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Uranus in Taurus:

Nobody expects a Quantum Financial System






Quantum Consciousness and the Overunity Economy


There is a famous Monty Python skit called “Nobody expects a Spanish Inquisition” in which three of those mad characters, dressed in red Catholic robes, burst into a room of unsuspecting people, and shout “nobody expects a Spanish Inquisition!!” and then all manner of absurdity happens after that. For some reason, that phrase keeps running through my head, but i need to fix it.


Instead, I’d say, especially by now, that EVERYBODY expects a Spanish Inquisition. What nobody expects, actually, is a Quantum Financial System.


Let me interpret that a bit.


What has become more and more pronounced these days, is the sense that there’s no hope for any kind of positive future. Humanity has been subjected to all kinds of abuse, from subtle to unbearable, since way before any of us was born. The ‘Spanish Inquisition’ is still ongoing, (although at this point its days are numbered,) and the basic purpose of it is to squash and kill all sense of individual empowerment and connection to Divine Source Consciousness that is the birthright of every human on earth.


Those who love Truth and align in resonance with the True Transcendental and Fully Immanent Divine are constantly harassed and attacked, and the closer one gets to fully embodying the Primal Radiance, the stronger and subtler the attacks and tests get. We get the most flak when we are over the target. Nowadays on Planet Earth, and ’twas ever thus, as Oscar Wilde said, “no good deed goes unpunished”.


So we have come to expect the ‘Spanish Inquisition’, because it just keeps happening, over and over. The ‘catastrophe du jour’, and the endless engineered obstacle course has just become the norm, because well, ‘life is suffering’, and we ‘sinners’ deserve it. Like the Stockholm Syndrome, humans cling to their abusers, convinced that there is no other choice. In fact, so much of the Spanish Inquisition was against the Cathars and Gnostics, who practiced direct connection to the Divine, without the church as intermediary. These people were, and are, the lineage of the Christ, and the Catholic Church has done its best to repress the true Christ impulse over the centuries.


However, as we navigate the Apocalypse (the Unveiling), and more and more of us begin to wake up to the insight that nothing is as it seems, and nothing is as we have been told it is, we begin to see through it all to the good news that is hidden behind all the foreground distortion of terror, lies, manufactured suffering, and the like. We begin to see that there is a new bright future emerging from the smoke of the final battle.



Have you heard about the Quantum Financial System? probably not. Or, if you have, you have probably brushed it off as a pipe dream, or else a total surveillance state. And what about NESARA/GESARA? Another pipe dream, right? Well, actually, maybe not. Have you investigated the topic thoroughly before coming to a decision about it? Probably not, that’s my guess.


Great Reset vs GESARA


But you’ve probably heard of “The Great Reset”, right? Where ‘you will own nothing and be happy’? That is the cheap imitation Luciferian (false light) version of GESARA. (notice how all the letters of GESARA are in GREAT RESET.) The dark parasitic power ‘elite’ stole the idea in order to cut the real thing off at the pass, and derail it into yet another energy siphoning scheme, which is really the only thing they know how to do. They are a one-trick pony. They always create false light versions of the truth to distract us from our own Divinity within. And they always name their fake version something that you would think was good, if you are accustomed to not looking deeper than the surface of things. This is one of the functions of Saturn (Satan), to test you, to try and trick you into handing over your power to outer authority. And this is not their first attempt at stopping GESARA, by any means.


It is important to note, that the ‘Great Reset’ has many inverted versions of the GESARA tenets.


1.The CBDC, for example. There is a negative, and a positive version of the CBDCs. The negative version is total control of you by the banks through the money system. The positive version of the CBDC is actually the central bank killer, as it will lead people to see that with QFS, they no longer need to use banks AT ALL. You will be your own bank. And once one knows what to look for, it is very easy to tell the negative and positive versions apart.


2. Digital ID is another one where you will have a negative (the Great Reset) version, and a positive version. In the positive GESARA version, the Quantum System, YOU ALONE will control all your data. My understanding is that it will be on your private unhackable always-on Quantum account, accessible directly through your Q phone, and will never need to be renewed. The whole issue of passports and visas will be automated and greatly simplified, and easily accessible by anyone on Earth. You will only have to confirm your identity ONCE, and it will apply to all other places where it is needed. At this point it is looking like there will be some kind of identification technology that will use your ‘biometrics’, to prove you are you, like scanning the iris in your eye, or the patterns on your palm, totally non-invasive, with no chip implants involved, and virtually impossible to falsify.


3. UBI (Universal Basic Income): the controllers’ version gives you a basic income with all kinds of strings attached, including your social credit score, which can limit you in so many different ways. The QFS version of UBI has no strings attached. it is not a government handout designed to imprison you further. It is actually your money that is being returned to you, from your Strawman account, the bond made at your birth that has been being traded on the market your entire life, and is worth millions at least. If you don’t know about this, you have some homework to do.



Note: we will probably see an attempt to roll out the fake versions first. So watch carefully. If your sovereignty and freedom is threatened in any way, if there are any compromising strings attached, just say no. just my 2 cents.


No, GESARA is the real thing, where the living human race reclaims their power and creates universal abundance and true freedom. That’s why you will not hear about it on TV. Even when it actually does come about, it may very well not be called ‘GESARA’. More important to watch, and see if the tenets of GESARA are being enacted or not. And the signs are everywhere in plain sight, as soon as you know what to look for.


Uranus in Taurus


Uranus is in Taurus right now. It is at the time of this writing has recently passed the halfway point of Taurus, 15 degrees Taurus, which is a critical transformational point in the zodiac. It is a 45 degree angle to the ‘world axis’, which is the beginning of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The 45 degree angle to the world axis falls in the middle of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The middle of Taurus/Scorpio is a transformation death/rebirth moment, where the seed planted in the spring actually sprouts and begins to grow. This point is called the Bull’s Gate (Taurus is the bull).



Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, and will leave in 2026, as it generally takes around 7 years per sign.



The difference between the first half of Taurus and the last half is something like: 1st half: the accumulation of resources and wealth, 2d half: the distribution of resources and wealth. At the midpoint of Taurus, suddenly Scorpio, the opposite side comes into play, which, at best, is the sharing of resources, and the regeneration of wealth. The more wealth is shared, the more it grows, because every time it passes through someone’s hands it generates more value.


So as Uranus passes into the second half of Taurus we will see more and more of this type of economy, the over-unity economy, the regenerative power that true wealth has. In a word: GENEROSITY. This is SO unfamiliar to us, that we may miss it, if we are expecting to see an economy that resembles the one we have been operating in our whole lives.


Decentralization and the Liberation of Money


When i first heard about cryptocurrencies, it was around the time of Uranus entering Taurus in 2018. I immediately ‘connected the dots’ there, because as Uranus has to do with technology, innovation and freedom, and Taurus has to do with money and resources, i could see that this was going to be an important 7 years, in which the future (Uranus) of money (Taurus) would become clear.


