My ‘Wrong Road’ Home to a New NOW!



Have you ever felt so far away from your life you didn’t know where the ‘on switch’ was?! Funny how things grow in the ‘wrong’ direction to more we try to cover up the painful truths all of us have chosen to experience through this life.

A bad relationship, too many cream puffs, foolish job choices and outrageous balms of intoxicants that harm more than help in the short to long run.

Any alive have fallen prey to dishonest thoughts, tricky moods and above all, unintended results from chasing love down that ‘wrong alley’. Only to find that cat had teeth and your feet have stepped into more than one stinky, sticky pile of promise.

My life has certainly taken some turns for the terrible, and I’ve been like everyone else at times denying the very stains on my tunic…calling them decorations and not what they were…poor maps leading to swamps and not the warm waters of celebration I was hoping for.

Two videos here, me in both, life as it was on my horrible, yet wonderful, path to today and how those ‘wrong paths’ can bring the gold of loving freedom your way too…and all we need do is admit to the fools, having been fooled, we were. As for me, I need to be careful all of my times to assure I don’t fall for that easy road paved with ‘fool’s gold’.


Enjoy, I know I did, even through the almost unendurable pain, shame, detox and delusions. Cheers Lorenzo






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