Life’s Lost Purpose



Presented by Cambell and Lorenzo



Is something of great importance missing or unclear in your life?

If your present purpose is fuzzy, perhaps some clarity may be gained from reviewing your childhood.

When I feel lost or unsure, without purpose, I look back to my younger self and study those carefree days of play and imagination I enjoyed so much.  I meditate on them, recalling the feeling of anything and everything being possible.

Go back as far as you need to.  All of our memories reside within us. Not necessarily in the head/brain either, but stored in our bodies. The good times and the bad.  Maybe they are hidden, or locked away for the moment, but with practice we can recall all of our lives.

A good exercise: Retrieve your best and worst three memories from childhood. Go back there. Study whatever choices and promises you may have made during those high or low points.

This practice can help ‘break the spell’ of certainty adulthood has cast on us all.  A shock can allow a clearer vision of who you are, or were, in those younger days.

With this simple yet powerful technique I can access many long locked away feelings and perceptions, putting them to good use in my present life.

I am being vague on purpose. Even though we all have much in common, each ‘life’s purpose’ is unique.

To free oneself of the socially ‘encouraged’ herd mentality of the day, go into your heart, your guts, plumb those depths to discover what this wise, yet hidden part of you is attempting to communicate.

Maybe we have to unmake some choices first. Break early promises. See through them. The most powerful are often those we whisper or shout to ourselves as children, then forget about. And yet, they haunt and inform us for the rest of our lives.

Look for the joy. What makes, or made you happy. Not the temporary ‘balms of diversions’, but the lasting imprints of honest fulfilment and simple happiness. See how the opposite, the shadows of pain, may still be haunting your days.

We all desire freedom, I would say. How we get there, though, is different for all of us. Through the countless choices already made, some conscious some not, we have tailored our current life out of ‘whole cloth’.

Once we take full responsibility for our choices we can claim personal power.  Big jump, I know, but you’ll get there with consistent effort, and unbending intent.

Grab the reigns of your life and Choose how to Really Live.

I have used this power of responsible choice and assumption of responsibility to uncover my own purpose.  And here I am.

Life’s Lost Purpose is to find your own source of Power: Your own inner worth; the treasures we are all born with;  our spark of the creator:  let’s call it Imagination.

We can, then, use that imagination to claim our lost power, our lost purpose, our Freedom.



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