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Lorenzo’s New NOW Chat with Neil Hague



Deep inside, in the shadows of my mind, lived the monsters that tried to stop love from flowing and growing in my life. They ruled through lies and bathed me in fears. Always attempting, and often succeeding, in altering my days from loving to not. Guiding with guile towards choices that I now know, were never good for me.

In other words, they ‘advised’ me away from freedom but ‘happily’ towards what sounded like ‘sage advice’ but led, always and often in sneaky, or perhaps that’s snaky bits, towards one of slavery.

Every time I was ready to make a new choice for myself, one which would somehow create a more loving moment for me, that voice would bring doubts literally into my mind. Whether soft suggestions or ‘grave’ warnings they would ‘pave’ a path back towards an existence in a mental cage of dark fears.

For as long as I can remember I pondered on ‘these two voices’ inside of me. The happy and loving brave one. And, it’s opposite, the dark and cowardly persistent one of shame, guilt and failure.



Fascinated by the unknown, pretty much since birth, I’ve looked to the skies, the ‘inner earth’ and all places in between, searching for something other worldly to perhaps both explain and balm my pains.

I knew there was more to my time here than met my eyes, but wasn’t sure what that was.

My guts told me alien life was real, but I never could figure out what that really meant.

As a young boy, I would often question that voice, floating out of reach, yet seeming inside of me. Having conversations with it, even aloud at times, to understand why it always recommend such ‘unkind things’.

That voice always seemed afraid of loosing, always hungry, always desirous to remain in the shadows.

Even going so far, during one challenging time or another, to suggest ‘death’ as the best option for me.



Now, many years later, through much meditation, studies and chats like the one I had today with Neil Hauge, I have come to understand that voice as, perhaps, the biggest challenger we all face. An evil monster, that if given ‘free reign’ as our sole advisor, can literally eat the entire of our happiness throughout each of our lives.

Luckily, seems to me, one can learn to discern the difference in tones between that voice and the loving one we all have from my hearts, our higher selves.

Through much effort and many painful mistakes I can now tell the difference in both tone and vibration from one or the other.

On my best days I now laugh at the dark one and it’s silly, unhealthy suggestions. The lazy, sloth-y, mean voice, that still suggests much shadowy nonsense as ‘good ideas’. Telling me, to this very moment, how I cannot and never will be able to live a life of ultimate freedom.

The cruelest jokes of all, in my opinion, are the ones we play on ourselves. Allowing simple ‘mind words’ to take us away from what we all should, by now, know are the best ways to live. With truth, love, abundance and happy joy.

By my own efforts, I’ve pulled myself through the hard times to a fun and humorous life.

That mean voice is now of great value to me. In that, when I hear it’s suggestions, I go in the opposite direction. Taking me away from fears fatal grip towards my own Happy Destiny

I hope you enjoy, and I did, my chat with Neil Hague. Interesting, informative, useful and perhaps even ‘Life-Saving’.

Cheers Lorenzo





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