What’s In Us

A New Song From Jared George of The Great Order





We’re currently witnessing the gyrations of an anti-everything / pro tyranny & ugliness control agenda.
You may be wondering, “what are we going to do?”
Arts and culture is a prime place that the masses were enchanted over the last several decades.
It’s time for new beginnings, real culture creation based on truth and harmony.
The Great Order has thrown a new song and music video into the mix, an anthem for this fateful summer of 2021—
to chant, rally, defy, rekindle…

Song May Be Enjoyed Here in Full:


What’s In Us (Song Lyrics)
by Jared George

They come into your place
and don’t ask for permission
they are graceful in their discontent
you haven’t seen their faces yet.

But they love to sneak surprise,
they’ll blame it on the news, its lies,
we’ll say you can’t trust history yet
they’re all here to aid and abet.

I’m not afraid at all
they’re not gonna take what’s in us.
They think they got us all
you’re not gonna change what’s in us.

Snakes are chasing off their tails
as leeches are increasing sales
it’s hard to tell who loves for real
when everything’s about the deal.

I know that some have open eyes
I cannot hate who fall for lies
but ask yourself now—
who do you follow,
but who do they follow?

We’re not afraid at all
they’re not gonna take what’s in us.
We’re gonna make the call
they don’t know what’s still left in us.
We’re gonna see it all
they’re not gonna break what’s in us.
I gotta laugh that’s all
they can never shape what’s in us.

They come into your space
and look all too familiar
they do not give you reason to share
or better ways which to compare.

There’s only so many
places that you can still be free
they don’t want you to know your head
the microchip’s not ready yet.

I’m not afraid at all…
we’re gonna to make the call…

I might’ve seen it all
they’re not gonna change what’s in us.
They think they got us all
they’re not gonna shape what’s in us.

I gotta laugh that’s all…

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