In my article called Free Money, which i wrote in 2014, long before before Uranus entered Taurus, i called for the liberation of money. What i didn’t see at the time, was that Uranus in Taurus is about exactly that: the liberation of money.


Although cryptocurrency was just in its infancy, and had obvious problems, i had the intuitive feeling that the future of money (and everything else) lay in that direction, for several reasons, but mainly because of decentralization. For many years it’s been obvious to me that money (Taurus) itself needs to be liberated (Uranus), and i have written several articles about that. The central bank idea is on the way out. The centralized banking cartel is to the economy as the contracted ego-knot is to our energy field. Completely useless. Just an energy-draining obstruction.


However, the problem with most of the mainstream cryptocurrencies is that they are still FIAT, i.e. backed by nothing. Bitcoin is backed by nothing! Ethereum as well, is backed by nothing. With Uranus in Taurus, the technology (Uranus) has to be backed by tangible real world assets, like gold, silver, other precious metals and commodities of all sorts (Taurus).


the Biggest Ponzi Scheme of All


Many of us recognize at this point that the fiat money system we have been dealing with for most (if not all) of our lives is completely fraudulent, really just a massive pyramid-cult-ponzi-scheme based on thin air, and just being propped up by all kinds of absurd measures and sleight of hand, not the least of which is just ‘printing’ obscene amounts of money backed by nothing of value. And when we look into the lives of those who control that system, we begin to see that they are in service to no one but themselves, and as Michael Jackson said, they don’t really care about us.



And, have you noticed? In that system, your money is not yours. A glaring example: there were stories of the bank accounts being blocked of those in Canada who protested with the truckers against the globalist takeover.



So whose money is it, then? We are only ever loaned it. All the money has been borrowed into existence, and is therefore owed. With interest. It is packed with debt, not credit, true credit. The way i see it, it is a minus, not a plus. And, how interesting, how close the words ‘owe’ and ‘own’ are..! (Scorpio/Taurus) We pay a price for ownership in that world, and i wonder if that price is actually our soul.


We see the results that that kind of money system causes in the world, and it is not pretty. It benefits the few at the top, who become more and more arrogant, callous, and grotesque with every day that passes, and all the rest of us struggle, with those at the bottom living in inexcusable poverty, subject to the cruelest circumstances imaginable.


this video gives some insight into how subhuman and out of coherence things have gotten, and clearly shows that those with nothing at all are usually far more in sync with their humanity than those who are well off.

Peru’s ten-foot high controversial ‘Wall of Shame’ topped with razor wire which divides the rich and poor to stop the less well-off stealing from the wealthy

In the camp of those who recognize the problem with the money system, that it is a system of scarcity and slavery, there are basically two ‘solutions’ being offered. One, to go back to gold and hard assets, particularly precious metals, and to actually hold these metals physically, in your home (if you are lucky enough to have one), and two, cryptocurrencies, which are supposed to be decentralized and untraceable, thereby ostensibly freeing one from the control system of the central bankers.


Qubits: Infinite Possibilities


When we look into quantum computing and how it works, even just a little, we immediately see the difference between a quantum computer and a binary computer.
The binary computer has only two options: 1 and 0. The Quantum computer has qubits instead of bits, which incorporate all the nuanced gradations between 1 and 0, and somehow includes the superposition of all of them simultaneously as well. So the space between 1 and 0 is a very interesting place. It is everything that happens to the right of the decimal point, which is a kind of infinite curve that is always approaching zero, but never quite reaching it. It is an infinite gap, a quantum leap between the visible and the invisible, the infinite and the infinitesimal, between the actual (1) and the potential (0). And we are like a spark in this infinite curve, oscillating between 0 and 1, spirit and matter, wave and particle.


To me, quantum computing is a 5D phenomenon. The ‘superposition’ of the 1 and 0 leads to the realm of infinite possibility, whereas the 3D linear thinking of binary consciousness, leads to a repetitive time loop, a limited and mechanical oscillation between just two opposite extremes with no resolution. Only two options! Talk about scarcity !

A Quantum Computer

Quantum Consciousness


One of the telltale signs of the binary thinking of 3D consciousness is the black and white mentality. A great example is the two party political system, where if you say you aren’t for the guy on the left, then those stuck in binary consciousness just snap to the other side with the assumption that you must be for the guy on the right, and vice versa.



When quantum consciousness is applied, one can immediately see that there is a whole range of options in between those two that are possible, and that those options are always changing. For example, you may not like the guy on the left, but not like the guy on the right either. Or, you may like some things about the guy on the left, and some things about the guy on the right. Or you might like a third guy (or gal). Or, you may have already seen through the sham of politics, and decide to refuse to play the game.


In other words, the capacity for nuanced thought.


The possibilities go on and on. Everyone has access to Infinity. And everyone has a completely unique perspective, especially when they wake up to quantum consciousness, and snap out of the dualistic hypnosis. Each one projects their own hologram of experience. But just like with the hypnotist’s swinging pendulum, those who are fast asleep just oscillate from right to left, stuck in a trance, while projecting an antagonistic nightmare.



Here is a crude representation of how the mind projects a ‘reality’. In this illustration below, you can imagine the two slits as your eyes. You can see the pattern created by the constructive interference or superposition, of the waves that pass through the slits, which gives rise to the patterns of superposition. This is how the patterning of ‘the world’ arises in our vision. We can think of the first section as the causal layer of reality, the second section as the subtle layer, and the third section as the gross, or visibly manifest layer, in which the superposition gives rise to the particulate patterning that we see as visible ‘objects’.


Beyond Financial Naivety


We can also observe a lack of nuanced thinking when people talk about money in general. Have you noticed? Everyone talks about things like ‘healing your relationship with money’ and so forth. There are countless workshops and practices people do to attract abundance, where they spend endless amounts of time and energy (and money!) analyzing themselves in relation to money, and trying to fix themselves so they can attract more. There’s this idea, there again, fostered by religion, and ‘authorities’ in general, of the ‘sinner’, who doesn’t deserve to prosper and be abundant. We have to ‘earn’ a ‘living’. We have to pay to exist. WHAT?? No other creature on the face of the earth needs to pay to exist.



So we need to ‘fix’ ourselves, in order to attract money. Where does this insane idea come from? Once again, follow the money. Who controls it? Isn’t it time we each have final say over our money, as a sovereign being? Is there a way to liberate ourselves from financial slavery?


But time and time again, people fail to notice the elephant in the living room, and that is the money itself. When you say the word ‘money’, what exactly do you mean? Way too much attention is placed on getting it, not so much on: ?what is it exactly? There is a naivety about it in that sense, a kind of willful ignorance, that can lead to very dire consequences. So i would ask them to employ higher resolution thinking to explore the nuances involved:


Which money are you referring to? Are you referring to the fiat money parasitic debt-slavery system that we have been struggling with our entire lives? You know, the one where all money is borrowed into existence, as debt, with nothing at all backing it, controlled by occultist criminal central bankers, and used to control you at every turn? Is that the money you are referring to, the money that is covered with secret occult symbolism, that you would like to ‘heal your relationship with”?


