Freedom First- Oddyssey of Truth – Summer – Winter Special.





Seems to me the title says it all. Without being free, first, I figure you are simply not living your life to its full potential. A cage, by any other name, gold-gilded or not, comfortable or not, with a ‘stocked bar’ or not, is still a cage.

Pain usually points to the first of the bars to be noticed of all the bars that make up your cage. In other words, whatever ails thee, physical, emotional, spiritual or mental can be the best focus for the work required to be free, if you feel, you are not. We are tricked in that for many the cage bars are not obvious, in the visual sense, but stronger because they still exist in the energetic sense of seeing things.

I have seen becoming free is simpler than I ever thought it could be. And also, much, much harder. Simple to notice how you’re not happy, perhaps, but the actions towards correcting the sadness, pain, loneliness, despair and such have felt almost impossible, at times, to overcome. And yet, overcome them I must no matter the cost. I have concluded that freedom is worth the ‘bill’, whatever I must pay.

Cambell and I hope you enjoy this, shorter than our usual, video on what could be considered the topic of topics: Freedom.

Cheers Lorenzo and Cambell



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