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an explanation by Lorenzo

consciousness, community, communication, currency


How to create better consciousness, community, communication and currency? The easy answer is just to not do what all we’ve been doing up til now. However the baby and the bathwater analogy comes to mind as there have been fabulously useful technologies developed by human genius over the years.

We need consciousness to be, to enjoy, to appreciate, to be alive. We need community because we are stronger together and generally like being with each other, and can always use someone to ‘watch our backs’. Simply put we can go further together more solidly than alone.

Communication is obvious in its necessity. Without clear communication, both with ourselves and others, we lose the functionality of the first two consciousness and community.

It is essential to communicate with ourselves to grow, and to communicate with one another so that we know how to best interact and well just about everything else. Without a language we are lost. Even the birds and the bees flourish because of it.

Currency is how all this comes together. In a sense it is very much the flow itself, the mechanism through which we share.  A sea upon which we sail. This is why its monopoly by pirates has lead humanity in directions not best suited for its own evolution. 

So, the four ‘C’s: consciousness, community, communication, currency.

Here I relate it to Seeing, the four ‘Sees’, as in what can be seen through the lense of the asking, and the point of their perspective.

So what is ‘Seeing’, as opposed to just seeing?

Well, the answer has very much to do with what has lead humanity astray until now.

Seeing goes beyond the looking. It is ‘grokking’.  Opening up to comprehend the entirety of what being Seen.  The question with the answers included within them. 

As we’ve so often witnessed, better solutions become possible somewhere down the road as we grow in consciousness. After all, saying we know everything and have all the answers won’t allow for growing in awareness and finding better solutions to any problems we may be facing, or have been facing in the past.  Sometimes the best solutions and technologies were in the past and are simply forgotten or put aside as they are no longer what those ‘leading’ society decide profit them (like discipline, love, free limitless energy, mastery, craftsmanship, anything made to last, actual human abilities and conceptions and inventions of all kinds).


With all of the above in mind, allow me then to ‘kick of this forum’ by sharing a little story about how, after a very long struggle, I came to be here, with all of you, and how we came to ‘see’ the very titles of these forums as appropriate as we see them, The Four ‘Sees’.

I read once, in a Carlos Castaneda book, that seeing is perceiving beyond the eyes; becoming perceptually aware of  energy as it flows everywhere.  Seeing is feeling life with your entire body, your entire being.  It begins conceptually, but once the way is made clear the rest (i.e. The Truth that it and us are all energy) becomes possible to perceive.

The story you’ve made up til now about yourself and the descriptions we’ve all been conditioned to use to see the world around us is what must be also perceived as such to begin to become free of them.  Free to really See.

‘’I see. I saw. I saw. I say. And now I go the other Way.’’

The above words represent the fading memories of an old poem I wrote many years and mistakes ago. I have grown up differently since then, and yet, I also still feel like that lost child peering longingly into a unreal reality that beckons and sickens in equal amounts.

Now, as the night crow caws, I recall never fitting in yet always yearning to, as I tried to squeeze into a person, a personality, a role, that never felt right for me. As if wearing a cheap polyester clown suit , always itchy and embarrassing, perpetually leaving me the powerful urge to ‘strip naked’ and run away from the circus of folly.

To where, to what, were always the questions beating on my life.

I didn’t know then, but I ‘see’ now, it was myself, my heart, my honest path where my chosen destiny lays, that was calling out for me.

‘They’ said it would be good if I just listened, if I obeyed, if I played by their rules. If I did just as I was told. I tried but ‘they’ lied and so my young adulthood suffered for the errors of my choices, which I believe was the whole point of them in this trauma based system we delightfully call ‘society’. 

Of course, I always knew in my heart there was a better way. Actually, I see now, there is nothing but better ways to be than what has been offered to us by those that came before, those in ‘power’ who pretend to have our best interests in mind, when it’s obviously something more nefarious they’ve put in there. 


Here, in our new forum, our four ‘sees’, we intend to offer a place for community to grow, continuing on the idea of an Agora if you will, a place where we can make a New Now, where folks who share our intent, one of intelligent purpose, can pitch in with their perspectives, art, ideas and more, all related to our main question of ‘how do we create better consciousness, community, communication and currency’?

Let’s see, together, how we can explore and establish new systems of energy, intelligently designed to work for us, created by us, as a  balanced part of the whole for the benefit of all equally. No hierarchies required or desired, certainly not anything even remotely related to slavery, but with a loving and non-negotiable understanding: that we are all in this together and so, what benefits one, benefits us all, with the opposite also being true.

For this endeavour we are heartily requesting participation of all encouraging kinds. Please comment and share, imagine, send in, send out, write, sing, draw, illustrate and above all create with us and for us all with these four questions of ‘seeing’ as the place we intend to begin.

As such, then, this is the inspiration for the title of our forums: The Four Sees.

Let’s join together then, here in this forum, in practical ways that can be shared, starting with comments, growing into conversations, flowering into contributions of ideas, dreams, projects, works of all kind, Art, and other expressions of a people who intend to make their freedom theirs, to live a wonderful life, together.

There are already many helping and working with us, some seen, some unseen and as yet mysterious.  It is our life’s work: to see a Beautiful World Become A Reality.

Our Intent is aligned with Life itself, growing, loving and free.


Join in the creation and send to:  We are waiting for you!



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