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The Emperor Has No Clothes:


”Finding the Courage to Break the Spell”



By Julius Ruechel



We are fighting a psychological battle, not an intellectual one. Data will help those who start to ask questions, but first there needs to be a seed of doubt. Data will not plant that seed of doubt. Data does not have the power to break the spell.


A frightened mind seeks certainty because certainty feels safe, which is why a frightened mind rejects anything that undermines feeling certain. Facts do not matter to their feelings. People only begin to seek out data after the spell begins to break. Something else must first plant that initial seed of doubt.


Uncertainty is uncomfortable so if it cannot be pushed aside, then and only then will the mind enlist rational thought processes to work through the dilemma to regain a sense of certainty. That is the psychological game we need to play. We need to create the sense of uncertainty that forces our frightened peers to enlist their rational minds. Once doubt sets in, the data will take them the rest of the way.


How do you seed doubt without data?

This first step is fought with symbolism, with herd psychology, and with the courage to bear the cost of speaking out when others will not. Navigating this first step is the focus of this essay because that is where we are falling short.


To plant a seed of doubt, to help people take that first step, it is not what you say that matters so much as being seen to say it, out loud, in public, in a way that allows you to be identified and counted, and being willing to face the music when the world can see what you really think. Doubt is created by breaking the illusion of consensus.


Doubt can also be created when someone’s personal experience doesn’t match the propaganda they’ve been fed. The regime is fighting that part of the battle for us. When someone is injured by a vaccine, sees a loved one trapped in isolation in a nursing home, or is at risk of losing their business to lockdowns, doubt in the narrative begins to creep in.


Doubt creates conflicting emotions that can only be resolved by enlisting the rational mind. Doubt leads the mind to seek out data, not the other way around.


A Glimpse of Two Futures


The outcome of this psychological war will determine the world that you, your children, and grandchildren will live in. It is worth reminding ourselves of what is at stake because it is easy to lose sight of the big picture when we are so focused on debunking government lies and fighting vaccine passports, masks, and social distancing restrictions. The courage to make a difference in this psychological war comes from understanding the long game that is being played.


What is playing out on a grand scale is a global referendum on freedom


The consequences of this referendum will be with us long after the virus fades away. In this referendum, you don’t get to cast your vote at the polls. Your choice to speak out or stay silent in the face of the naked emperor is your vote. Both options come with terrible risks: the consequences of being bulldozed by the regime if you speak out versus the servile future that is waiting for you if you don’t.


There is no option to sit on the sidelines of this referendum. Yet many will opt for perceived safety of the sidelines out of fear of repercussions. That fear is justified and understandable. The penalties are very real in this game. Those are our two choices. Freedom on one side. Servitude on the other.


Speak to the subconscious mind of the frightened


Your disapproval of all that is going on is irrelevant unless you say it out loud and take a stand. Visibility. Saying it on social media from behind an anonymous avatar achieves nothing. Letters, petitions, and press releases made by associations do not speak to the subconscious minds of our frightened peers. They will not look at them. These avenues are all in the same realm as data. They will be dismissed until after the spell begins to break. Continued at




Freedom depends entirely on government losing support of the crowd


When standing in line at a retailer, service facility, bus/train stop, how about initiating friendly conversation? Ask questions to assess their knowledge base.


Ask if they attend local council meetings to know what’s being planned? Are they aware of 15 minute cities? How freedom will be restricted?


FYI https://www.technocracy.news/15-minute-cities-are-technates-in-disguise/


FYI 15 Minute/Smart Cities

Have they heard of the World Economic Forum whose motto states by 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy?


Are they aware of what’s being taught in schools like SOGI [sexual orientation and gender identity] and what that entails?


How do they feel about mask mandates and the possibility of their return?


In North America: Ask if they know about the coast to coast million march Sept 20.23, which I will post in its own Blog. Perhaps offer the website https://1millionmarch4children.com/where/


If you know someone speaking to local council or nearby council, please attend and invite others to ‘fill’ the room. Visibility is vital. TY!







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