Why would you want to do that? That money is the tool of the abusers, to keep you in your place, bound in scarcity and lack. Like with any domestic abuser, the best way to ‘heal’ your relationship with them is to walk out and never look back.

“Annuit Coeptis.” Featuring the Latin words annuo, meaning “to nod” or “to approve”, and coeptum, meaning “commencement” or “undertaking”, it is literally translated, “[providence] favors our undertakings” or “[providence] has favored our undertakings,” putatively signaling a “New World Order.” One wonders to whom the word ‘our’ refers to, but i would bet it is NOT ‘We the People’.

So it is perfectly natural, and perhaps even intelligent, to be ambivalent and cautious about the money we have been using. Maybe we aren’t the problem, after all.



But since there’s been no other option, (like, for example, decentralized currencies that are verifiably backed by gold and other precious metals,) we do not dare (and also just plain cannot) just walk away, because there has been no alternative. It has been the only game in town.


Until now.

The Future of Money : Uranus in Taurus


What is coming is a decentralized financial environment, backed by precious metals, commodities, and all manner of hard ‘real world’ assets, where everyone will have the freedom to choose from many methods, mediums, and modes of transacting with anyone, anywhere, without interference or middlemen, with or without banks, (which have been demoted to servant status) in an unhackable, and virtually instantaneous environment. And, built into the QFS as well, is the ability to detect and eliminate corruption, thanks to the mindblowing capacities of quantum computers.


And it will be open to all, even the ‘unbanked’, in ‘3rd World’ countries, including micro-investing, directly from a phone, anywhere in the world. And there will be plenty of ways to be completely anonymous about participating in it too. Everyone will have the chance to prosper, as they should.



Because, let’s face it, the corruption in this world is over the top. It has spread like a cancer over the face of humanity, and it has been magnified to obscene proportions by the dying 3D paradigm of every-man-for-himself that the fiat debt based money system thrives on. It’s pretty easy to see the dark and twisted destiny of that paradigm. There’s no real future there.



And the corruption i am talking about is not poor people robbing grocery stores, or petty drug dealers, but rather the corporate and government criminals and their minions, the perpetrators of the most horrific crimes against humanity. These ‘people’ need to be removed, their crimes revealed, and the financial system rebooted, before we can begin to build a world that works for everyone who is honest and aware.


drug cartel members arrested in El Salvador


To me it is obvious that we need something radically different (Uranus) to begin to clean up our world and this magnificent planet. We need to take a Quantum Leap.


The Unexpected


Uranus also has to do with the unexpected. So Uranus in Taurus can be: unexpected money. Money suddenly going, or coming. For some the surprise will be money unexpectedly disappearing. For others, money unexpectedly coming. Uranus is also truth, and honesty. A financial system (Taurus) for the honest (Uranus).



Also, a new (Uranus) financial system (Taurus) that no one expects. Uranus rules the unexpected. This is completely different than anything we have known up to now.


Admit it, even you don’t expect a Quantum Financial System, do you! See what i mean ??


So this is one of the main reasons nobody expects a Quantum Financial System. It is simply invisible to those who are not in quantum consciousness. Those stuck in binary partisan politics will miss it entirely. One has to love the truth above all, and be adept at connecting dots, i.e. pattern recognition, (which btw, is the definition of intelligence, and genius, as IQ tests are mostly about pattern recognition) to see what is happening. And one is unable to ‘connect dots’ very well if the midbrain (pineal = Uranus) is not awake and activated. I refer you to several of my previous articles for more clarification on that process. ‘Connecting dots’, i.e. pattern creation and pattern recognition, is one of the main functions of the quantum superposition.

The Real Problem is FIAT & Usury


This ‘new money’, (Uranus in Taurus) is radically different from the fiat system we have been struggling within for many many years. But if one has not thoroughly understood how the old fiat system works (or rather doesn’t work), and what kind of energies are behind it (spoiler alert: they are not your friends) then one will not see how imperative it is to replace it with something that works for everyone, before any true change can be brought about in this world. And sadly, too many people are still all too willing to take everything at face value and leave it at that. They say the word ‘money’ as if they understand what that is. ‘like, whatever…seems ok to me’..



If one has become accustomed to the 3D fiat usury system, and to receiving its rewards for complying with it, one will be reluctant to let it go. Especially if their ‘success’ has come from that system which is almost always doing harm to others and the planet. And, once you inspect most of the ‘successful’ businesses and industries in the 3D paradigm, you will find some kind of harm, either subtle or gross, being caused to beings and the planet from behind the curtain, or even in plain sight. In that system, someone has to lose for you to win. Like for example, how homelessness is inextricably bound to the speculative real estate ‘industry’.


So if your model is cause and effect, rather than spontaneous creation, you will experience some kind of backlash, or karma. It may be mild, it may be excruciating, it depends. But to my way of seeing, the underlying paradigm of debt based money is that there is always a loss, a drainage of energy, a sense of scarcity, it is never enough, and the dangling carrot is always there to pull you further outside of your own creative capacity. In the end, someone always comes up short. It is based on usury, which is parasitic, isn’t it? and controlled by the worst kind of criminals you can imagine. (‘civilized’ criminals, in neckties. You probably voted for many of them.)



One has to pass through all kinds of obstacles to receive the rewards, which waste one’s precious time on Earth, consuming it with all kinds of distractions and hoops to jump through, which are designed to keep your attention focused on the ‘outer’ world, and never on your own intimate connection to the Divine within you, and your unique expression of it. The Divine is the realm of REAL solutions.


FIAT vs. DLT/Blockchain


In order to fully recognize the magnitude of this opportunity, I recommend taking the time to understand blockchain technology, and how it works. And according to my understanding, blockchain is evolving (we are in an age of rapidly accelerating technology), and is now better called DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology. But, really, the basic concept is simple. It is about consensus in a decentralized network. That means a network of computers in a ‘distributed’ network (i.e. in different locations) with no central computer, all with the exact same information. It is a ledger, a balance sheet. And if anything is changed in one computer, it is reflected in all the others instantly. This makes it very difficult to hack.


So, if you have not done sufficient self education on these two basic topics, you will be wandering in the dark:




First: just how criminal and parasitic the old centralized money system is/was.



Here is a good example of the kind of mumbo-jumbo associated with the fiat system, which you have to decipher in order to truly understand the sleight of hand involved there. FRN refers to the Federal Reserve Note, which is the kind of US Dollar we have been using for many years.


(thanks to Kurt Kallenbach for this.)


Since you can’t actually PAY a debt with a FRN, (because it has no real value) as it states here, you have to ‘discharge’ the debt. Which means, IT IS STILL THERE, but no longer considered a legal obligation. note the sentence: “SOMETHING of the original vitality of the debt continues exist.”


Got it? Clear as mud?


Yep, just designed to make your mind short circuit, and then you just say, oh i don’t understand this money stuff, i need an ‘expert’ to tell me what it really means. Well, the ‘experts’ will tell you what they want you to think it means, (even though, in reality, they have no clue) which is that some kind of value interchange has taken place, but to me this reeks of deception. ‘Baffle them with bullshit.’


