The Purposeful Path

with QuietBear and Lorenzo



Definition of purposeful

1 : having a purpose: such as

a : meaningful purposeful activities

b : intentional purposeful ambiguity

2 : full of determination was soft-spoken but purposeful


Walking a Purposeful Path!

Makes sense if you honestly wish to know where you’re going and more importantly how you will get there. No ‘at the mercy’ of the winds, but as a hero walks, with one aware step in front of the other. Allowing no ‘lesser opinions’ to block the journey your heart knows is the correct one for you.


I got there by being ‘awake’ to my full potential and also fully aware to whatever inner weaknesses I had developed from a lifetime of bad habits. Be they energetic, emotional, physical or simply a worrying lack of healthy goals and desires, there was much power I was keeping myself away from.


It has been a huge struggle to regain the confidence to trust my inner voice. The loving one that has never lead me wrong, but put me directly onto my heart’s path.


My purpose to reclaim, from the monsters of fear, My Happy Destiny.


Join QuietBear and Myself today as we chat on his Journey to a Purposeful Path.



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WORD OF HONOR By  Marcela Cruz-Gibbons

In this world that tries me to the core
I dig my heels in deep and take a stand
And marshal strength at my command
That I may win this silent war.

This strange enactment that is life,
Reality projected by our own desires
Was meant to burn with passion’s fire
And earn awareness born of honest strife.

Instead, forgetting, we trade daily clarity
For answers that feel deadly wrong
And fail to challenge them their siren’s song,
Betraying strength with mediocrity, ignoring their polarity.

I must ensure my inner voice is heard
And always live what I believe
Or know that in my soul I deeply grieve.
There is no Meaning if I am not my Word.



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