UN-Compliance, Non-Compliance and Responsibility for Self


By Lorenzo



To change, to grow, to fly.  Perhaps the best reasons to not comply. For anything, I can now comfortably tell myself, that gets in the way of my personal growth is something I no longer trust as good for my life.

Seems an obvious bit of wisdom: Never trust anything that seems wrong for you. Wrong to do. Wrong to obey. My living integrity has never led me astray.

This chat is about both Non-Compliance and UN-Compliance. Non-Compliance, I would say, is the easier of the two to understand. Simply don’t follow any rules, mandates, laws, beliefs, suggestions or coercions that feel ‘bad’ to you. Not easy, perhaps, to accomplish, but easy enough to notice.

If it feels like shite and stinks like shite, it’s probably shite. Doesn’t matter what anyone says. “Hey that’s not shite, but sweet fruit!’’. Or, ‘Sure it’s shite, but we have no choice but to swallow it.’’

Best to leave those that spout from their mouth what should be coming out the other end and move towards others who act more like friends. Again, not easy, but it can be done, or undone, as the case may be.

Which brings me to the harder of these two points…UN-Compliance. To drop, stop, what and where you are already complying, in the many ways we all have, if we’re honest, been doing for most, if not all, of our entire lives.

Politeness masquerading as rules.  Punishments dancing with rewards. Fools in charge, perhaps bigger than us, pushing with force or threat of violence actions we would not rather, in our hearts, follow. Fines, taxes, customs, and the such…. are all examples of this, in my opinion.

Give up what you must. Trust in the path you are walking. If others won’t or don’t follow, well, let live and live. It’s a two-way street, this UN-Compliance, in that no one has to listen to you either. Even if you strongly feel their actions ‘are wrong’ somehow. We must each, for ourselves, determine our destinies. Inside and out, upside and down.  Figure it out for yourself, I would say. See how you are still chained to whatever is ‘keeping you down’. Old thoughts, patterns, duty, denial and the such.

Bury them deep in the garden so that flowers may grow in the compost of what no longer serves your higher purpose.

With much love, Lorenzo.


Cambell and I, hope you both enjoy and get something of value from this chat. Non-Compliance and UN-Compliance. Be Responsible for Yourself. No one else can.






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