We Came in Strong – What Happened?

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We Came in Strong – What Happened?

By Sherry Swiney
November 12, 2021


Most of us were instantly made weak as we passed through the birth canal into a sterile brightly lit hospital setting, instantly feeling the pain of the umbilical cord being cut.

Today, birthing is changing, albeit slowly.  We have learned, for example, that it is best for both mother and child to leave the umbilical cord in tact until the mother’s placenta passes.  It is best to lay the child on the mother’s chest right after birth for bonding.  These infants have a much better chance of surviving this world.  We have learned many things about the first moments of a child’s life to help them become healthy, happy, smart, and highly capable people.

Newborn Baby Lying on Mother, Black and White


Of course, these realizations are new to the majority of our society.  They don’t fit the pharmaceutical kingdom’s narrative.  These parasites know that if this new trend keeps up, eventually they won’t have any more saps to poison with their expensive concoctions.

But I digress…

Ever since the covid scam began, I’ve spent a lot of time looking into all kinds of aspects of what the end goal was in creating this debacle.  There are many “conspiracy theories” floating around and there are many hard facts confirming that this is a conspiracy floating around too.

I’ve already addressed the cognitive dissonance making it hard to believe some people can be so diabolically evil.  We now know who “they” are.  So let’s get past the disbelief and move on.

If only the adults of today were born and raised more naturally.

Chances are we would not be in the current situation.  We would be free thinkers, unable to be controlled by psychopaths and sociopaths.  We would be curious, inventive, creative and most of all, loving.  We wouldn’t dream of taking something that did not belong to us, i.e., someone’s life, property, health and livelihood.

Instead, we were taught that we must worship people in white coats and other uniforms as all-knowing gods when these folks got the mainstream birth treatment too.  They didn’t know any more about life than we did.

If we had been born more naturally, our bodies would already be healthy.  And so would our minds.  We would have held our strength. This is NOT what authorities want!

Authorities want mind-less obedience, or else they will destroy your life in one way or another.  They think nothing of taking what does not belong to them.  They’ve been working hard for this moment in time when it looks like a victory for them.  It took them decades of waiting – and of course promoting – to get us used to ingesting poisons in the food and water, even though it meant ulcers, bowel problems and lead fillings in our teeth.

At the inception of this plan – let’s start in the 1950s – we were all pretty naïve.  We fell for the advertisements and mind-controlled conditioning that came with it.  We became weaker and weaker.

We became addicted to consumerism and paid little to no attention to what was coming down upon us, which played havoc with self-esteem.

Self-esteem plays an important part of whether or not we succeed in life.

We became addicted to being dependent on others for our livelihood, i.e., employers.  If we were desperate enough, we even threw away our integrity and bowed to authority.  We had become so weak that we saw no other way to survive.

Jeopardizing integrity does not support self-esteem at all.

The mind control program had its hooks into us.

These two filters alone (self-esteem and integrity) influence how you see the world and yourself.  All the other mind control programs branch off of these two main branches.  The other indoctrinations do not stick to the branches of high self-esteem and integrity.  Like any parasite, they only stick to the weakened ones.  Being weakened does not mean you cannot rebuild and rejuvenate if you want to.

If one of the main branches is stronger than the other.  Grow the stronger one.  The weaker one will take care of itself.

The root and trunk of this tree metaphor is you.

If any babies of the 40s through the 60s have overcome the mind control of low self-esteem and low integrity, Bravo!  The way it looks to me is that many of them have been taken over.  They are afraid to do anything to support life on Earth.  So they’ve been sucked in.  Man! That’s a bummer!!!

Every human that is lost is tragic to me.  Whether under hypnosis or wide awake, the choices were theirs.

This makes things more challenging for the rest of us.  But we have a secret weapon: The Power of Our Intention.

Standing in integrity will take guts, fortitude, boldness, bravery, courage, determination, fearlessness, firmness, grit, tenacity, and all other synonyms.  It takes self-esteem to stand in integrity.

Are you up for that?  No matter what?  Or does the idea of not complying scare you so much that you will let the psychopaths starve you, ridicule you, defame you, take your children away, even kill you?

You always have a choice: Freedom or Slavery.  Remember that.


P.S. This article is not about natural birth per se.  Therefore it does not go into the tons of information available that shows us its value for human evolution.  For that, I recommend you do some research on your own.  A good starting place is on my website http://www.keyholejourney.com/topics.html click on the topic “Natural Birth”



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