Leaving the ‘Ship of Fools’.

Oddyssey of Truth – Overboard – Episode 4





What is a ship?  Or ships as a verb?

  1. shipped, ship·ping, ships. v.tr. 1. To place or receive on board a ship: shipped the cargo in the hold. 2. To cause to be transported; send. See Synonyms at send 1. 3. To place (a ship’s mast or rudder, for example) in its working position.


What is a fool?

  1. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding. 2. One who acts unwisely on a given occasion.


We can all be one, a fool that is. Most are on one, a ship, as in being transported somewhere.

To fool or be fooled. To lose awareness of the destination a ship is taking you towards. Why allow others to steer ‘the ship of your life’? In my experience, to give away my power of choice, potential, health, love and the rest, especially my imagination, has left me fooled for far too long. It’s no fun letting myself be at the mercy of those who I now see as fools. Even less ‘lovely’ to have seen how I fooled myself all of those years, and so was that very ‘fool’ I’d been trying to get away from.


Join Cambell and Myself as we chat on how we are all potentially fools on a ‘ship of fools’, until we take full responsibility for the entirely of lives.



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