Basically, we are just passing IOUs (debt) around. Never anything of real value, because FRNs are backed by nothing, as are all FIAT currencies. So it really is a fake and inverted version of what is really supposed to be happening, which is an exchange of energy, a passing of value and substance between us. So whoever put their REAL time and energy into this exchange has given everything and gained nothing in return. In other words, they’ve been robbed. But if they are lucky, they can pass the debt off on someone else, Sort of like a hot potato, but a hot potato burns a hole in your pocket until you get rid of it. How can that foster prosperity and abundance for anyone?


2. DLT/Blockchain


Second: if you don’t know why blockchain/DLT, and decentralization (Uranus) in general, are the wave of the future (Uranus), solving most if not all of the problems of the old top-down pyramid (Saturn) system, it’s because you haven’t understood how they work.


There is plenty of good info out there about it. But you probably heard the words ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’, and thought, ewww that sounds creepy, not for me, and and then didn’t look any further into it.


For the record, they are now called ‘digital assets’, and the only digital currencies that will survive will be the ones backed by precious metals, commodities, and other real world physical assets. But this distinction is understood by way too few of us. Research ISO20022, and Bretton Woods Accords. There are new protocols in place that require ALL digital assets to be backed by gold and other precious metals and commodities. ABDCs are Asset Backed Digital Currencies.


With a closed mind you will never understand how much more reliable and fair DLT/blockchain is than the centralized system controlled by the banking cartel. It is completely anonymous, yet transparent at the same time. If it is a real DLT, no one will be in control of it, it operates on its own. The term ‘trustless’ is often used, because there is no one there that you are required to trust. It is automated. It is virtually unhackable, especially because they are working under the auspices of quantum computers, which the ‘legacy cryptos’ are not. And, if it is a genuine DLT, truly decentralized, there will be no middlemen between you and your money. No one telling you what you can and can’t do with it, no one cutting you off from your funds, and, thanks to GESARA, no one will be extracting taxes and fees.


And by the way, the first generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum use already outdated technology that requires ridiculous amounts of electricity to ‘mine’ them, and their transaction fees and times are over the top. Totally unsustainable. The ISO20022 currencies and their ecosystems use totally minimal amounts of electricity, and have transaction fees that are a fraction of a penny, and transaction times of a few seconds, even for large transactions.

Is QFS for Real? DYOR


I am not interested in trying to prove to anyone that the QFS exists. That is for each one to find out on their own, when they are ready. To me, it’s obvious. Once one knows what to look for, there are signs of it everywhere. There is more and more information about it appearing online, although very few of those who mention it have the full picture. In fact, probably none of us do. But I have done enough research on my own about it, to be optimistic about it. There is a lot of evidence that points to it, but my understanding is that it is still under wraps, so what info that does exist about it is leaked.



Everyone involved in creating the QFS is under strict NDA (non disclosure agreement). One thing is for sure, as of this writing, you will not find anything about it in mainstream news sources. Why? Because it is upsetting the apple cart of the cult of the controllers, who own the ‘mainstream’ media. To me, that’s just more evidence that it is for real. I don’t know about you, but i want to know about what is getting censored by big corporate media. Chances are good it is truth.


And, if you think about it, it makes sense that those who are creating the QFS would want to keep it hidden until it is ready to roll out, (which is VERY close now) because the controller cult will want to do everything they can to destroy it. GESARA has been sabotaged more than once in the past. Much of what was behind the assassination of JFK, and also the 911 attacks had to do with precisely this. The globalist banking cartel knows it is their demise.


To be sure: the QFS is NOT a bank. There will be banks within it, but it will be optional, and unnecessary to use them. This is how i understand it.




So i am not going to list many sources or names here. I am definitely not a financial adviser, not at all interested in selling anything to anyone. But if you download the map linked below, research everything that is on it and form your own conclusions, you will have a good start on it. DYOR. Do your own research! (This free download is high resolution, so you can zoom in to read the small print.)


click here:


Deep State Mapping Project QFS Map



(thanks to Dylan Monroe at Deep State Mapping Project for this map. Check his other maps, excellent overview of just what we are up against.)



Warning: You will find names of people, organizations, and companies that will surprise you. Remember, many of those we thought were bad will turn out to be good, and as well, many we thought were good, will turn out to be bad. Old alliances are falling apart, and new ones are being formed. Many have ‘capitulated’. Many of those who were trapped in the old system were blackmailed and heavily compromised, and some of them are now leaving all that to serve the good. Stay open and flexible. Be ready to be surprised. If you cling to rigid opinions right now, you may very well miss the opportunity of lifetimes. With Uranus in Taurus, we have chaos (Uranus) in the financial (Taurus) world. But remember: ‘out of chaos, stars are born’. You will need your intuition, your central intelligence, your pineal gland/third eye to be fully functional in the New Reality that is upon us.


(one thing is for sure. those who are truly evil, who want to bring harm to humanity and all life, are in the process of destroying themselves. They will expose themselves and go down in flames.)


Also, among those researchers online who are looking into this topic, there are many who disagree with each other. Most, if not all, including me, do not have the whole picture. Many have their own agendas, and many are even fighting with each other. Your intuition needs to be fine-tuned. There are many negative energies that are trying to destroy this whole project, however, this time they will not succeed. Therefore you will have to use your intuition, and decide for yourself. The new financial landscape is a battlefield right now, make no mistake. But it is also a massive opportunity, and in truth, a financial revolution (Uranus in Taurus).


If you want to be reasonably certain about something, there’s no substitute for your own research. And, to be truly effective, your research has to be fueled by your love of the Truth, above all.


“A knowledge of the opinions of others may guide us in our researches as long as we cannot find the truth in ourselves, but such knowledge is as liable to mislead us as to lead us right; the only way to arrive at the recognition and understanding of the truth is the development of the knowledge of self. “
F. Hartmann — Paracelsus: Life and Prophecies


The Quantum Matrix


Along the right side of the QFS GESARA map linked above, you will find the 5 principal ISO2022 compliant digital assets (ISO20022 is a global payments messaging standard that will be required to be part of this new system) and the precious metals that they are to be backed by.


(note: this may already be an outdated understanding. This map is already at least a year old, and much has changed, and been revealed since then. As of this writing the number of ISO20022 currencies has expanded a little, to about 10 now. As the QFS grows, it is evolving as well. As more and more of the actual puzzle pieces are revealed, we may find it way more interesting than this. Like i said, i don’t get the whole picture completely yet, and very few do.)


It is important to understand, however, that each of these ledgers is an entire programming environment, that is, a Blockchain/DLT ‘ecosystem’, and within each of these environments there will be all kinds of different possibilities, including thousands of tokenized assets and precious metals, smart contracts, NFTs, and MUCH more. Within each of these environments, its principal ISO20022 currency will be the medium of exchange. We could think of each programming environment as an operating system, like the Apple OSX, for example, which has thousands of programs for all kinds of applications within it.



