Time is Money / Eternity is Abundance


By Kit Walker


I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to stop conflating money with abundance. I see so many books, workshops, articles out there about how to attract more abundance in your life, and the assumption is always there, that this means attracting more money. I guess the idea is, that if you have more money, then you will be able to do whatever you want, and then you’ll be happy.


Every time I see something like this, it strikes me how shortsighted this approach is.


We have the old saying, “time is money”, that has become a whole way of life. I guess the idea is that when you have more money, you’ll have more time. But that doesn’t really make sense. What this saying, “time is money”, really tells me, is that money is limitation, and that whenever you deal with money, you’ll be dealing with limitation. Because time is limitation. In astrology, time, and limitation are ruled by Saturn, which is just the polite way of saying Satan. Saturn is ego, limitation, and time. The Opponent. Eventually, for everyone and everything, time runs out.


It can be very interesting and revealing to watch your energy very closely as you deal with money issues in your life. This may be more obvious to people who have very little money, than to those who have plenty, but i’d like to suggest that a very similar process happens for both, and that is one of limitation.


For those with less, it may manifest more in a fearful way, worrying about survival. Whereas for those with more money, the fear may manifest more in a way of distancing ourselves from others, insulating ourselves especially from those who don’t have, and shutting down our capacity to feel. Otherwise how can a billionaire just hold on to all of that money, seeing that there are SO many beings everywhere going without even their most basic needs ?

For myself, i notice a subtle kind of contraction that comes over me, every time i have to deal with money in some way, whether it is the process of obtaining it, or the process of spending it, because there is scarcity built into the money. The money system as it is set up now, is one of scarcity. There’s simply not enough for everyone in the current system, in which the banks print money with impunity, and then loan it and charge interest on it to boot. Because there is not enough money borrowed into existence to pay the interest owed, someone comes up short, always. And so we are pitted against each other, each one struggling, trying not to be the one who comes up short. Meanwhile, those who created it with a keystroke, didn’t lift a finger to make what it will take years of work to pay back. That is just not fair. The money game is rigged.


And in order to win at that game, we end up being willing to do whatever it takes to get the money, without any consideration of the wider effects what we are doing will have on the world around us and the community at large. Apparently, is no problem for us to profit from the misfortune of others and the destruction of the planet, as long as we don’t see the connection directly. We put on the suit and tie, have fancy corporate logos, big desks, and all the suffering magically goes away. Our mutual fund invests our money in Coca Cola, but it’s all part of a big investment fund, and we don’t really know or care about all the people being poisoned as long as our “investment” grows.


At this point it really seems that those who attract the most money are, for the most part, getting that money by profiting off the misfortunes of others, whether directly, or indirectly. I feel this is due to the debt based control system of money. Most of us are naturally motivated to share our energy with each other, but what we usually end up doing with money the way it is, is to pass around negative energy, because the debt based money actually is an IOU, a minus.


How many of us do something to get money, that otherwise we would not be doing? I have a feeling it is a very large percentage, from the looks of things. Even if it is something we enjoy doing, we may not particularly feel like doing it just to get money. Something changes in the process when money becomes the purpose. I am really starting to wonder if it slowly but surely eats away at our souls, and our capacity to feel. And even more than that, our capacity to connect to the Source itself.


How different when we do something just for the love of it ! Especially when that something brings real benefit to others. And if that happens to attract money, then we have money that has been purified, by our love. So perhaps some money is more valuable than other money, depending how we got it.


I’d like to speculate that the entire function of money is to pull us out of our center, and to keep our attention fastened into the illusion of the 3 dimensional world. Many are now waking up to the fact that the money system as it is, is nothing but a system of limitation, slavery, and control. Perhaps now it is time to really examine our relationship to money in the light of this. We can really watch how we feel, in “real time”, as we deal with money.


What is true abundance? Where is it? How do we access it?

Abundance is the very essence of Eternity. We have been trained to think of eternity as somewhere else, some place that maybe we will access after we die, after a very very long time. Somehow we think of eternity as a very long amount of time, and far away from here. No, here we are stuck in time, a very limited place, and then after our prescribed amount of time, we will die. Just like our bank account. Limited. Sure, you may have a million dollars, but that’s it. It is not infinite, endless, and always replenished. When you have spent the million, you’re broke. What kind of abundance is that??


(Sure, your million bucks can “earn” interest, but the problem with that is that somewhere down the line, out of your view, someone else goes without, in order for you to receive that interest. And others work their butts off to receive a small fraction of what your money “earns” while you are otherwise amusing yourself. If what’s good for you is not good for everyone, then perhaps it is time to rethink some things.)


