view: it all starts with one key thing ‘love of life’. Provided love of life is stronger than fear, cynicism and despair, the catalytic emotions that drive us are directly in line with evolutionary universal forces. An umbilical cord with our Creator.


From this base – kept properly primed – we gain powers to organise ourselves to fight for the defence of the glorious diversity of this unique gift of life – which includes esisting the deadly dogma of a false science.


A science that has the audacity to claim it is necessary to uproot the basic tenets of our daily lives, submit to the rules of a centralised dictatorship and agree to the blocking-off of CO2, the benign gas that every plant needs in order to make the oxygen that we and the animal kingdom cannot live without. We have to find in ourselves the determination to abort this mass genocide.


Q. So we have to also look to ourselves to find the answers?


A. At the dynamic nucleus point of all our individual lives is the same birthstone that formed the universe of which we are an integral part and expression. One will therefore find that artists, philosophers, traditional farmers and spiritually oriented individuals are far better equipped than institutional scientists, politicians and ‘expert’ decision makers to lead the planet through this crisis.


Wisdom, truth and justice are the manifestations of a deepening understanding that ‘love of life’ is a condition we are blessed to have been gifted by the omnipotent originator of this great firmament. Being so blessed, it is our responsibility to take the helm and set our compass according to the beacon lit by that most profound calling of our souls.


All ‘authority figures’ who choose not to be guided by the source point of their own lives, but by hostile posers and deceivers, must be recognised and treated as the criminals they are. Those forcing

the WEF Green Deal ‘Net Zero’, ‘Stop Climate Change’ chimera on mankind, belong to this group.


Our job is to boldly move ahead carrying with us the ever growing recognition that we are the standard bearers of a dynamic process of transformative change. A total metamorphosis of deliberately inflicted darkness into its exact counterpart – a great flowering of the creative genius and passion of an awaking humanity.


Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, broadcaster and international activist.

He is author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ ‘In Defence of Life’ and ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’. For more information see his website


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