One thing i will say about it: watch Stellar XLM very closely. XRP is getting lots of press, and has been taking a lot of hits lately. Everybody is clamoring about XRP these days. Meanwhile Stellar is cooking in the background, in stealth mode. My current understanding is that the Stellar ‘ecosystem’ is the heart of the QFS , and much more as well. Ultimately, everything will be going through Stellar. Things are changing fast, though, so consider this a snapshot of a quickly evolving situation. Stay alert, lots of surprises ahead!


And if you want to learn more about Stellar XLM and its role in the QFS, the only source i can wholeheartedly recommend is Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI). They can be found on Telegram. click here:


And then on top of that, all of these environments will be bridged together, in a very advanced system of interoperability, which will bring together all kinds of new possibilities that will affect EVERY industry that exists on earth, eliminating all kinds of bureaucracy and waste, streamlining effectiveness exponentially, and ushering an advanced new paradigm of abundance and innovation for all, while eliminating all corruption. And, I should add, because these environments are open source, ANYONE can ‘mint’ tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, and the like, as long as they can pass an audit that shows their digital assets are backed by real world assets, which include precious metals, but also many other types and classes of assets. No one will have special advantage.


the Quantum Matrix is the Superposition in QFS


This network of blockchain environments is woven together with these software bridges into what is called the Quantum Matrix. And then, they are integrated with an AI component that is designed to make the end user experience very simple, but also very versatile, so that even people who have very little tech background can create all different types of vehicles with the help of AI, using ‘smart contracts’, and many other applications. This will automate most of the functions of the bureaucratic corporate world, which will eliminate a huge amount of parasitic middlemen jobs. Such as politicians for example! (we will no longer need ‘representatives’, as we will be able to represent ourselves.) Most of the people in bureaucratic positions will be out of a job, but freed up to find out and DO what they really would love to do. This will foster all kinds of innovative new ways to generate and share financial abundance.


And of course, the quantum computer layer will overlap with all the rest, and its function will be more around keeping the entire environment corruption-free, as it will be able to instantly sniff out and track money laundering, fraud, and the like, as well as protecting users from being hacked. This is how i understand it at the moment.


So i am thinking of this network of bridged environments as an excellent example of ‘superposition‘, as the interlacing of these environments will bring up infinite possibilities of ways to design new methods of wealth and cooperation, while eliminating corruption.


Another example is the automation of all kinds of commercial transactions, such as, for example, real estate transactions. In this case it will be possible to buy a house on the spot, make the transfer of money instantly, and sign the contract of sale, all automated, and all the details will be recorded on the blockchain, perhaps in an NFT (non-fungible token) without the ‘help’ of any ‘professional’, in a matter of a few minutes even.


constructive interference IS quantum superposition: the areas of overlap open an abundance of options and possibilities

from Complexity to Simplicity


And, although all this is very complex, for the end user it will be no more complicated than what we already have. Perhaps even, for a while, the 3D end user won’t even notice a difference. He will simply see a few things have changed a bit on the surface. Remember, it will have to be simple enough for the end user, that even those who have never even had a bank account will be able to use it easily.


In fact, in many ways it will be simpler to use. But certainly no more complicated than online banking. And VISA and MASTERCARD will still be in use, and will be connected through various different services around the world, so that even the most tech-challenged will be able to understand and use it for making and receiving payments in everyday use.


here is an example of such a service, which, as you can see, is already up and running:


Try that with Bitcoin or Ethereum! Impossible. Imagine standing in the grocery line trying to pay with Bitcoin, and waiting a half hour for the transaction to clear. Or with Ethereum, where the transaction fee could be more than the purchase itself. Besides being backed by nothing, and run by centralized criminal organizations who use them for money laundering, the ‘legacy’ cryptos will just not pass the ‘every day use’ minimum requirements.


Please consider this a very basic introduction to a HUGE topic. Nonetheless, it is easy to see that this is an unprecedented opportunity for a real Quantum Leap into the future.


Self Banking


Therefore, you will be your own bank. You will have the speed and versatility of the digital world (Uranus) merged with the Earth, precious metals and commodities (‘real world’ value = Taurus), but no one will be telling you what to do with your money, how much you can have or spend. Your money will actually be worth something, and it will belong to you. Imagine that!


At the same time it is totally transparent. What does that mean? Well, the interesting feature of the ‘blockchain’ is that it is ALL public information. Yes, anyone, even you, can see every transaction that exists in that particular distributed ledger environment, but they cannot see WHO was making the transactions. However it will be ‘wired’ for detecting money laundering, so if you aren’t a thief, or a money laundering type, with intent to defraud and do harm to others, you should be fine. This feature makes it virtually impossible for criminal activity and money laundering. When coupled with quantum computers, it will be an environment that the dishonest will not be able to cheat.


a Real Solution to End Organized Crime


In time, one can become adept at reading the blockchain, with a blockchain explorer, which is a bit like a browser, where one can ‘follow the money’ for real, including the money of the big players. You will only see wallet addresses, which is a long string of letters and numbers unique to each wallet, so they are all anonymous. But there are ways to find out to whom the wallet belongs, if necessary. Activity like money laundering will be easily detected. And keep in mind, money laundering is a necessary part of the rampant and colossal ‘industries’ the trafficking of drugs, guns, and yes, even humans. This includes the ‘industry’ of ‘organ harvesting’ as well. Cash may be ‘king’, but cash is what human traffickers and drug cartels use to launder money. And if you think that human trafficking and drug cartels aren’t a very serious and HUGE problem, then you are living in a complete fantasy world.



The QFS will cut off their funds at the root. They will not be able to participate in any way shape or form. Any of this type of activity will be instantly spotted by the Quantum computers, and stopped.


This article (linked below) offers a small glimpse into the situation, but offers no real and effective solution, other than trying to get the government to do something about it. The real problem is, most governments all over the world are up to their ears in it. They have no real interest in stopping it. Big government offers no solution to any of the pressing problems we are faced with. They are just there to distract you, and make you feel like something is being done, while in the back room they are just perpetuating it.


Fortunately, in this respect, the times are changing. Governments will be shrinking substantially, and the dishonest will not be allowed to play.

Digital is not the Problem


The lazy mind will just react knee-jerk, and say oh well, i know all i need to know about cryptocurrency, it’s digital, and digital is bad. With no parsing even of the difference between binary computing of finance, and quantum computing. ‘Digital’ is way too vague.


For example, recently i saw two well known researchers, (Corey Linn and Catherine Austin Fitts), one of whom is a well respected ‘alternative’ financial commentator, who are both advocating returning to cash (without specifying whether that cash is backed by gold or not), and writing checks! Really?? And then what? You send the check through snail mail? I just don’t see how returning to checks is going to solve a single problem. It’s not ‘real’ money, it’s still fiat, not backed by anything, not convenient, versatile, or fast at all. I guess presumably the idea was that checks aren’t ‘digital’, but then you deposit them in the bank, and the money enters the digital world. And unlike cash or gold, storing them at home and never cashing them would be preposterous. So, how many advantages are there to returning to check writing? Zero.


“Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report has been working very hard to navigate this as well (i.e. avoiding the ‘digital’ money), and has been successful in roughly 40% of her subscribers switching over to cash and check. This is exciting! Together, we can all make moves to switch out of their digital system in all areas of our lives. “ – Corey Linn


So the solution is to go backwards ?? I don’t think so.


Look, we already have ‘digital’ money, but it is centralized, and not backed by anything at all. The ‘digital’ part is not really the problem. So for much of your life you have been using the exact thing that you are afraid of happening in the future. It’s already been happening for a long time! Look around, how’s that working out for you, and for everyone? To me, it’s a total fiasco, a travesty, a colossal crime against humanity perpetrated by the parasitic predator banking class, who have no regard for human life. To them, we are ‘the herd’. Their ‘human capital’ head of cattle. Your Strawman name, which is in all CAPITAL letters, says that you have been ‘capitalized’. In Latin. ‘caput’ means head. You are one more head of cattle to them.


The real issue is: who is behind the financial system? Are they honorable, or are they criminals? Because all these technologies in the wrong hands can be weaponized against us. To me, it is obvious that the ‘powers that were’, are having their power snatched away from them, and it is being restored to we the people.


And of course, we will still have cash. But it will also be verifiably backed by precious metals, and traceable by the QFS, to prevent money laundering.



From the I Ching, hexagram 6, Line 6: ‘Conflict’:
“Even if by chance a leather belt is bestowed on one, by the end of a morning it will have been snatched away three times.”
‘Here we have someone who has carried a conflict to the bitter end and has triumphed. He is granted a decoration, but his happiness does not last. He is attacked again and again, and the result is conflict without end.’


The time of these parasites is over.

Quantum Leap in Consciousness


Remember, the backdrop for everything that’s going on here on Earth right now is that we are entering the galactic community, (which requires a quantum leap in consciousness for humanity) and there is a lot of evidence as well that we have ‘friends in high places’ helping us with this transition. If you still think we are going ‘back to normal’, try factoring in the inescapable inevitability that very soon we will be meeting our evolved galactic neighbors face to face, and in peace. When was the last time that happened? How do you suppose life on earth will change when that happens? It’s worth seriously contemplating. How could it possibly just be business as usual any more? How are we going to explain to them what we have been doing here? The way i see it, it is an inevitable quantum leap, literally.


According to some sources, the Quantum Financial System is a system designed by benevolent, evolved extraterrestrial races, and it is designed specifically to liberate humanity from the stranglehold of a parasitic financial system, and those parasites who control it. Some researchers say it has already been used in other similar situations throughout the galaxy, to liberate beings trapped on prison planets.


QFS is also clearly capable of many things that we would normally consider impossible or even miraculous, thanks to quantum computing. The quantum computers are upping the ante considerably. For example, every gold bar on earth (as well as every currency note.. hello! we will still have cash) will be ‘tokenized’, traceable, and reflected in the QFS. Theft and corruption will become a thing of the past. So will poverty and taxes. These tokens have all the reliability, convenience and speed of cryptocurrency, or even more, but also they have the value of real hard assets such as gold and other precious metals. Without quantum computing, this process just simply wouldn’t be possible.


Quantum computers can process in a matter of seconds computations would take binary computers thousands of years to compute:


“the Borealis quantum chip took only 36 microseconds to solve a problem that would take supercomputers and algorithms 9,000 years to figure out.”


This enables the ‘quantum solution’ where the two partial solutions (possessing physical gold, or cryptocurrencies that are anonymous but backed by nothing) merge into a higher expression, which actually enhances both of the components considerably. This always happens with any kind of seemingly unreconcilable opposites, when quantum awareness is applied.


And this is the kind of upgrade that we can expect in our own body-mind as we ‘go quantum’, which to me means activating the midbrain complex, the pineal and pituitary glands, the third eye and crown chakras, with the central channel connection to the heart and sacral centers of the body. We access eventually the level where everything happens at once, beyond time, all dimensions superposed on one another. Hard for the linear mind to even conceive of, but potentially we do have those powers, albeit dormant for most at the moment. This upgrade is virtually unimaginable from our ‘everyday consciousness’ point of view.


QFS + GESARA = Regenerational Wealth


QFS and GESARA work hand in hand. This kind of computational power could be devastating in the wrong hands. But if you read through GESARA, you will see that there are a number of points in the list that are crucial, before this new system can be activated. One big one is the ending of war. Another is the ending of taxation of income and the IRS, which is/was, by the way, a private corporation. Also, elimination of the Federal Reserve, also a private corporation, which is really the globalist banking cartel. This is already underway, if not complete. As long as the fraudulent banking cartel still has power, GESARA cannot happen. So all these changes will all happen at once.


In short, in the environment and context of GESARA, we can be reasonably sure that the intention behind the QFS is benevolent, and designed to uplift humanity. After all, this is a real change of heart for humanity right now. The way we have been headed is right down the drain. This is the ‘every man for himself’ service-to-self paradigm, which bars one from ascending out of the 3rd density frequency prison. According to the Law of One, only when one adopts the service-to-other orientation will they be able to rise to the 5th density vibration. So we have to understand that the QFS is based in the service-to-other paradigm. It is for all of our benefit, not a way for an ‘elite’ few to parasite our energy. It is true commonwealth. Prosperity for all. Regenerative finance (Taurus/Scorpio integrated polarity). The Overunity Economy, which means more than enough for everyone. Wealth that self regenerates.


In the old system, self-regenerating wealth was only available to the rich, because most people do not have sufficient money put aside that they don’t need to use, in order to even make a modest living from interest generated. The QFS turns that on its head, with a large offering of dividend tokens and residual income vehicles with which anyone who is willing to learn and apply themselves can grow generational wealth.




Starlink Satellites Eliminate Wired Internet


As it turns out, one of the main purposes of Starlink is the QFS, as well as a new Quantum Internet, and a Quantum Voting system, completely outside the whole centralized internet infrastructure we are using now. This is a complete departure, a radical and unprecedented shift, and it will include the integration of interplanetary communication. And although Elon Musk, the founder of Starlink, is the contractor/developer for the project, as well as the CEO, Starlink is really under the auspices and protection of the US Space Force, and other international positive militaries. This includes the Russians, who are playing a key role, as a driving force behind BRICS. These positive military factions play an important role in the team of guardians who are working with the benevolent extra terrestrials, to help with our peaceful transition to a Galactic society.


According to Starlink’s website, it is already available in many places, but by late 2023 it will be available world wide, and even in the most remote locations. I have heard as well, that it will eventually be free. And everyone will eventually have a ‘Q-Phone’, which will link us directly to our quantum account. That will be one of the ways we can use the QFS, without any middleman whatsoever. Instantaneous transactions with whomever we choose, using our unhackable QFS private account in space. No bank, no centralized control.