What if i tell you that Eternity is here now, always, without beginning or end, and effortlessly available to each and every one of us, without any obstruction of any sort? How does that sound?


In eternity, all is already accomplished. There is no struggle, no obstruction, no strife. Everything is complete. There is no death, no limitation, no suffering, no disease.


This realm is always available to us. We can live in it now, at the very same time as being here in this dimension. Living like this is what will transform this world into the world we would like to see.


Osho said: “I live my life based on 2 principles. One, I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two, I live today as if I am going to live forever.”


So many of us are trying our best to live the first part of this, which is admirable advice in and of itself, but the entire quote is radically brilliant. Because we ARE both infinite and finite. And the infinite knows no scarcity.


The money has been hijacked, and is being used to control us, by some not so friendly forces, the offstage parasitic puppet masters. I wrote about this already in my piece called Free Money, but it is worth exploring further.


To be really free, we have to live as eternal beings. There is no hurry, because time is not an issue. There is no worry because the Source is inexhaustible. No scarcity, no loss.


So what can we do? How can we begin living beyond money? For starters, I’d like to suggest “money fasting”.


Really, to me, money appears like an addiction. Perhaps we should treat it like an addictive substance, which can perhaps be not good for our health. Perhaps we need to free ourselves from the addiction. Like a drug addict, going through withdrawal.

We always just assume if we had a lot of money, things would be so much better. But look at the billionaires and trillionaires of this world ! Some strange and for the most part miserable, if not downright evil characters, if you ask me. Of course there are always exceptions, but this seems to be a trend. And they definitely have no scruples whatsoever about profiting from the misfortunes of others. In fact really, the more the better for them. The suffering of others is food for them.


So with money fasting, we can practice living beyond money, by having regular days, one per week, or more, where we have nothing to do with money whatsoever. No dealing with it, no earning it, no spending it. No thinking about it. And notice the difference in how you feel.


And spend the time doing something you love to do.


Really the reason we want a lot of money is so we will never have to think about it, right? So perhaps we can cut to the chase, and not think about it, as much as possible, even if we only have a little. The minute we start thinking about it, or doing things with money as the goal, we are gone from the present. And when we are gone from the present we lose our magnetism to attract abundance.


What is it that has REAL value? To me, the true value comes from our capacity to appreciate, which is really about being present and beholding the beauty directly in the moment. That word, “appreciate”, has been hijacked by the financial industry to mean that whatever you own increases in value. “Interest” is another word that has been stolen. Your interest is your attention, which is sourced in your eternal substance.


We can also simplify life a lot, reducing all expenses, not as in self deprivation, but as in lightening the load. We really don’t need so much to be happy. Even a dog can demonstrate that. A very simplified life is a release from many burdens. We can create more space in our lives for the inner process. More silence. More nature. More creativity. More naps. Less clocks. Less machines. Jump off the wheel !




If we do not awaken to our own direct eternal source of light, it will be used, like a battery, to power the false god misery play that is going on now. It’s one way or the other. Be a light unto yourself, or be a battery for the machine. If you choose to ignore, you become a battery by default. Your permission is assumed if you do not consciously withdraw it. That’s the way the world of commerce and law is set up. It is all set up to use your energy.

So when you participate in that game you are being used. You receive some perks, but that is not freedom.


It is time to grow beyond money. The system is so grossly and obviously unfair, that we can see it is time for a change at that level. Until that changes, we are not going to see any real progress. The banking and financial system is controlled by a massive parasite, that has been sucking the blood of humanity, figuratively AND literally, for a long long time.


Don’t get me wrong. Money in itself is not so much the problem, as what the money system has now become. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it is not fair. And it is very easy to see, too, who is responsible for it, at least here in the 3D level of things. Originally it probably was some form of exchange process that simply made things more convenient. But perhaps it is time to outgrow the whole process. it definitely needs a transformation. But first, the parasite that feeds on suffering needs to be removed from the equation.


The most effective thing we can do right now, imho, is to stand aside, free our own energy from it as much as possible, and let it eat itself alive. Because that is what it is about to do. Once it can no longer eat our energy, it will eat itself.


And meanwhile, we can begin doing something we love, for the love of it. Practice putting love before money. If we all begin with this, we will see miraculous changes come about.


i am grateful to whoever created these two wonderful images. Would love to be able to credit you accordingly, so if these are yours, please let me know !