Out of Matrix, Out of Mind and Out of Time

By Lorenzo


Main Image – ‘Genesis’ by Mear One



It’s the trick of the ages that fools most of us all of the time. In that, we don’t live in our minds or in our time, but can exist outside of all the thoughts that float through our daze.

They deceive and misdirect us, taking the best of our intentions and twist them towards the what ‘eats’ our emotions using our illusionary best interests against us, to make up the bars of that cage.

Or, as it has become commonly called, ‘The Matrix’.

This could be why so many of us have a yearning to escape from the clutches of what we can instinctually feel is holding us both in and down.

Personally, I have a deep distrust for anything that becomes popular through the media and entertainment fields.

In this case I mean the huge popularity of the ‘Matrix Movies’. My understanding is that they point to a ‘control system’ outside of ourselves. Seems to me, though, they are pointing in the wrong direction.  Wrong, in that, I’ve found the trap to be mainly inside and not only outside of ourselves.

I feel this matrix exists only in our minds, then is given form by our co-opted creative energies.  In that, we’ve trapped ourselves, through our thoughts and beliefs that we say are, then make real.

For myself belief is everything we say is true and thus possible for life. In this way we make our reality, in this way we tell ourselves what can and cannot be experienced in our day to day lives.  In other words, what our real potential may be.

I know now, once I accepted full responsibility for everything in my life, that at the same time I also accepted the ‘power’ to change what I wished to change. To move myself, out of hell, and towards the heavenly existence most of us yearn for, but few know not how to reach.

It is power I claim to create myself in any way, and all the ways, I feel are best for me.

In my estimation, then, it is this inside battle for my inside environment where my battle with the matrix begins and ends, as the perceived ‘outside’ most often comes to reflect my inner world  .

Certainly along the way we may need to change much of our outside to have a better life. From our Jobs, relationships and eating habits to our desires for those ‘sweet’ day to day living conditions and such. And yet, without a concurrent change in how we perceive ourselves, through the eye’s/I’s of our unique imaginations, the clothes may change, but the person inside will not, and so nothing real can change for the better.

In a nutshell: lasting change only comes, I have discovered for myself, when I change myself first.

Take back your thoughts. Make sure they originate from you. Dismiss those that do not. Realize, perhaps, that life can be more than you think it is.

Make the time, to see time differently. Allow the new to come to you. Instead of ‘thinking’ about what’s next, see life as it happens and arrange who and how you wish to be accordingly.

Drop what hurts and encourage your best. Always taking full responsibility for everything in your life.

Maybe, this way you can find yourself outside ‘The Matrix’. A life outside of limiting thoughts, beliefs, rules and fools.

Like ‘bad gas’, let it pass, and feel better for the process. Sure it may hurt and stink a bit, but boy, don’t we feel better once it’s gone.

Cheers Lorenzo



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