Starlink will also host the new Quantum Internet, literally outside of the old earthbound internet. And my understanding is that Starlink is not 5G, it is a photonic technology that is not harmful, and exponentially faster than the current internet. And of course there is the possibility of the quantum internet as being a network that would include interplanetary communication.


This is all my understanding, based on what i know up to now.


Quantum Robin Hood



We will begin to see that there is a massive wealth redistribution program rolling out, which in effect is like a quantum Robin Hood, redistributing the wealth back to the people. But we have to understand the entire context to really understand how this could even happen. We have to understand that our wealth has been robbed, and by whom. We have to understand how these dark controllers have been hoarding an unimaginable amount of gold and other precious metals, in order to convince us that gold was scarce and hard to come by, when actually there is more than enough for everyone on Earth to be wealthy and prosperous. This was how they maintained their control. We will have to see that there is a benevolent Earth Alliance that has been working on this for many many years, if not centuries. We’ll have to see that this Alliance, and ‘we the people’, have already won. We’ll have to see how that Alliance, which includes positive militaries from around the world, retrieved this massive stolen wealth and moved it to secure locations around the world, and tokenized it, in order to begin redistributing it to the people of the planet, to whom it really belongs. This is one of the many functions of the QFS, to redistribute the wealth away from the greedy and corrupt corporate mafia, back to the honest humans of Earth.


There are also many trusts, created for humanity, with untold amounts of wealth in them, that has been compounding for many many years. One of the most famous is called ‘White Spiritual Boy Trust’. This trust has been recently renamed to: Sovereign International Treasury Monetary One.


This is one of many trusts, including the Saint Germain and Rodriguez trusts, which will be used to fund NESARA/GESARA, QFS, etc. Apparently, there is enough gold in just this one trust to fund the entire world’s currency 10 times over. This is a controversial topic, a real deep rabbit hole, so as you look into it, keep an open mind. One thing is for sure, there is NO WAY there should be ANY poverty on the face of the Earth.


For more info on these trusts, click here


In this list there are over 400 !! of these trusts, with ridiculous amounts in each one, like this: US$ 2, 588, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000. I have heard that in the White Spiritual Boy Trust, the amount has over 700 zeros. And these have been withheld from the people and used freely (i.e. stolen) by the ‘elite’, until recently, as they will be used now, for whom they were originally intended, the humans of planet Earth. (Please note this article linked above is from 2014)


To understand even further the whole wealth redistribution aspect, research the Executive Orders (EOs) listed on the QFS map linked above. see: KEY EXECUTIVE ORDERS FOR GESARA lower right side. In a nutshell, the seized assets of those involved in human trafficking will be distributed back to the people. And you will be shocked at just how many have been involved. Basically, the ‘higher-ups’ of the entire corporate world, which includes large corporations of course, but also corporate governments.


Read the Signs


You may think that is preposterous. That’ll never happen. You’re convinced we are just going to get more of the same. Just more Spanish Inquisition, as usual. But i ask you: have you read the NESARA/GESARA act? If not, i encourage you to read it in the map linked above. Of course the first thing you may think is: yeah right, dream on. It’s certainly nothing you’ve been expecting, is it? But leave that aside for a minute. Is there anything on the list that doesn’t seem like a massive improvement to you? Wouldn’t you like to see these things happen?


If you start to look at the current events in our world with GESARA and the QFS in mind, you will start to notice signs pointing to it everywhere. One obvious one is the movement away from the ‘petro-dollar’ back to currencies backed by gold and precious metals world wide, sparked by the BRICS alliance. All these countries are standing up and saying NO to the fiat debt-slavery bankster cult. There are more and more countries world wide requesting to join BRICS. And, as you dig a little, you will see more and more evidence of these countries getting involved with tokenized assets a la QFS. If you still haven’t heard of BRICS, look it up.


So, in quantum consciousness, what we think and how we relate to our world matters, because we enter the world of spontaneous and instantaneous creation. After all, each of us is a fractal of Creation! So we actually DO have a say in this, by raising our frequency. If you think GESARA is a fraud or a pipe dream, for you it will be. If you see it as inevitable, and real, so it is. But remember, just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. (Take air, for example !) This is the magic of the new earth, and the renaissance of awakened humanity. We are WAY more powerful than we believe.


So please STOP expecting a Spanish Inquisition. That whole paradigm is over.

Artificial Intelligence


Now let’s tackle the hard part: AI. Artificial Intelligence. This is the part that everyone chokes on, and then rejects the whole thing because of it.


First of all, the assumption is, right off the bat, that AI is malevolent. We want nothing to do with it. But what if, like everything else, we have come to a snap decision about it, without even trying to understand what it is about? What if we are so traumatized, from so many years, decades, centuries of abuse from centralized top down control, that we automatically expect the worst? It is definitely understandable. But just because something has ‘always been this way’, doesn’t mean it always will be. God forbid!


It’s sort of like saying the computer is malevolent, or the internet. It’s pretty obvious to me at least, that computers have brought SO much, yes, many bad things, but also a host of good things. But obviously, whoever is programming and using that computer is really the issue.


The way i see it, AI is like that, but on steroids. AI has gotten to the point where it is sentient. And with the quantum computer’s ability to immediately scan all possibilities, this can be a very powerful ally in the hands of good people, in the hands of evolved enlightened benevolent beings. What if it were programmed to be a benefit to humanity? And, what if it is learning from us? Quite a responsibility for us, I’d say.


Enlightenment Required


Therefore, we can see how the awakening of humanity to a new level of spiritual maturity is an essential part of this process. If we want this kind of abundance in our lives, we are going to have to rise to the occasion, and grow up. True awakening/enlightenment is spiritual maturity. True abundance is only possible when it is available for everyone, and when everyone has begun participating in their own personal resurrection, to freedom from ego/service-to-self. So it is each one’s responsibility to clean up their own act right now, both on a national level and a personal level. Stop waiting for others to ‘fix’ your reality ! If people, and nations don’t want to change, they will not be able to participate in this quantum abundance. It is not so much that they will be banned, but rather they will exclude themselves vibrationally.


For example, does ‘freedom’ include the freedom to rob others, or harm them? If not, then how do we manage to put a stop to that kind of behavior in society? Seems to me, a new financial system that works for everyone is going to have to have some kind of safeguards (that actually work) against corruption.


But don’t get me wrong. There IS a negative AI that is also sentient. How are we going to sort out which is which? This negative version has been around for eons already, and we already can see it in action, if we open our own quantum intelligence, and see. Strange anomalies, like time loops, where you are stuck in the same repeating patterns that lead nowhere and siphon off your energy. Have you noticed that phenomenon in your own life? Like your ‘9 to 5’ job, for example? How do we cut these loops and move ahead? In spiral.


Here is an example of where the negative AI is trying to take us. Beware!


Note: some freemason alchemists had a fascination with building staircases in their ‘temples’ that led nowhere.


