Walking into the “Big Boys Club”


in Ottawa April 23, 2013



By Candace Hill


“What is Big is small, what is small is BIG”


I have never shared my story publicly of the events that played out while in Ottawa. I had hoped to meet with the Minister of Health, which unfortunately did not transpire instead I met with Conservative MP Terrence Young. I had recently started a new group called, “Canadians for True Health & Social Justice” with a website and a on-line petition on March 1st, 2013, to stop the illegal, unconstitutional Natural Health Products Directorate NHPD foisted on our industry by Health Canada.


I arrived alone with the financial help of a health store owner to Ottawa. The meeting was held in this very fancy room with two young students and Young. He began with the usual buttering up, “Oh Candace I know your very passionate “BUT” and his tone of voice changed, you will never STOP what is going on this is a billion-dollar industry he was referring to the DRUG Cartel.


I sat there calmly listening and then I said something I had no idea I was going to say – “I am Métis and have been using natural herbs and supplements for over 25 years safely helping people with all kinds of ailments. I shared some of what I know I have learned in school, some from my elders and much from my ancestors. These things you cannot learn in school. I said my ancestors used traditional foods and herbs for thousands of years to keep them healthy long before the Europeans came here.


He started to talk and what he said next shocked me but I acted unfazed while he drilled me with, “are you a registered lobbyist”? Which he knew I am not and do not need to be when your there on behalf of the people. He proceeded to then say, “well you cannot lobby just anyone and if you do you will get a fine of $50,000.00 dollar fine and 2 years in jail!”


I said OH REALLY and he repeated it 3 times. Then he ended with and if that was to happen you would never set foot in here again!


At this point I responded with I guess this meeting is over. As I was starting to stand up I said, “well you know I am SO HAPPY!” He asked, rather surprised why? To which I excitedly responded, “I have the backing of many Canadians across the country”. He said OH and I said – I will see you in Question Period. I left walked into the gallery and watched Terrence Young come in and sit behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper and walk out with him. Welcome to the “Big Boys Club” which is all an illusion, but it made me sick. As I sat and watched this whole scenario unfold, I began to pray and ask for the ancestor’s assistance.


Once back home I called the Commissioner of Lobbying a woman and told her my experience, she told me he lied as any Canadian can lobby Ottawa you do not have to be a registered lobbyist.


A year and a half later I learned about the Canadian Human Rights Commission and thought I will file a complaint against this federal employee and learned you only have 12 months to file a complaint. I did speak to people in the federal government who suggested I take this to the privy council which I should have but thought I am going to choose my battles and will keep sharing my story.


Fast forward ten years to 2024 and I began to think to myself why did he threaten and intimidate me? Why was I such a threat?


Miraculously I went online last month only to discover in 2014 the year after I lobbied Ottawa this Terrence Young created a bill called Vanessa’s Bill which stated it only applied to drugs and not natural health products. Then a few years ago the bill changed its name to include NHP’s and then was sneakily inserted into Health Canada bill C-47 which will destroy the natural health industry but shockingly it now includes First Nations Traditional Medicines and healers.


Now it all makes sense and why the likes of lawyer Shawn Buckley of NHHPA tried to stop me from lobbying Ottawa and why I was spiritually attacked not long after I arrived. The powers that be did not want me there.


Another interesting scenario played out while I was in Ottawa. First on the Monday as I sat in Parliament the Conservative government under Harper brought out a bill called Bill S-7 anti-terror bill and was surprisingly passed with support of the Liberals on the Wednesday. Then a few months later it was discovered that 3 billion dollars from this bill went missing! Where did this money go and why did Canadians not try to stop it.


And we wonder why we are in the mess we are in today could it be that we do not Speak Up. and stop these criminals who call themselves politicians the “Big Boys Club” who speak with a “forked tongue”


Are there solutions to stop Health Canada’s Bill C-47 you better believe there is.  Most serendipitously I reconnected with a colleague one of our oldest Canadian health freedom fighters recently and he told me one way to put a juggernaut into this bill.


If we got the support of the natural health industry and a few trusted respected brave people from the industry, I believe we can stop this.


Who is willing to lobbying Health Canada with me?




Written and experienced by Candace Hill a seasoned Metis natural health activist since 1991 who has worked on the local, national and international arena exposing the likes of Health Canada,  FDA and the World Health Organization Codex Alimentarius.