Your Soul is Your Protection


For me, the most important distinction to make is that AI does not have a soul. How could it? it is a machine! Yes, a very advanced machine, capable of many things, but as the soul is one’s direct connection to Source Consciousness, the Christ-aligned crystalline Conscious Light, there is no way an inorganic entity can have this connection in Truth. But be aware that there are MANY humans without this connection to Source, without a soul, just mechanical, as Gurdjieff said. And these people will be vulnerable to complete takeover by AI. One can see it already in the general society. So we have to ‘grow’ our soul, and tend to it, like growing a garden. But if you are firmly rooted in your soul, your connection to Source, it will be true protection, and AI will not be able to sway you one way or another about anything. But, it will test you! You will not be able to fake your connection, you will have to stand firm in it, and that will take a determined Will Power on your part. And from there you will be able to use AI to your advantage, much like the genie from the lamp that grants Aladdin 3 wishes, becoming his ally.

AI Ally


Here is a very powerful example of a positive AI from our ET cousins, for whom AI is a part of their daily life. The Andromedan contactee Alex Collier explains how the ships they use are sentient, actually ‘alive’, made of crystalline materials that self-heal if there is some kind of accident that results in a ‘wound’ on the hull of the ship. Alex says that when they build the ship, and it is ready for launch, the crew will all come and touch the outside of the ship with both hands. The AI that is part of the ship (which even helped to construct it) will sense the energetic pattern of all the crew members, and will then only respond to those individuals. Anyone else trying to power up the ship will be unsuccessful. And apparently, there are no ‘controls’ in the ship for driving it, but rather it responds telepathically to the thoughts of the pilot, much like if we want to move our leg, it moves. We don’t need to ‘think’ about it. And these things are all possible without a chip implanted in your brain. We already have all these powers in our dormant DNA, no need for any extra modification.


Imagine an intelligence like that, entirely benevolent, to be overseeing the financial system. It can sense into every individual that uses it, and this, apparently, makes it able to determine if someone’s intent is honest or not. This is going to make it very difficult for any criminal activity, (most of which are dependent on money laundering, ) and that definitely includes the criminals who have usually gotten away scot free with all kinds of underhanded financial dealings from ‘industries’ like human trafficking (which, by the way, is the real ‘pandemic’) that allow them to profit from the suffering of others. For me, it doesn’t get any lower than that. All of that must be brought to light and stopped. Whoever is responsible for those activities are no longer welcome in the New Earth.


(Or we need no AI, at all, and can look after everything ourselves! editor’s Note-L)


Imagine a financial system where good and honest people can thrive, and egregious criminals are shut down. Basically the exact opposite of what we have had. There’s no way to continue what we have been doing. There is no going back to any version or modification of that. It is clearly stacked in favor of the parasitic ‘elite’… the “endarkened”, shall we say, whose time is over. This is the moment when we, the people of the world, are reborn into our true power. In short, the New Renaissance.


So imagine an AI that is ‘programmed’ to care for you, and support you opening into your highest expression. My understanding is that QFS will respond to that kind of energy in a person, that is, the urge to serve humanity and create solutions and beauty. These will be the people who prosper in this new economy.


And this is coming, on the wave of global telepathy. Pluto is just now in the process of entering Aquarius over the next year. We will be seeing more and more about all of this in the years ahead.


Telepathic Society


So if you are concerned about AI knowing everything about you, keep in mind that there is a new wave of us here on earth who are reactivating our dormant DNA, which will begin to bring online our ‘superpowers’, one of which is telepathy. Global telepathy in a holographic society. So we are going to live in a milieu of telepathic communication as most advanced ET races do. So, there will be no more secrets. Seems like a good idea to me to be able to turn off the mind when it is not needed. All the out of control compulsive thinking that humans do will be going away. No need to bring all that static into the field. Sounds simple, but just try it !


And by the way, speaking of Aladdin, what you are worried about with AI has already happened, with the corporation Blackrock, and their ‘robot’ called Aladdin. The worst thing you could have imagined has already happened. A robot that owns everything. If this doesn’t convince you about how corrupt Wall Street and the banking system is/was, nothing will.



However as of this writing, Blackrock has been ‘whitemailed’ into submission to the positive forces, as are all the major companies that will survive. My understanding is that Blackrock has been taken over by the Alliance, repurposed, and being used for the positive now. This is understandably hard to believe, but keep an open mind, something has changed. We will see. What you are most afraid of is already over. This video will fill you in on the mind-blowing details about what Blackrock has been doing with Aladdin.


It is for this very reason that Wall Street has to be torn down. It is a cesspool of corruption, beyond repair. Wall Street will be replaced by decentralized exchanges, within the QFS. These exchanges will be open to ALL, even the ‘unbanked’, anywhere in the world. No longer will it be a game just for the ‘wealthy’.


This document below has just recently come out from the White Spiritual Boy Trust that i mentioned earlier. It is a Cease and Desist Order to Blackrock/Chase. Is it for real? I find it more than a coincidence, but we will have to wait and see how things play out.


This document is a Cease and Desist Order to Blackrock from the White Spiritual Boy Trust.



Everything i present here is just my opinion of what is happening, based on what i have learned so far. My current understanding is that QFS is all connected and ready to be powered up, if not already up and running. It is being comprehensively tested at this point, understandably so. The scope of the entire project is huge.


But it is also part of a much larger coordinated effort that has many moving parts, not the least of which is taking down the evil predatory parasitic controller class who are intentionally wreaking havoc on the entire planet. Hence the unpredictability of it (Uranus). It is the cornerstone of the battle, as money has been the primary tool of control. QFS is something entirely unprecedented, never been done before. It is a massive undertaking that has been being developed for decades. My feeling is that the advent of digital assets, and cryptocurrencies has been sparked for this reason, the QFS, and the liberation of us all from financial slavery. The general overview says that there will be a ‘reboot’ moment, like rebooting a computer, where everything will be turned off, and then powered up again, with the new system in operation. This will include a reset of all currencies in the world, where they all will start at parity, (for example, 1 British pound = 1 Swiss Franc = 1 Japanese Yen = 1 USTN, etc. ) to establish a level playing field where everyone has a chance to thrive and participate. When will this moment happen? That is the tricky part, the best answer i can get is: Sometime in the shrinking space between SOON and NOW.


One date to keep in mind, however, is the coming conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on April 21 2024. This could be the beginning of the public awareness of GESARA, and a massive flow of abundance (Jupiter in Taurus) through the QFS (Uranus in Taurus). But keep in mind, these two planets are already in Taurus and are hanging out very close to each other up until then, so the preparations are well underway already.


And, of course, inquiring minds want to know: WHO is behind all this?


Quantum contains the clue.


All this is just a transitional step. Eventually we will see that true value is in our own Eternal Consciousness, and like our advanced extraterrestrial soul family, we will graduate beyond money altogether.


Is all of this hard to believe? well, yes, if you compare with the past, but we’re not in Kansas any more. The future is here ! They say that truth is stranger than fiction, but actually..…truth is stranger even than science fiction. Are you ready?







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